The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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Robert Pattinson Is Pissed Off


Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) are back in the same city (finally, amirite?!) and, of course they’re back to being attached at their perfect, pale hips. Stew was off filming On the Road in the Bayou while Rob was taking his giant beard on a tour of his hometown, London. Reunited in Los Angeles, the pair was spotted by E! News sucking face at SoHo House (beard-free, thankfully) and last night they were sniffed out by paparazzi dining together at Ago in West Hollywood.

While some sites are declaring it “Rob and Kristen’s Romantical Date Night OMG!!!” we’d argue that the evening seemed to end on a sour note. GrizzlyRob has been replaced by PissedtheEffOffRob (Hello, Teen Choice Awards shirt), and he seemed clearly annoyed that photogs interrupted his night of wooing his lady-friend. Kristen seems less than pleased by the attention as well (not like she’s ever thrilled to see a camera), and we’re sure some fans will be miffed that their night of wining, dining and matching sneakers was ruined by paps.

But these two are smart enough to realize that a dinner date in West Hollywood (aka Celebrity-ville) is gonna get noticed. Yes, we know Robsten is the most private couple in Hollywood, but do you think there’s any chance they’re maybe not totally opposed to the occasional bit of attention, especially if it gets the message across that they’re together? Just asking, of course! Leave your opinions, thoughts and flames in the comments…we love to hear from you.

[Ed. note: the above image is both the scariest and hottest picture of Robert Pattinson that we’ve ever seen. Carry on.]

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Workout Queen Ashley Greene Is Gonna Look Buff For Breaking Dawn

Ashley Greene (photos) has one thing on her mind right now and no, it’s not popping Joe Jonas’ cherry. The uber-lovely actress has been spending a serious amount of time at the gym lately, which leads us to believe she’s gearing up to look extra hot in Breaking Dawn. Makes sense – the two-part movie has a ton of fight scenes and she’s getting paid a rumored $3 million for the final Twilight films. It’s kinda her job to look good, even if she seems just fine to us already. Jennifer Aniston, Ashley is gunning for your Best Legs in Hollywood crown – watch your head!

We admire Ashley’s commitment to physical fitness, even if these photos of her recent trips to the gym do fill us with jealousy (we have issues). Her body looks amazing as is, she has adorable gym clothes and as a result, she looks amazing in her adorable gym clothes. She what we’re getting at? Her perfection is perfectly aggravating. Yes, Ashley, we’d trade lives with you – even if it meant having to slum it with a JoeBro. You’ve got the goods, girlfriend. We can’t wait to see you flaunt it in that awful Alice wig.

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Meet Mackenzie Foy: Can Breaking Dawn’s Newest Star Handle The Fame And Frenzy?


Mackenzie Foy‘s life is about to get a whole lot sparkle-y-er (look, a new word!). The lovely child/actress model has landed the role of Renesmee in the final Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, and will play Kristen Stewart (photos) and Robert Pattinson‘s (photos) rapidly aging half-vamp offspring. Not bad for a nine-year-old kid whose biggest credit thus far seems to be playing “Little Girl” on Til Death.

While Mackenzie has clearly hit the jackpot, there are a few things she needs to navigate over the 6 month shoot.

  • Playing the child love interest of a werewolf. Yes, we know Jacob imprints on her and isn’t a child molester or anything, but still it’s creepy-deepy. It’s a big story-line to handle for an actor of any age, much less a nine year old.
  • Her new-found fame. Mackenzie is essentially playing the 4th most important role in Twilight, behind Bella, Edward and Forks High School receptionist Mrs. Cope. That’s a lot of pressure for a tiny lady. Luckily she has fellow child actor and movie mom Kristen Stewart around to mentor her.
  • The paparazzi. Will they stalk her outside of soccer practice and track her every move? Answer: no doubt.
  • The drama! What does Mackenzie think of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doing the secret nasty? Does she even know what the nasty is? She better get some sex education quick, because inquiring minds want to know what she thinks – the first being Nikki Reed, natch.

