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CW Upfronts Celebrate Hot Hollywood With The Casts Of 90210, Supernatural And The Vampire Diaries

The CW Upfront 2012

It shouldn’t be so surprising that the red carpet for the CW’s upfront presentation yesterday in New York City earns our highest praise, even after seeing the stars attend the events for Fox, CBS and NBC. After all, two of our favorite shows were heavily repp’d. We mean The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. The former had a lot of the series’ stars showing up, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueenPaul Wesley, Katerina Graham, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino and Zach Roerig included. Nina looked terrific in a very tight, satin cream Dolce & Gabbana dress, while boyfriend Ian rocked a Rogue T-shirt and leather jacket with jeans. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles both suited up for the Supernatural stakes, but next time, shave, guys!

A few ladies from 90210 were also spotted — Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes. These were by no means the only shows that the CW presented. Rachel Bilson was there, pretty in Chanel, for Hart of Dixie, along with co-star Jaime King who looked tropical in a skirt and bandeau top by Proenza Schouler. AnnaSophia Robb was there scoring for The Carrie Diairies in a vintage-looking alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet dress with YSL heels. Have a look at our gallery to see who else was there! (And don’t miss our gallery of all the hot stars of fall’s new network shows.)

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5 WTF Questions From The Vampire Diaries Season Finale

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale

I’m not sure what hurts more after last night’s season three finale of The Vampire Diaries, my eyes from all the crying or my neck from all the head-spinning. Like every finale (and yeah, every other EPISODE) the show has given us before, this was a game changer for Elena, the Salvatores, their friends and their enemies. So, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you definitely should stop reading now.

Though it was pure torment, I absolutely loved how everytime I started sobbing about a character dying, the next scene showed them to be alive and well. Perhaps because of all those twists, I was left feeling just a bit unsure about what went down after all. Here are my biggest questions — and a few answers.

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries

1. Wait, so who’s alive and who’s dead now? And which actors aren’t coming back next season? Read more…

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Nina Dobrev Shows Off A Kick-Ass Yoga Move On Conan

Big win for Team Coco! Nina Dobrev was on Conan O’Brien‘s show last night, to build up today’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries. We were wondering why she chose to wear a pair of formal shorts for the interview, but as the episode unfolded, we figured out just why. It’s also directly related to why Conan himself said, “Best job in the world!” at the end of the segment. He actually got Nina to get down on her hands and knees to do a super-bendy yoga move called “The Scorpion” on the show!

Nina’s been practicing yoga for years, FYI. Best of all, she had to use Conan as a “human wall” to balance her legs on. And then used his knees to tuck her feet in as she bent them over, reminiscent of a scorpion’s tail. Not only did Conan look like he couldn’t believe his luck, but the expression on guest Joel McHale‘s face was priceless too, especially when Nina’s legs go shooting up. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is awesome.” It is awesome, guys, and it’s all in the video above. Her boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder is a lucky, lucky man.

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Vampire Diaries‘ Joseph Morgan: “Not Everyone’s Going To Like” The Season 3 Finale

It feels very bittersweet to be talking about the season finale of The Vampire Diaries when we have four more episodes to go — but in vampire time four weeks must feel like a blink, so I guess it’s not too soon. When Klaus himself, Joseph Morgan, stopped by the VH1 offices earlier this week, we knew he wasn’t going to give us actual details about what will go down between the Originals, the Salvatores and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang at the end of the show’s third season. Still, could he at least tell us how he reacted when he read the script?

“There was no one there with me when I got the script, but I tell you I got goose bumps reading it,” Morgan told us. “I know people have standard things that they say … but I genuinely, actually had a physical reaction to reading it.”

But like every frustrating, exhilarating, WTF-inducing TVD finale and mid-season finale before it, we will have mixed emotions, Morgan warns.
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Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Compels Us To Love Him With Good Deeds

What is it with those Vampire Diaries boys? We all know about Ian Somerhalder’s tireless efforts to basically save the world with his foundation, but he’s not the only Mystic Falls resident putting his vampire skills of persuasion to very good use. For the second year in a row, Joseph Morgan, who plays the not-so-charitable Original vamp Klaus, is asking fans to help him raise money for Positive Women for his birthday on May 16. The organization’s mission is to empower women and eradicate poverty in Swaziland.

