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Kim, KStew And Rosie Hit The UK Glamour Awards: Who Looks Hottest?

It looks like the biggest names at the UK Glamour Women Of The Year Awards may not even be British! Kristen Stewart showed up in one of her trademark strapless minidresses, while Kim Kardashian‘s body was unsurprisingly bounding out of an elegant black dress. Despite these American interlopers, the Brits do at least have one competitor for belle of the ball—Rosie Huntington-Whiteley of Maxim Hot 100 and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon fame. Which of these ladies do you think is putting the glam in UK Glamour tonight?

Check out the gallery for more pics of the ladies and other celebs in the red carpet gallery below.

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An Ultimate GIF Wall To Celebrate The Shattering Of Headboards

By now, any self-respecting Twi-hard has already viewed the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer a dozen times, but since it’ll likely be months before we get any more footage, we needed something else to tide us over. Behold a gif wall adorned with tuxedo’d Edward, bridal Bella, wet and shirtless Jacob, waterfall sex and of course, headboard damage. Did we mention the ultimate “oh sh*t” moment of the series? We’ve grabbed that one too. Enjoy! Read more…

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MTV Movie Awards Winning Best Villian Tom Felton Praises “Humble” Robert Pattinson

Tom Felton might have just won the Best Villain award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for his portrayal of the nefarious Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, but in real life, his personality couldn’t be any sweeter. Our friends over at VH1 News caught up with the burgeoning hunk on the red carpet before last night’s big show and asked him about his old pal from Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory (aka Robert Pattinson). Felton praised his old pal as being “humble” not once but TWICE during our interview with him, and told us how much he was looking forward to catching up with his old chum at such a festive occasion.


The Ultimate Robsten At The Movie Awards GIF Wall

For the third year in a row, the MTV Movie Awards essentially became the “Rob & Kris Variety Hour” (or two). Heck, Rob even had (ultimately botched) jokes prepared last night! TheFABlife’s favorite secret lovers acted wacky, flirty and looked so unworldly hot we could think of no better way to capture their joint antics than throwing them on loop. Enjoy Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s every sly smile, flopped punch line and awkward jig after the jump. Read more…

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The Full Breaking Dawn Trailer Has Us RSVP-ing Our Pants

We set up a little cot near the mailbox, because clearly our invitation to the Swan-Cullen wedding is on the way. After months of examining Breaking Dawn set photos with a microscope and dyeing our shoes to match our tasteful yet summery bridesmaid’s dress, we are pleased to see the Breaking Dawn trailer delivers. In addition to offering a glimpse of the Cullen-Swan nuptials (which we are planning on re-creating down to the last folding chair for our own wedding), we also get an eyeball of all the shirtless Taylor Lautner, window-frame-gouging sex and preternaturally mature vampire zygotes your brain can withstand. We’re pretty sure this is going to make the Royal wedding look like a stodgy, werewolf snooze-a-thon. We can’t wait! Oh, here comes the mailman now. We’ll have to apologize later for all our deafening shrieks!

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Twitter Reacts To The Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer: A Poem

Our Twitter timeline is in full on meltdown mode over the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer for the actual trailer that Rob, Kristen and Taylor will present Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards. Yes, it’s a trailer for a trailer. But hey, we’ll take it! Since we so enjoyed everyone freaking out, we asked people to tweet us their reactions to the trailer using the hashtag #BDreaction. Ours was “need more headboard,” which needs no explanation to you Twilight peeps out there. We’ve taken some of the many wonderful responses we received (thanks for playing guise, we heart you forever) and turned it into a poem declaring our universal excitement and joy (and desire for more R-rated scenes). Here’s the masterpiece you helped us create:

The Breaking Dawn Trailer Trailer: A Poem

Can this be real life? I am dead.
Need more Bella. So f*cking beautiful.
Expensive flower budget. Dress Code: Beige. Miss the bouffant.
I want feathers. Let’s see feathers and more feathers.
Need more headboard. Never enough headboard.
Where’s the thrusting?
Isle Esme awaits, thank god.
Tuxedo blow job.

Send more reactions our way: @thefablife and @katespencer.


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Michael Sheen Reads Twilight Fan Fiction And It Is Awesome

Yes, this is Michael Sheen reading Twilight fan fiction on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz. We know — it is totally amazing. The Midnight in Paris actor was super cool and down to do anything when he visited the set…including a very serious dramatic reading of one of the most popular Twilight fan fics out there: Savage7289’s Unexpected Circumstances. Aro is king! Edward is a knight! A temperamental, hunky knight. ON A HORSE. Isabella is a serf-turned-wife of Edward. Why buy another supernatural young adult fiction book again when we can just read about Edward and Bella living in a castle?

Enjoy Sheen’s dramatic reading and then kick back, grab a bottle of Pinot (Noir or Grigio, readers’ choice) and read Unexpected Circumstances. We’re only in Chapter 2 but we have a feeling Bella and Sir Edward are gonna do it. (Eventually. We hope. Do they have headboards in medieval times?)

[Author shout out: Savage7289 on Twitter/Blog]

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Rumors We Love: Ashley And Jackson’s Makeout Fest

We LOVE it when co-stars get together (Robsten, anyone?), and we are particularly fond of Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone. Maybe it’s because of Ashley’s sweet personality and timeless beauty, or the way Jackson got our panties twisted when we interviewed him at the Eclipse premiere. (That Southern charm and those blue eyes are the real deal, ya’ll! He had us swooning.) Or perhaps it’s that we adore the relationship of their Twilight characters, Alice and Jasper, and have a thing for on-screen couples who do it IRL. Whatever it is, when we read this report that Jackson and Ashley were making out after Jackson’s 100 Monkeys concert in LA this weekend, we for reals shouted, “PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUEEEEEEE!!”

Yes, according to The Daily, the pair was spotted getting their kiss on all night at Angels and Kings, where Nikki Reed and American Idol boyfriend Paul McDonald were also hanging out. In April, Ashley and Jackson were allegedly caught holding hands while out to lunch. While this could just be a case of friends with benefits, we’re praying to the celeb couple gods that it’s true love destined for dog adopting and airport cuddling…like another pair of on n’ off screen lovebirds we adore so much.

[Photo: Splash News Online]


Did Kristen Stewart Take A Bikini Break From Breaking Dawn Last Month?

UPDATE: Due to Twi-hard concern, we double-checked with Splash about the pics, and their photo provider says multiple local photographers claimed the pair in the shots were Kristen Stewart and her mom. We’re on the fence—Jules’ tattoos would appear to be missing and we believe Kristen was in Vancouver shooting Breaking Dawn during the date listed— so we’ve removed the photos. Thank you to everyone on Twitter who messaged us about these photos; and to the girl in Cuba who looks super similar to Kristen Stewart…we envy you.



Robsten Gets Soaking Wet In Latest Breaking Dawn Stills

Those Brazilian waterfalls may be chilly but Robert Pattinson‘s kung fu grip on Kristen Stewart is hot hot hot. Our Monday was made when we discovered the latest batch of Breaking Dawn stills burning up our inbox. Feast your eyes on steamy honeymoon pics, the Denali coven, and a rain-soaked Jacob. 199 days and counting… [Photos: Summit Entertainment]

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