The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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RPattz Doesn’t Understand Girls, Says Ashley Greene


Listen up Missy… you’re talking crazy. First you think you’re worth $4 million for Breaking Dawn, $8 mill if it gets split up into two films. That’s still dealable, Ashley Greene. It gives us ample opportunity to titter at your stupidity. But now you’ve gone too far and and an ass whooping is in order. And no, you’re really NOT Alice Cullen so guess what… you won’t know when we’re coming for you!

Miss Thang revealed in the new issue of Seventeen, “When I met Rob, I didn’t think twice about him. He’s really attractive, but that chemistry wasn’t there.” And then she went ahead and dropped this. Apparently Robert Pattinson (photos), also known as our future babydaddy, “doesn’t understand girls. He gets a lot of attention from them, but he doesn’t quite understand it because before Twilight, he was just a guy from Harry Potter.

Not the same case with her partner-in-negotiating (also known as Crazy # 2), Kellan Lutz.  She said the two have been,  “best friends ever since – and filming together has made us even closer.” How close? Have they hooked up? Greene replied, ” I’ve definitely thought about it”. Yada Yada Yada. No romance , she says, “He’s one of my best friends, but if we were going to be romantic, we would have done it years ago!”  Blah Blah Blah, adding, “I like having him to talk to about other guys to get that male perspective. I really cherish our relationship, so I wouldn’t want to mess that up by dating.”

Whatever, dude. You dissed Rob and now it’s on like Donkey Kong.

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The 12 Sexiest Movies You Should See This Summer (And Follow With A Cold Shower)


June is just around the corner, which means hot temps, the occasional sunburn, and a major influx of movie releases. Many of us will beat the heat by noshing on some popcorn in a overly-air conditioned theater, but in the sea of blockbuster hopefuls, what’s worth our $12.50? What packs the heat, without causing pit stains? Considering the sex appeal of the stars, steaminess of the story, and cling of the wardrobe, we’re counting down a dozen flicks that’ll sizzle the summer months, from lukewarm to piping hot.

12. Sex and the City 2, May 27th: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis hit the Middle East in 5-inch heels, high-slitted designer dresses, and sparkly turbans. Beefcake and baby-less Aiden returns to tempt Mrs. Big.

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Robsten Gets Physical: Breaking Down Their Body Language On Oprah


As all true Twi-hards know, the Eclipse trio (+1 Dakota Fanning, briefly) made their epic Oprah appearance today. While the Big O may not have succeeded in getting Rob Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) to admit they’re dating (on-air, at least), she did get an adorably goofy quip from RPattz, “Kristen’s pregnant,” followed by KStew saying he’d be the one birthing the child. A sincere confession was not necessary for even a mildly observant viewer, as the duo did enough oogling, eye-f*cking, and making each other LOL to confirm what we’ve known for months… there’s no way these two aren’t bumpin’ pasty uglies. Allow us to break it down for you.


1. Is it possible that Kristen is doing anything but undressing Rob with her eyes? We think not.

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Were Rob And Kristen Fighting On The Set Of Eclipse?


Okay, we’re going to take this with a grain of salt, but there’s a rumor circulating right now that Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) got into a big fight on the set of Eclipse over Rob’s alleged visit to a burlesque club in London. Pattinson supposedly turned up late to the set where the cast was shooting pick-up shots for the upcoming film, and Stewart accused him of having stayed late at the bar and taking a later flight to the Vancouver set. A source told Page Six “They were both so angry, the crew had to take a break for an hour for things to simmer down.” Ooh, wonder if we’ll be able to see the tension onscreen!

If their secret confirmation to Oprah didn’t cement the deal that these two are officially dating, fighting in public and driving one another crazy (you know, like every other couple) certainly makes it seem like it’s the real deal. Plus, you know, since Kristen is probably pregnant with their vampire love-child, she would be extra hormonal.

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Toast Rob Pattinson’s 24th Birthday With 24 of His Most Ridiculous Faces


We’ve seen enough sexy Robert Pattinson photos to know that he’s the hottest man alive, now and forever (forever because he’s also a vampire and can’t die unless the Volturi kill him and we all know – okay, we’ll shut up). We’ve even sat two feet across from the guy during a Remember Me interview and let us tell you, if a human being could morph into a vibrator, he would be it. Girl boners abound!

But we also spend enough time (ie: every waking moment) looking at him to know he takes some hilariously fugly photos. While Taylor Lautner moves like a bottle of botox, RPattz just can’t stop smirking, grinning, gawking and guffawing awkwardly. Says our intern Nicki, who gathered the magnificent photos below, “I don’t understand how an actor has no control over his face.. isn’t that a part of the job ?” She speaks the truth, which only leads us to wonder…if he can’t reign it in on the red carpet, what does his face look like when he’s bedding his own personal Bella Swan? Moving on…

Today is Rob’s 24th birthday! (Squeals and golf claps.) And since we celebrated KStew’s birthday with some snapshots of that iconic Kristen Stewart bitch face, we thought we’d toast her boyfriend the same way. Enjoy our present to you – 24 of the most ridiculous Robert Pattinson faces on the planet – otherwise known as RPattz Porn. Dig in, dear readers!