“I actually started supporting Positive Women just before I got the role in Vampire Diaries,” Morgan told us. “I put out a Youtube video encouraging people to donate and of course no one watched it because no one knew who I was, and then suddenly I got the role of Klaus and it became the fifth-most watched video in the NGO because that was the only footage of me talking!”
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Vampire Diaries Star Joseph Morgan Would Like To Meet A Real Evil Mastermind

Listen, actors: We know that your job is to play completely fictional characters and that you are not necessarily anything like the people you pretend to be. But it is still really fun to imagine, for instance, that when Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan saunters into a small office space in Times Square, that we are actually being visited by Original vampire Klaus himself. You should all take this as a compliment to your skills, not necessarily as proof that we are delusional idiots (even though we definitely are sometimes).

Anyway, that’s why we decided to ask Morgan if he’d ever met any real-life evil masterminds who inspired his charismatic-yet-chilling portrayal of the man who kept his family locked in coffins for hundreds of years, held Stefan hostage for most of this season and terrorized Mystic Falls with his own army of vampire-werewolf hybrids.

“Not in real life, no,” the 30-year-old Brit laughed. “I’ve been inspired by many fictional evil masterminds, you know, in developing Klaus, but luckily … I don’t think I’d survive if I met an evil mastermind like Klaus. I think it would be fascinating. I think New York is probably where I would meet one as well. There’s got to be an evil corporate mastermind here that could rival [Klaus].”
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Vampire Diaries Star Candice Accola Makes Us Long For A ’90s Flashback Ep

We’ve all been digging Kat Graham’s sexy, girl-power anthem “Put Your Graffiti on Me” lately, and we couldn’t help but picture what would happen if the song were blasting at one of those lavish Mystic Falls events on The Vampire Diaries. How much would you love seeing an Original booty popping? Well, that actually happened. Off-camera, unfortunately.

“We got a sneak peek of the video ahead of time, so Claire Holt [Rebekah] and myself definitely spent the remainder of the day going ‘tag me’ and making the little cowbell [sound],” Candice Accola, a.k.a. “Vampire Barbie” Caroline Forbes, told us on the red carpet of the Elle Women in Music Awards. Accola is a singer too, but lately she’s been showing off her skills to a more intimate audience.

“I’m in a ’90s cover band with a bunch of the crew members, and we played our wrap party,” she said. We’re not sure what they played, but she did say that to prepare she downloaded Kriss Kross’ “Jump,” Naughty by Nature’s “O.P.P.” and Weezer’s “El Scorcho.”
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Style Seen: The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham Has Her Own Witchy Magic

While she’s been making Vampire Diaries stars weep and cheer for three seasons as teenage witch extraordinaire Bonnie Bennett, Kat Graham, an admitted workaholic, has been gearing up to make us wiggle our hips and pump our fists with her music. And no, she’s not doing it wearing Bonnie’s subdued cardigans and blazers. We already discussed the curve-hugging, blinged-out look she wore to the NewNowNext Awards last week that was “all about the ass.” Now, let’s take a closer look at the dress and holy-s— shoes she donned to visit Big Morning Buzz Live yesterday. It’s a pretty darn appropriate look to promote her single, “Put Your Graffiti on Me,” wouldn’t you say?

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Vampire Diaries Star Kat Graham Is “All About The Ass”

Kat Graham and her date Perez Hilton did their darndest to blind us on the red carpet of the NewNowNext Awards last week: Perez with his brand-new abs and Kat with the blingiest corset we’ve ever seen. The two were actually in matching outfits from The Blonds. “It’s very Britney/Justin 2000,” the Vampire Diaries star said of their matching outfit. “That [denim] was iconic. He had the cowboy hat, we have diamonds and studs.”

Kat has certainly been enjoying showing off her curves as she promotes her new single, “Put Your Graffiti on Me.” “I’m all about the sexy part of you,” she told us. “It’s all about the ass in this dress. I think it’s going well so far.”

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Ian Somerhalder Rescues Four Kittens, Becomes Even More Adorable

Warning! This is gonna be a gushy post.

Ian Somerhalder is obviously incredibly handsome (those eyes!) but the most beautiful thing about him is his compassion for animals. (There’s that gushing we talked about earlier.) The Vampire Diaries star was honored at the Human Society’s annual Genesis Awards last week, which celebrates entertainers who support causes that protect our furry friends. Ian manages his own foundation that supports environmental and animal causes, and recently turned his birthday into a fundraising opportunity. Our interview on the red carpet was an educational experience, with Ian dropping knowledge about overfishing, conserving the Everglades and simple methods of spaying and neutering strays. It was like college, but compacted into a three minute interview with the best looking man on the planet. In other words, heaven!

Our favorite part of our convo was Ian describing how he’s currently in the process of rescuing four kittens born on the Vampire Diaries set. Once he humanely traps, spays and brings them all home, the kitties will bring his animal count up to ten. Somer-dorable.

Hey Nina Dobrez – well played, girl.