The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Photos: Robsten Avoids Losing Their Sh*t By Sticking Together


A couple days ago our editor Kate Spencer reported live from Tent City where over 7,000 Twi-hards awaited their chance to catch a glimpse of Rob Pattinson‘s luscious mop and Kristen Stewart‘s tiny bird legs at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

As we patrolled the live stream tonight for any sign of Robsten (photos), the deafening waves of shrieking girls only increased – we’re certain at times their anticipation caused them to yelp at passing production assistants. While we’re sure having gazillions of devoted (and we mean, devoted) fans is beyond flattering for probable-couple Rob and Kristen, there’s got to be moments of claustrophobia mixed in with those gracious autographs and fan pics. Fans of the Twilight franchise are an openly emotional kind, shamelessly making bite requests, and snapping thousands of blurred photos with their cell phones. (Disclaimer: We’re not denying we’d do/have already done any of these things.)

Maintaining a cheerful, grateful disposition amidst all the commotion cannot always be easy, and while Rob and Kristen seemingly pulled off another madhouse premiere tonight, there were some funny face-producing moments of them almost losing their sanity. But for each shot of Rob looking befuddled there were five of the pair gazing into each others’ eyes, smiling, and cracking each other up. Looks like our favorite secret lovers are more likely to breeze to Breaking Dawn than reach their breaking point.

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Style Wars: Who Rocked The Killer Pumps Harder?

In what many would consider a major red carpet faux pas, Twilight stars Dakota Fanning and Christian Serratos arrived to the Eclipse premiere in the same dangerously studded Louboutin peep-toes. While Fanning paired them with an expectedly girly Elie Saab dress, Serratos wore a corseted black dress with a full tulle skirt. Who wore the fierce footwear better? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Style Wars: Sister Vamps In Blue

Two members of the Cullen clan arrived to the Eclipse premiere in decidedly non-gothic gowns – a recurring trend at Twilight premieres. Nikki Reed donned a blue feathered Marchesa dress that left little the imagination – lots of cleavage, leg, and back! Ashley Greene took the opposite route (suprise!), covering up in a mature gray floor-length frock by Alexis Mabille Couture. Which powdery look do you prefer? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Robert Pattinson and Dracula Have More In Common Than Previously Believed

pattz-dracrnrnAnyone who’s anyone already knows that Robert Pattinson (photos) is the hunkiest actor to have ever played a vampire. But what you DIDN’T know is that Robert Pattinson might also be, gasp, an ACTUAL vampire (!!!). Well, sort of. Let us explain.rnrnAccording to the publicity seeking research team over at, Robert Pattinson’s sexy bloodline traces all the way back to Vlad the Impaler, the fifteenth century Transylvanian leader who is the original inspiration for the character of Dracula and was widely rumored to have drank the blood of his enemies. It also turns out that R. Pattz is a distant cousin of two members of British royalty, Prince William and Prince Harry. This is slightly distressing, as it signals that there may have been some inbreeding on one of the branches in Pattinson’s family tree a few generations prior.rnrnNo wonder R. Pattz is so brooding and bothered!


Ashley Greene’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


When Ashley Greene isn’t wearing painted-on fish scales (see her sizzling Sobe ad campaign) or straddling the beach on the cover of Maxim, she’s strutting the red carpet with a style that is ever-developing and always sexy. Greene hasn’t yet defined her look the way Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart (photos) has, but her curve-hugging frocks and sky-high heels consistently garner attention.

Ashley plays the stylish fashionista/vampire Alice Cullen in the Twilight franchise, and her real-life style-story is one of equally dramatic highs and lows. We’ve collaborated with our fellow fashion lovers and Twi-pals at Kristen Stewart News to chronicle Ms. Greene’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever.

We judged, we drooled, we disagreed. Get in on the drama in the comments below!

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Live From The Eclipse Red Carpet

This is it, the biggest day in Twilight fandom (well, until Breaking Dawn comes out): the Twilight saga: Eclipse premiere! TheFABlife team is covering the premiere from the red carpet in Los Angeles as well as from our blog headquarters to give you the most complete Eclipse coverage possible.