As long as she can get through the trials and tribulations of going from unknown to superstar faster than you can say “dazzling,” Mackenzie should be all set. We wish the little lady the best! And for the rest of you hungry to see her in action, please enjoy the first ever (as far as we can tell) Mackenzie Foy fan video, below.



Maggie Grace Cast In Breaking Dawn

Psst! This post contains slight spoilers about Twilight: Breaking Dawn! If you haven’t read the books and don’t know what happens, consider yourself warned.

On Lost, Maggie Grace played Shannon, the bitchy, sunbathing brat whose brother died and eventually gets killed herself. It was just announced that Grace has been cast in Twilight: Breaking Dawn as Irina, the bitchy vampire whose lover died and eventually gets killed herself.  (So she had good reason to be bitchy, but still, she seriously put a damper on Edward and Bella’s plans for eternal love for a while.)

Of course, the similarities end there so this isn’t actually just typecasting. On Lost, Grace was just a spoiled rich kid who was only useful when someone needed something translated from French to English. In Twilight, she’s the focal point for the entire second half of the book and the story hinges on her after she makes accusations about Edward and Bella’s baby, Renesmée. While Grace isn’t who we pictured for the role, we think it’s an interesting choice. What say you, Twilight fans? Do you think she can bring what’s needed (vengeance, sparkliness, spying skills) to the role?


James Franco Thinks Edward And Bella’s Sex Scene Was A Letdown

Admitted Twilight reader James Franco has said what we’ve all been thinking. The sex scene in Breaking Dawn was a big, fat disappointment. A controversial stance perhaps, but we can’t say we disagree with him.

Franco, who reportedly was reading Twilight for “research” made it all the way to Breaking Dawn, but unfortunately, even though he was patient, the sex wasn’t worth the wait. He told MTV “I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn’t even know if it was the actual sex scene. It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup.” Amen, brother. Even though the books are full of sexual tension and loads of thirsting-for-Bella’s-blood-as-metaphor-for-doin’-it, we agree that the sex was a little too “Edward kissed me, things happened, and then I fell asleep. Also, pillow-biting.” We don’t need Harlequin romance here but we waited 2000 pages for that?

He also cops to reading the books but not actually liking them, saying  “I wouldn’t say I enjoy them, but I’m fascinated with them. I’m interested in the metaphor of the vampire placed in the high school setting and how a relationship with a vampire can stand in for general feelings that people have as teenagers. And the obsession people have with that is also fascinating to me.” We give him a lot of credit for reading this much of the series, given all his other projects. It still makes us wonder if he’s aiming for a role in Breaking Dawn


How Much Would You Pay To Be Robsten’s Third Wheel?


As someone who spent all of high school being a third wheel, we can tell you without a doubt that you couldn’t pay us to live through that again. However, if the pair you’re going to hang out with is one of the most famous (and famously private) couples in the world, that may be a different story – a story one lucky/crazy/wealthy Twilight fan is willing to pay $60,100 for.

The superfan, a bidder in an eBay auction, beat out hundreds of other bidders for the privilege of hanging out on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which includes an all-expenses-paid trip to Vancouver, a day on the set of the film, plus some quality time with stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The money, while an exorbitant price to pay just to hang with Bella and Edward, will go to the Stand Up To Cancer charity.

Obviously if we had the money, we’d be into hanging on the set as long as the proceeds went to a good cause, but we’re still just impressed by how much the winner ended up paying. How much would you pay to hang out with your favorite stars for a day?

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Breaking Dawn Birth Scene Will Be As “Intense” As The Book, Says Director


Anyone familiar with The Twilight Saga has always had plenty of questions about the Breaking Dawn birth scene: How will they film it? What are they going to show? How many gallons of fake blood will the prop department drizzle over Kristen Stewart? Well guys, get ready to watch the scene with your hands clamped over your eyes like you’d hoped, because according to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Bill Condon, the Breaking Dawn birth scene is going to be every bit as jaw-dropping as the original.

