The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premieres: We Look Back Wistfully At All The Twilight L.A. Red Carpets

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the Twilight cast at all their L.A. premieres

Taylor Lautner at the Twilight premiere, Kristen Stewart at New Moon and Robert Pattinson at Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Cue the “Memories”/”Through the Years”/sappy song of choice. We are tearing up at the thought that tonight is the very last Twilight red carpet of all time, unless, of course, they decide to do that much-debated spin-off movie or, god forbid, remake these for some future generation. We’ll be waxing nostalgic all week, even as we look forward to the movie’s release on Thursday night, and we thought we’d begin with a simple look back at what our favorite stars wore to the big Los Angeles premieres, beginning with the first Twilight in 2008. Stay tuned for plenty more from tonight’s festivities!

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Will Kristen Stewart Wear Her Favorite Balenciaga To The Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere Tonight?

Will Kristen Stewart Wear Balenciaga To Breaking Dawn Premiere

The countdown to the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere has begun! It’s this evening and we’re super excited, for more reasons than one. Obviously, we want to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on a red carpet together, but we’re also dying to see what Kristen will wear tonight. Considering she endorses Balenciaga’s “Florabotanica” fragrance, wearing the brand would be a no-brainer. Admittedly a favorite of hers, Kristen most recently wore an architectural monochromatic Balenciaga jumpsuit to the On The Road AFI Fest premiere just a week ago. Her primrose yellow quilted biker jacket and printed pants took over Paris Fashion Week back in September, and another pair of print trousers — see the trend here? — made the same sort of splash at the On The Road photo call at Cannes in May. Kristen’s worn the brand as far back as 2008, like when New Moon premiered in Madrid. So will she, or won’t she? Considering Balenciaga’s head designer Nicholas Ghesquiere, who’s also one of the reasons why Kristen loves the brand so much, is leaving the company, perhaps she’ll wear one of his designs as an homage? Check out a retrospective of her top Balenciaga looks worn over the years in the gallery below. You never know, we may just see another memorable design join that list tonight. Stay tuned for all our coverage of the big premiere!

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It’s Breaking Dawn Week On Very VH1, Join Us!

It’s Breaking Dawn Week on Very VH1 and that means we’re talking all things Twilight … all week long. Join us at 2PM EST as Kate Spencer gives us the inside scoop on Twilight‘s Tent City, where hundreds of fans have been camping out all weekend for the movie’s premiere. Check out the video below to watch the show and click on the comment icon in the upper right hand corner to participate in the chat!

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Kristen Stewart Tells VH1 What Being Vampire And Human Bella Taught Her

We all have our various takes on that big moment, when human Bella turns into vampire Bella. When Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes to and end and we see her eyes open red as a newborn, it just makes us want to watch her in action so badly! But have you thought what Kristen herself thinks about playing two different parts about the same person? VH1’s Kate Spencer asked the actress the question wondering who she related to more, “that kind of awkward, unsure human Bella or the fierce confident vampire Bella?” Kristen’s answer is a long, thoughtful one as she replies, “I mean obviously, I think I’ve got a bit of both” followed by a big pause. “The thing about vampire Bella is that I think she’s just an incredibly realized … she’s Bella on a really great day,” she continues. “She’s got some good perspective. I feel like I’ve got some of that. Quite a bit of that actually. But then, you know, at the same time, I think it’s pretty important to  — I mean, I’m only 22, so it sounds ridiculous — but it’s still pretty important to really like, kind of  revel in and appreciate fear! It’s very motivating!” Watch the video and see what else she has to say, but do tell us if you giggled, like us, when she says, “I’m so comfortable now with being terrified!”

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See Robert Pattinson Get Soaking Wet And Talk About Peeing His Pants On Fallon

Honestly, do you even need us to write words here? Probably, we should just shut up and let you watch Robert Pattinson get drenched, even as he wins his Water War game with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. But maybe after you enjoy the above clip a few times, you will also want to entertain yourself with the many funny things we learned from his appearance on the show. Things such as the fact that Rob is a Corky Romano superfan.

“I love that movie; I would say that’s one of my top five favorite movies,” he said of the Chris Kattan comedy. “That’s the only time I’ve ever genuinely peed my pants … from watching a movie.”
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Will Robert Pattinson Show Twilight To His Kids? Exclusive!

We’re blaming Stephenie Meyer for the fact that we’re obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as parents. They’re so young and have plenty of time to get around to that in real life … but they’re just so darn good at it in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that Kate Spencer couldn’t help asking them both about their thoughts on little ones. We already shared Kristen’s quotes on motherhood last week, but how about Rob’s? Kate made this a bit more comfortable for him to answer, asking if he thinks about showing the Twilight Saga to his kids and grandkids.