We’ve partnered with some of our favorite Twilight bloggers and Twitter sites in our live chat above and we’ll have a live stream of the red carpet courtesy of the MTV Movies Blog rolling at 9:30pm EST/6:30 PT. We wanna hear from you so jump in and start chatting with us and say hello to our partner pals who will be joining us: @kstewartnews, @calliopeblabs, Letters to Twilight, RobPattzNews, Spunk Ransom, Twilightish and Twitarded!

When we’re not busy interviewing Kristen Stewart about what kind of pie she wants to bake us, we’ll be tweeting updates from the premiere red carpet and posting tons of red carpet pics, polls and gossip all night.

Check us out in the chat and on Twitter – @theFABlife. You can also contribute to our chat by tweeting #EclipseVh1.

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Live From Eclipse Tent City: Twi-Hards Talk Tattoos, Vampire Sex and Insist They’re Not Nuts


If you’re following TheFABlife on Twitter (What? You’re not?! @thefablife, dude!) you know that yesterday, I – resident Twilight nerd and FABlife editor Kate Spencer – landed in Los Angeles, Team Edward necklace nestled against my heart, and immediately drove my Nissan Altima hybrid (thanks Hertz!) over to the Eclipse tent city over at the Nokia Theater, where 500 Twi-hards are camped out to secure spots on the Eclipse premiere red carpet. Actually, first I hit up In N’ Out Burger so I could be nourished for the Twilight mania that lay ahead. Priorities, people!

For all of you not able to check out the scene at the Nokia Theater, you’re missing out on some of the coolest, nicest Twilight fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. In the 2 and a half hours I was there hanging out, we talked about everything from pregnancy and birth (both Bella’s and people’s real life experiences), to sex education in schools, to writing as a career. And of course we maybe chatted about Twilight for a couple of seconds, too. Just a couple.

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Exclusive: Dakota Dishes On Girls’ Night At Kristen Stewart’s House

Welcome to part 2 of our little chat with Ms. Dakota Fanning, who in another lifetime would be that one popular girl at school who is also insanely nice. You know that girl – the perfect one no one can loathe because she’s so damn cool? Yeah, that’s our DF. We finished our precious 6 minutes together chatting about her BFF Kristen Stewart, who is apparently the most adorably domestic 20 year old in all of Los Angeles. We asked Dakota about the girliest thing the pair has ever done together and, well, you’ll have to watch the clip to find out what it is.

Hint: it involves Kristen in an apron (or so we imagine).


Robert Pattinson’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Robert Pattinson (photos) swooners rejoice! Not only does Remember Me hit the DVD racks today and Eclipse hit theaters next week, but we’ve also gathered 30 of RPattz’s sexiest looks into one easily digestible post. Though we’re sure he’d never consider himself a “fashionisto,” somehow he rocks “sloppily thrown together” like no other man in Hollywood. Whether he’s spruced up in a tux for the Oscars, donning a slim-fitted suit for a premiere, or dressed down in plaid and Adidas for the airport, Rob always gets the ladies in a tizzy. Here’s why (bibs for droolage required):

1. Shiny New Penny

2. Blazin’ Blue

3. Plaid Punk

4. Capped and Classy

5. Wild Abandon

6. Ahoy, Patty!

7. Cable Knit Cutie

8. Trés Chic

9. Street Casual

10. Two Thumbs Up

11. Gorg In Gray

12. A Solid Investment

13. Nom Nom Navy

14. RPatriotic

15. Lovely in Linen

16. Midnight Delight

17. Boozin’ in Brown

18. Blacked Out

19. Hottie in a Hoodie

20. James Dean Double Take

21. Hot Coals

22. Be My Bel Ami

23. Tantalizing in Tokyo

24. Wool Wonder

25. Chico Muy Guapo

26. Velvet N’ Leather

27. Ball O’ Pattz

28. Unshaven & Shaggy

29. Lanky Cedric

30. Bearded Bob

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