Says Rosenberg, “We’re working on it. And we’re working on it to be as intense as it is in the book.” We appreciate their refusal to cop out on such an important scene; it’s an integral part of the final book, even if it does require Robert Pattinson to “assist the delivery” in a way that would make even the most hard-core horror fan shudder.

Adds Rosenberg,”I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show,” she says. “It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going [on]. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.” We can’t wait! We just have to remember to bring our smelling salts to the movie theater; we don’t want the usher to worry if we fall into a dead faint. Which we almost certainly will. [Photo: Getty Images]


The Best Parts Of Breaking Dawn Have Already Been Filmed – Watch Them Now

Let’s face it – half of the Twi-hards out there (us included) who read The Twilight Saga only did so in order to then watch the films later on. Bella and Edward’s romance in the books falls a bit flat for us, but it’s way more fun to watch onscreen, especially now that we know Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting all lusty and pillow-bitey with each other in real life. That’s part of the reason it’s so hard to wait for the two Breaking Dawn films to come out; we want to see all that hot vampire-human sex NOW, dammit!

Fortunately, the good people at Wooden Nickel understand this, which is why they’ve already shot the most important parts of Breaking Dawn. It easily satisfies our need to see Bella giving birth and that surreal Brazilian honeymoon island, at least for now.


James Franco Wants In On Twilight Madness

Whatcha readin’, James Franco? Twilight, you say? Indeed. Franco was seen reading a copy of Twilight during an interview with Esquire recently and explained that he was doing research for an upcoming project. While that could mean anything (because he’s James Franco and his “projects” range from grad school to General Hospital to Eat, Pray, Love), we’re thrilled to imagine him considering a role in Breaking Dawn. The question is, which role? Come, brainstorm with us.

1. J. Jenks. In our opinion, the middle-aged lawyer whose purpose it is to help Bella forge Jacob and Renesmeé’s paperwork (if you haven’t read the book, don’t ask) would be amazing for Franco. This role would require Franco to employ every bit of weirdness he has. Plus, we’d love to see Franco do for Breaking Dawn what Tom Cruise did for Tropic Thunder, with the bald cap and the pervy glasses and the a slightly creepy, mysterious air about him.

2. Garrett, Kate’s mate in the Denali vampire clan. Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace is reportedly also being considered for the role of the harmless vamp who happens to be Edward’s good friend. To us, we’d enjoy nothing more than some Franco/Pattinson screen time where they tousle each other’s hair and powder each other’s pale skin– sorry, wait, that’s not part of Breaking Dawn, that’s some fan fiction we wrote. Never mind.

3. Nahuel, the peaceful 150-year-old half-human, half-vampire. Because nothing says “cameo” like arriving in the final five minutes of the film to save everyone’s life.

4. Renesmeé. Hey, they developed the baby-face-transplanting technology for the Wayans Brother’s Little Man, we see no reason why they couldn’t further it by turning Franco into a tiny vamp who is also a girl, who also rapidly ages at ten times the rate of a normal baby. We’d pay good money to see “Featuring James Franco as Nessie” on the screen.

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Exclusive: Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Dishes On Being A Werewolf And A ‘Comic Book Nerd’


We hopped on the phone this week with Twilight Saga star Kiowa Gordon, who is best known for playing Jacob Black’s werewolf BFF Embry in everyone’s favorite uber-franchise. Did you know Kiowa scored the role (out of thousands) at an open audition, after Stephenie Meyer - his friend from church – encouraged him to give it a go? That should tell you how much talent this kid’s got tucked away in his back pocket.

Kiowa – who will be at Comic-Con this weekend! – was gracious enough to gab with us for a while about shooting those barefoot werewolf scenes (they have special foot padding!), his musical aspirations with his band Touche and his favorite lady character in the Twilight Saga. Hint: he likes his real-life girlfriend best.

Read it all – under the jump.

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