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Taylor Lautner Teams Up With Funny Or Die, Looks Hot In Overalls

Our friends at Funny or Die (Hi guys!) just dropped an exclusive new video featuring Taylor Lautner and a bunch of hunky football players (weird, we didn’t think we told anyone about that dream we had). It’s Field of Dreams 2: The Lockout and Tay plays a guy who, ya know, builds a football field in his cornfield which attracts a bunch of players.

The fake trailer is really funny (our favorite part is Taylor marching to his corn fields in overalls at the 15 second mark) and features a kick-ass cameo at the end. Our friend Eric directed the video and had nothing but lovely things to say about the star. Yep, he really is that nice! Check out the Behind the Scenes video below the jump for more of Taylor, his abs and the President of our heart, Dennis Haysbert.

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Tyler Posey Gently Stokes The Flames Of A Werewolf Rivalry With Taylor Lautner



Yesterday’s first annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards was quite the star-studded event, one where objects-of-desire like Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks both took home prizes. While all the celebs congregated in one room for the luncheon and awards ceremony, the real action took place backstage, where our own Kate Spencer was holding court with virtually all of the winners. She even got a few minutes to chat with Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and, being the Twi-hard that she is, she asked him if there was a rivalry beginning to brew between himself and fellow lycanthrope Taylor Lautner. “Do I feel a competition?,” he said with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Not really, no, because I know I would win.” Oh SNAP! Ball’s in your court now, Taylor.


Elizabeth Reaser Reads Twilight Fan Fiction

Elizabeth Reaser stopped by VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live this morning and offered up this titillating reading of some Twilight fan fiction. She’s not the first Twi-star to visit the lusty work of fan fic; Michael Sheen performed a piece from Savage7289′s Unexpected Circumstances last month. Got a favorite fan fic you want to recommend? Hit us up in the comments — you never know who might stop by next!

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Robert Pattinson: The Best Moments From “The Best Motherf**ker In Hollywood”

Um. Where do we even begin. To say Robert Pattinson was on fire tonight would be the understatement of the century ALL TIME. Our favorite hot weirdo appeared to be “chocolate wasted” on:

1) The entire Heineken warehouse.
2) The excitement of seeing his girlfriend for the first time in minutes/days/weeks (we aren’t sure).
3) The toxic fumes Tom Sturridge‘s beard is emitting from across the Atlantic.
4) All of the above.

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Is This Nikki Reed’s Engagement Ring?

Nikki Reed gushed to E!’s Marc Malkin that boyfriend Paul McDonald is “the one.” Sources also confirmed that the actress and the American Idol reject are for reals engaged. Of course we immediately checked out her ring finger and there is, indeed, some bling. So – is this Nikki’s engagement ring? What do you think of the news that the couple is gettin’ hitched?

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Kristen Stewart Rocks Red Balmain Mini At Movie Awards


We’re still high on our Kristen Stewart fashion freak out from tonight’s MTV Movie Awards. Our favorite of favorites dashed down the red carpet in a bold Balmain mini covered in sparkles and safety pins (stylist Tara Sen, we bow to you). Cue Carly Simon singing “Nobody Does It Better,” because truly, NO ONE DOES. Kristen kept her hair down and loose and her Christian Louboutin heels sky high. Do you love the actress’ look? Hit up our poll and tell us! And shout us out on Twitter too, we’ll be there all night: @thefablife.

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Pucker Up With The Hottest Kisses Of The MTV Movie Awards

This Sunday we’re gonna be glued to our TV sets watching the 20th annual MTV Movie Awards, and if you’re into glitz, glamor, and good times we suggest you do the same! It’s an evening dedicated to the craft of acting, comedy, fighting, and badassery, but most importantly to the craft of mackin’ it with a super hot costar while the cameras roll. All night we wait with baited breath to see which steamy screen couple will take home the coveted “Best Kiss Award.”

TheFABLife faves Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have won the honor two years running for their part in the Twilight series, and this year they face stiff competition from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page in Inception, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, and Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Twi-Bro Taylor Lautner is even making a play for the crown for his lip lock with K-Stew in Eclipse.

Who’s gonna get the golden popcorn this year? Tune in Sunday at 9 PM and find out! To hold you over, check out our collection of the most sizzling kisses from the past ten years! Please don’t drool, it might short out your keyboard. Who do you think had the best movie kiss of all time?

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Twitter Reacts To The Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer: A Poem

Our Twitter timeline is in full on meltdown mode over the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer for the actual trailer that Rob, Kristen and Taylor will present Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards. Yes, it’s a trailer for a trailer. But hey, we’ll take it! Since we so enjoyed everyone freaking out, we asked people to tweet us their reactions to the trailer using the hashtag #BDreaction. Ours was “need more headboard,” which needs no explanation to you Twilight peeps out there. We’ve taken some of the many wonderful responses we received (thanks for playing guise, we heart you forever) and turned it into a poem declaring our universal excitement and joy (and desire for more R-rated scenes). Here’s the masterpiece you helped us create:

The Breaking Dawn Trailer Trailer: A Poem

Can this be real life? I am dead.
Need more Bella. So f*cking beautiful.
Expensive flower budget. Dress Code: Beige. Miss the bouffant.
I want feathers. Let’s see feathers and more feathers.
Need more headboard. Never enough headboard.
Where’s the thrusting?
Isle Esme awaits, thank god.
Tuxedo blow job.

Send more reactions our way: @thefablife and @katespencer.


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Michael Sheen Reads Twilight Fan Fiction And It Is Awesome

Yes, this is Michael Sheen reading Twilight fan fiction on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz. We know — it is totally amazing. The Midnight in Paris actor was super cool and down to do anything when he visited the set…including a very serious dramatic reading of one of the most popular Twilight fan fics out there: Savage7289′s Unexpected Circumstances. Aro is king! Edward is a knight! A temperamental, hunky knight. ON A HORSE. Isabella is a serf-turned-wife of Edward. Why buy another supernatural young adult fiction book again when we can just read about Edward and Bella living in a castle?

Enjoy Sheen’s dramatic reading and then kick back, grab a bottle of Pinot (Noir or Grigio, readers’ choice) and read Unexpected Circumstances. We’re only in Chapter 2 but we have a feeling Bella and Sir Edward are gonna do it. (Eventually. We hope. Do they have headboards in medieval times?)

[Author shout out: Savage7289 on Twitter/Blog]

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Kristen Stewart’s Most Classic Couture To Casual Red Carpet Moments

Kristen Stewart is known for two things on the red carpet: 1) rocking fierce, flawless fashion and 2) slipping into something a little more comfortable before the night is over.¬† Funny, we did the exact same thing on our prom night, except our dress was on sale at Express and not a show-stopping Proenza Schouler. The actress’ very real approach to dressing up—and down— is one of our favorite things about her. She’s publicly declared her hatred of heels and exchanges them for Chucks or Keds at just about every event (she even left the Oscars barefoot). There’s something very comforting about seeing a star deal with the discomfort of dressing up just like we do. She’s human! Isn’t that a novel thought?

Below are seven of Kristen’s best red carpet dress ups n’ dress downs. Each pic features her red carpet look¬† and her much more casual post-carpet outfit. Is it weird that we often prefer the jeans and sneakers to the haute couture?

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