“That would be so weird,” he said. “I can’t even imagine that about anything that I’ve done.”
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Kristen Stewart Is “An Incredible Warrior Goddess” Says Breaking Dawn Director: Exclusive

In our sit-down with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon, he told us that Kristen Stewart was “nervous to show the maternal side because it’s something that hasn’t happened for her yet. But it got turned on immediately when Mackenzie Foy showed up.”

He compared the bond the actresses shared to that of Kristen and her Panic Room co-star, Jodie Foster, and said, “The idea that she was seeing this daughter, in a way, go through this experience of making a movie for the first time, made her incredibly connected to Mackenzie.”

Awww! Bill also called Kristen, “an incredible warrior goddess” in the film, and said her “real achievement” was shifting between vampire and human Bella, as the two films were shot simultaneously. Kristen returned the praise, telling us that Bill totally gets the Twilight fandom, and that he, “had his finger on what keeps this thing going. He didn’t shy away from the romantic elements of it, without making them…sentimental boring BS.”

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Twilight‘s Ending! Here Are 20 Things To Fill That Hole In Your Heart

Pretty Little Liars, Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Instruments, Team Starkid and other things to obsess over now that Twilight is ending.

We’re shocked that Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer have yet to announce some kind of detox program to help those of us who’ve spent up to seven years addicted to the Twilight books and movies. Aren’t they worried about the withdrawal we’ll all experience once we’ve seen Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a few times and have no more Edward and Bella to look forward to? Well, not to suggest that there is anything that can replace Forks and the Cullens in your heart, but we have a few new obsessions you might consider taking up. Which you choose all depends on why you became a Twi-crack addict in the first place. Read on and then suggest your own!

If you love Twilight because of …

… its star-crossed lovers plot, you’ll love:

Warm Bodies, the novel by Isaac Marion and upcoming Summit movie starring Nicholas Hoult. Zombie R is a very different kind of undead than Edward, but his doomed love for Julie is just as epic and possibly world-changing. Dive into the book now and then look forward to the flick in February 2013.

The Hush Hush saga, by Becca Fitzpatrick. Nora Grey doesn’t know why she’s drawn to Patch her dangerous new biology lab partner… oh, sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is no knock off. Fitzpatrick has woven a very complex mythology around deadly angels and their offspring that will infuriate you with its addictive quality.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. Speaking of complex new mythology, don’t even ask us to explain the plot of this trilogy. Let us tell you that book one was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful reads of 2011 — there are angels, beastly creatures, exotic tooth poachers, ballet-dancing puppets and a love story that rivals Romeo and Juliet in its devastating nature.

… its gut-wrenching love triangle, you’ll love: Read more…

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What Did Robert Pattinson Learn From Playing Edward Cullen? Let Him Tell You!

We’re loving these little insights into Robert Pattinson‘s adorably scruffy-haired head. Yesterday, we posted a clip of the actor talking about whether he drew on his experiences with his own father to play a dad on screen. Today, we’ve cast the net a little wider with an exclusive video of VH1’s Kate Spencer asking Rob about his Twilight character, Edward Cullen. More specifically what he’s “learned playing Edward both on screen and off screen that you think you’ll take with you in your next roles.” Rob’s answer is detailed and thoughtful, and broken into bits and pieces before looping in again, in pure Pattinson fashion, saying, “It’s a surprisingly challenging part. I think everything which … because people like to look at the audience because of it’s like, having young, screaming girls and stuff.” The screaming girls aren’t just the young ones, trust us, Rob. He adds,  “It’s quite easy to sort of, not actually watch the movie. But I mean, the core story is so strange and also the part is quite difficult to know what to do with. I learned a lot about camera technique because I think if you take away every line in your face and your eyeballs and everything, you know … you have to do very, very limited movements on camera to not look like an idiot, basically…” Look at the picture below. No sign of an idiot anywhere, thank you very much.

Robert Pattinson Talks To VH1 About Playing Edward


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Taylor Lautner Dodges Cheating Questions Like A Pro; Robsten Breathes A Sigh Of Relief (We Assume)

Taylor Lautner Comments On Kristen Stewart Rob Pattinson Cheating Scandal

We all knew Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson would be bombarded with questions about cheating and/or their relationship during the lead-up to next week’s Breaking Dawn Part 2. We just didn’t figure Taylor Lautner would have to field queries about them, too. (He’s the third member of their love triangle in the movies, not real life, people!) Obviously Taylor’s publicist anticipated he’d be grilled about “The Rupert Sanders Incident,” because this kid is ducking and weaving like a pro. “To be honest, I’ve never been involved in any of those situations, so I don’t know,” Taylor told Cosmo when asked about cheating. “It would be just a guess and a shot in the dark, and I don’t want to give that if I haven’t even been there myself.” Can anyone even summarize what he meant by that sentence? No? Haha, well done Taylor!

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