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It’s Official! Ginny Weasley And Caius Are Engaged!

Harry should’ve put a ring on it. His flame-haired lovah, Ginny Weasley’s gone and decamped to the Twilight faction. We had reported rumors two weeks ago that Bonnie Wright (Ginny from Harry Potter) and Jaime Campbell Bower (Caius from The Twilight Saga: New Moon) were engaged.  It’s now a 100% official!

Romance blossomed for the two on the sets Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows where Campbell Bower’s been roped in to play Gellert Grindewald. It’s a crazy crossover between the two epics-in-making, but the move’s not without a certain sense of deja vu. Our beloved R.Pattz clocked time as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire before taking on Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise.

Back to the juice: the love birds have been dating for the last six months and are apparently totally infatuated with each other. A source revealed, “ They met on the set of the movie and Jamie fell for Bonnie really badly. He says they are completely in love. It all seems very whirlwind, but they both say it’s the real deal. All he has told us is that he asked her to marry him and  Bonnie said yes.” He is said to have popped the question last month and couldn’t be happier about soon becoming Mr. Wright. The source added, “He is chuffed to bits and neither of them seem to have any doubts that they are rushing in too soon. We have asked them if it is for real and they have said yes.”

And even though the two are young un’s with Wright being  19, and Campbell Bower, 21, they’ve got their priorities straight while on set, with no horsing around. The source confirmed,  “They are both very professional, so when they are filming, there is no smooching or playing around. Also they are not really in the same scenes. Jamie is often on the set just to watch Bonnie and spend time with her between takes.” Awwww, mazel tov you two!


New Eclipse Still Delivers Steaminess The Trailer Lacks


We recently vented about the latest Eclipse trailer and its lack of sexual tension. Looks like Summit heard our cries, and released this bonerlicious still of Bella and Edward about to suck face. We’ll take it. [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

Another just-released still in the gallery below, of the hunky Cullen men planning their attack on Victoria and the newborn vamps.

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Rumors We Hate: RPattz Is A Diva


It’s no secret that we, along with millions of rabid fans, love Robert Pattinson. We’ve even had the pleasure of sitting within arm’s length of the gorgeous hair-fusser at the Remember Me roundtables. Sure, we drooled and our hearts raced as he entered the room, but it wasn’t his looks (okay, solely his looks) that resonated after his wrangler dragged him from the interview. It was his shocking modesty and charm that kept our butterflies aflutter. Despite his throngs of screaming fans, the dude genuinely seemed baffled why anyone gives a sh*t. 

It’s because of this personal interaction that we refuse to believe the rumors that Mr. Nice Guy himself was a diva during the re-shoots of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last week. Apparently Rob showed up a day late and gave director David Slade ‘tude throughout the following three 16-hour days on set, making the entire atmosphere tense. We can’t imagine Rob doing much more than workin’ his mop and giggling adorably, but even if he wasn’t happy as a clam, who would be chipper under the circumstances?

These re-shoots (or “pick-up shoots” as Summit is cautiously calling them) usually don’t bode well for a film’s quality. Let’s hope Eclipse just needed more gratuitous beauty shots of RP’s pretty face, a la Remember Me, to overshadow subpar acting. We went there, Twi-hards!  [Source: E!; Photo: Getty Images]

Eclipse stills below.

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New Eclipse Trailer: We Want More Making Out Action, Less Action Action!

Okay Twi-hards, let’s get to it. We just watched the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer and we gotta be honest – we have some complaints (don’t hurt us, just hear us out!). Allow us to present them to you now, in order of “BOOO!”-ness.

1. Is the make up artist trying to make Edward increasingly paler in every movie on purpose? By the time we get to Breaking Dawn he’ll be transparent, which will really suck for those of us who are holding out for those bed-breaking Brazilian love scenes.

2. Kristen Stewart‘s wig, you make K-Stew’s atrocious Joan Jett haircut look luscious. Did they make the poor girl to sleep in a hat every night to flatten that thing out even more? Why David Slade/Summit didn’t force Kristen to get extensions and dye the goth look is beyond us. Bring back Bella’s old hair!

3. WHERE IS THE KISSING? The making out? The snuggling to keep warm? The tent full of sexual tension? The Edward and Bella dry humping? This movie is for GIRLS (and er, grown women) and sure, we gals like action but we like ACTION a lot more (especially action that involves a shirtless Robert Pattinson, pleaseeeee).

Okay okay, now that our rant’s over we’re ready to gush. We’re excited to finally see some drama and danger (much improved from the motor bike snooze-fest that is New Moon), Bryce Dallas Howard looks badass as Victoria and OMG! The engagement ring!

It’s big.

Check out our gallery of screen-grabs from the trailer below and feel free to put us in our place in the comments. We know you can dish it and we can definitely take it.

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Twilight Craze Coming to Oprah

oprah-210xAnd you could be on it!

Oprah might be the last person you’d expect to get in on the Twilight craze. But never one to be left out of pop culture fun, she’s joining right in with a special Twilight-themed episode. And she’s looking for some Twilight-obsessed fans. Sounds like it could be you!

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