The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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Watch Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Do Things Other Than Pee In The Airport

Actually, what we meant to say was, watch Bronson Pelletier pee in the airport, because that is fascinating — really, he pees for an impressively long time, while the security guard and cops don’t really want to get caught in the stream — and THEN consider erasing that image from your mind with other videos of the 27-year-old Canadian actor being a little less intoxicated and a little more adorable/sexy wolf like.

For instance, here he is in a low res clip from his first big role, on the Canadian TV show (2004-2008). Read more…

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Vamps Clean Up At Teen Choice Awards


The tweeny-teeny utopian 2010 Teen Choice Awards taped yesterday and were hosted by  “Prom Kings” (the dudes from Glee) and “Prom Queen” (aka, Katy Perry, who doubled as a geeky backstage nerd wearing braces and bobby socks). As expected, vamps took over the show.

Robert Pattinson (photos) scooped up four surfboard awards (sans his pale, winsome lovah Kristen Stewart, who was MIA). The toothsome star won Choice Liplock and Choice Chemistry with KStew for New Moon and also got Choice Movie Star, Male for Eclipse. In non-vampirical news, he also won Choice Actor, Drama for Remember Me. But that’s just him moonlighting as a human, so it doesn’t really count.

The vamp tally stayed ridiculously high with KStew also picking up Choice Actress, Fantasy and Choice Movie Star, Female. What’s that we hear being chanted in the background? Team Jacob? Never fear, everybody’s favorite werewolf Taylor Lautner also walked off with Choice Fantasy, Actor, Choice Male Hottie AND Red Carpet Icon, Male. *Rwar*

There was a bit of a surprise element too. In a win that must’ve been bittersweet to say the least, ousted actress Rachelle Lefevre won Choice Villian for her cut-short turn as Victoria in New Moon. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz also scored for Choice Scene Stealer Male and Female respectively. And don’t even get us started on how many film categories New Moon and Eclipse won in. Hint: plenty.

BUT, they weren’t the only vampires (and, well, solo werewolf) who stole the show. The Vampire Diaries picked up six awards in the television category as well, making it one fangtastic night.

The winners list is long and dripping with hotties so if you’re interested, take a gander here. And look below for all the vamps risking life and limb to come out in daylight for our viewing pleasure.  The show airs tonight at 8PM EST on Fox. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Battle Of The Abs: Housewife Vs. Werewolf

Twilight‘s resident beefcake Jacob Black may have met his muscular match, and in the least likely of places. Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon posed poolside in the Bahamas today, flaunting werewolf-caliber abs. Though Taylor Lautner has detailed the intensive training for his role as Bella’s buff BFF, good genes are undoubtedly at play. Lautner had washboard ripples pre-puberty, and Bensimon often makes passing comments on RHONY that she’s naturally thin. Tell us the truth McToothy – you’re doing more than running through Manhattan traffic.

Whose got the better abs? The air-headed Housewife or the teen wolf? [Photos: Splash News, Summit Entertainment]

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Taylor Lautner Explains The 3 Types Of Twilight Fangirls

Taylor Lautner sat down with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show last night, glowing with the knowledge that New Moon made almost three times its budget in one weekend. After describing a fan riot in Brazil (“there were flexi-cuffs on the doors…[they] just went Pop! Pop! Pop!”), the underage werewolf broke down the three types of fangirls he encounters while gallivanting across the globe to hawk his vampire movie/money-printing machine. They are as follows:

  • Screamers: “The most mild fan…usually we do not meet fans who do not scream.”
  • Criers: “You feel really bad…you want to do something, so you grab their hand or give them a hug, and it just gets worse. Then they are literally on their knees crying.”
  • Hyperventilators: “You don’t really have to worry that much, because they just pass out. They just *snaps* are gone.”

Wait, what about adult women uncomfortable with Bella’s extreme passivity but can’t stop watching anyway? And those moms who want Taylor to sign their underwear? Maybe they all scream too. As funny as Lautner’s anecdotes were, the highlight of the interview was when Conan revealed the junior athlete can catch grapes in his mouth from a long distance. Watch the feat—along with yet another shirtless clip from New Moon—after the jump.

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Ashley Greene’s New Moon Diet: Not Eating


We’re sure Ashley Greene wasn’t purposely trying to plug starvation as a weight-loss method when asked by reporters about how she stayed skinny for “New Moon.” The poor girl’s barely been in any movies, so she’s a bit, uh, green when it comes to repeating rehearsed lines prepped for her by her publicist. At least that’s what we assume happened when Ash gave this obnoxious comment to Us Magazine. “It was really easy,” said the actress, when asked how she stayed svelte. “We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn’t leave too much time to eat.”

Even more priceless is this observation from the mag: “After her response, her publicist nudged her, but Greene didn’t seem to care about her blunt answer.”

Blunt seems like a very nice way of calling Greene’s answer straight-up stupid, which we’re happy to do even if Us won’t. Regardless of how inexperienced one is with dealing with the press, shouldn’t stars know that providing thinspiration to their tween fans is totally taboo? [Photo: GettyImages]

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Twilight Director Confirms Robsten Romance


Well, it’s kinda official: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are indeed a couple! Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has definitely-maybe confirmed their relationship in an interview with Time magazine. She says: “After I cast him, I told Rob, ‘Don’t even think about having a romance with her. She’s under 18. You will be arrested.'”

When pressed about the status of their alleged love affair, Hardwick adds, “I didn’t have a camera in the hotel room. I cannot say. But in terms of what Kristen told me directly, it didn’t happen on the first movie. Nothing crossed the line while on the first film. I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, ‘O.K., I’ve got to give this a go and really try to be with this person.'”

Um, so…there you have it. Kristen straight-up told her that she and Rob are getting that bed head from bedding each other, and hey – they held hands in public! What other proof do we need? Well, okay – a kiss would be nice. [Photo: GettyImages]

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Ashley Greene’s G-Rated Maxim Cover


Who ever said Twilight was only for Robert Pattinson-obsessed fangirls? The lovely Ashley Greene is this month’s Maxim cover girl, and the sultry star manages to bring a whole lot of sex appeal to her relatively tame photo shoot.  Not that we need string bikinis to admire beauty, but it is Maxim. You can check out more pics here, and flip through our giant Ashley Greene photo gallery below.

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New Moon Mania Hits London


Twilight photos galore! Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner hit up the red carpet in London, greeting fans at the UK premiere of New Moon. Kristen took a break from holding hands with Robert Pattinson to pose in a love-it-or-hate-it dress from Proenza Schouler (we love it). 20 more pics in our gallery below. [Photo: GettyImages]

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Kristen And Rob: Flirty And Fashionable In Paris


How much do you love this photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart promoting New Moon in Paris? Rob’s lookin’ all flirty while KStew lays on her best “bitch please” face in response. Or maybe they’re just making fun of director Chris Weitz‘s mustard pants (see below for reference).

The pair joined Chris and co-star Taylor Lautner at the photocall, where Kristen continued her streak of fashion wins in this J Mendel dress and stunning heels. Serious swooning going on over here. More pics below. [Photo: GettyImages]

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