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Chris Brown Twitter Meltdown: Comedian Jenny Johnson Is Now Getting Death Threats

Comedian involved with Chris Brown twitter feud getting death threats

Flame wars happen all the time on the internet, but things are getting scarily real in the Twitter feud between one-man controversy machine Chris Brown and writer Jenny Johnson. The social media beef on the Sunday resulted in Brown deleting his account after dishing out a barrage of misogynistic, offensive and frankly pretty gross insults directed toward the comedian. But now some members of Team Breezy are apparently not happy, and they’re making their displeasure known by making death threats against Johnson.

But the Texas-based writer is taking it all in stride. “We are doing a bit of investigating… to see who are writing them and if they should be taken seriously, or just something we need to ignore,” she told Celebuzz. “We are trying to discover if it’s just a bunch of kids goofing off or something else. I’m just letting it go right now.” She admitted to being surprised that the beef with the celeb went as far as it did. “I was surprised to wake up and read about it and find my name on The View and CNN.”

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Jennifer Hudson’s Son David Upstages His Mom On The View

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day-vid! Jennifer Hudson may have an Oscar, but it’s her son David who’s the real star. The newly slender supermom brought her little guy out with her on The View today because he straight-up refuses to leave her side. We can hardly handle the cuteness, and neither can the View ladies – all moms – who couldn’t stop cooing all over the kid as he belted out a baby-jam into the mic. Watch the video above and prepare for your ovaries to ache.

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Denise Richards Grilled Over Charlie Sheen’s Drinking On The View

Denise Richards must seriously have ice water in her veins. After ex Charlie Sheen trashed a hotel room last fall, had to be rescued from a porn star party and then shut down production of shut down the production of Two And A Half Men the very show that helps feed her kids, all we would want to do is bury our head in Joy Behar‘s comforting bosom and weep for days. Instead, today Denise Richards co-hosted The View, talking about Sheen’s addiction in the even, steady voice of a woman reporting the weather. When asked if she was surprised by her ex’s erratic actions, Richards replied, “No, I mean it doesn’t. I mean, you know this is Charlie’s lifestyle. He makes no bones about it…and it is what it is.” Spoken like a woman who’s seen things few people have lived to talk about.

Not that Denise is kicking back and letting porn stars babysit her kids or anything. “This has been something I have dealt with for years,” Richards explained. “This is not a new situation.” She cited resources which she uses to help her daughters explain Sheen’s drug and alcohol problem. “One in particular, I’m blanking on the title, it explains addiction to children. There are images and pictures that a child can understand. I don’t know what they fully comprehend from these conversations. They don’t know what some of these things are. So I do the best I can and it’s not easy.” So no other filthy gossip about the Two And A Half Men star? No insane tales it would give you dark joy to reveal to the world the world? “I think that you should have him on the show and get into detail what’s going on,” Denise says before clamming up. That woman must have some sort of ninja training to have such a steady hand. Either that, or an excellent PR person.

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Prince Surprises The View, Sherri Shepherd Loses Her Damn Mind

Look, no one knows how they would react if Prince just walked into the room. We understand that. We would hope, however, that we would act a little more chill than Sherri Shepherd did when Prince surprised The View with a unannounced appearance today. In town to promote his Welcome 2 America tour, Prince (who looks like he is made out of snake skin) (in a good way) had all the ladies swooning, but it was Shepherd who went crazy crackers upon meeting her idol.

Sherri clutched her chest like she was having palpitations, tried to steal Prince’s gloves and finally snuggled her head to his chest before announcing, “I’ve wanted to make love to you my whole life.” Prince must have just then remembered a very important appointment, because he could not have sprinted off that stage faster if it had been on fire. Before he left however, Prince offered some career advice to, of all people, Justin Bieber. “The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music you can. I hope he does pick up an instrument and get a good teacher,” the singer explained to Barbara Walters. So is Justin Bieber this generation’s Prince? Let’s bring him on the show and see how Sherri reacts; that’s the only way to know for sure.


Susan Boyle Loses Voice On The View, Sherri Doesn’t Notice

Susan Boyle

Looks like someone didn’t like what she was hearing…namely, herself. Susan Boyle gave up on a live performance of “O Holy Night” on the View today, waving for the music to be stop right before the song reached its memorable high notes. As the facial expression above suggests, she had already cracked a note or two before abandoning the song entirely. That didn’t stop Sherri Shepherd from declaring the abbreviated performance “beautiful” and “amazing” as she came onstage to support the embarrassed singer. “There is something of an angel that comes out of your mouth,” continued the oblivious host. “This amazingly pure sound.” Things not to say when a singer’s just bombed on live TV for $400, Alex.

Thankfully, Susan should be able to rest her voice and lose the “frog in her throat” Whoopi blamed for the misfire (yes, Whoopi was actually paying attention). Oh wait, no she can’t—TMZ reports that Susan will reshoot the performance for the West Coast airing and she’s scheduled to take part in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting tonight. Will she still make it out or is this frog going to pull a Scrooge on her?

See the oh-so-awkward moment after the jump.

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Khloe Kardashian “Disgusted” She Lost Her V-Card At 14 To An Older Man

In case you had any lingering questions about how Khloe Kardashian lost her virginity, the Kardashian sister spilled the beans on The View yesterday, saying she lost her v-card to an 18-year-old man…when she was just 14. “Looking back, I think that’s not a normal thing,” Khloe reasoned. Um, you think? We’ve seen episodes of To Catch A Predator that were less creepy than that. Khloe even says she felt sort of “conned” by the guy. Explained Khloe, “Well, not conned, but persuaded, because he was older and I felt I wouldn’t be accepted or cool or whatever.” Seriously, where is Chris Hansen when you need him?!?!?

After the two slept together, “I felt so disgusted with myself,” Khloe admits. “I stopped talking to him and actually didn’t have sex for three years after that because I knew I was young and I knew I wasn’t ready.” We’re glad Khloe did the right thing for her. Now she’s Lamar Odom’s wife, and the other guy is probably getting offered iced tea by an actress disguised as a 13-year-old as we speak. Then BAM! Creep gets Hansen’d.


Michaele Salahi’s Co-Stars Starting To Hate Her As Much As Whoopi Does


So by now you know that these Salahi people are whiny crybabies who are becoming universally loathed, first for being national security risks and second for pissing off the ladies of The View. And it’s all in the name of drumming up publicity for the Real Housewives Of D.C., which premiered last night and which we can’t bring ourselves to watch. Michaele Salahi is slowly inching toward being the Gwen Stefani of this group, and this “Whoopi-Hit-Me-No-She-Didn’t-Gate” is her “Don’t Speak.” She’s overshadowed her castmates one too many times and the show has barely gotten off he ground.

Since this whole View non-troversy began, the rest of the Housewives have been feeling a little left out and they aren’t shy about their feelings. After being interviewed yesterday, it was clear they are not psyched to be associated with Cuckoo-Barbie. Their reactions are slowly leading us to believe that the extensions-pulling antics of the Jersey contingent is nothing – someone on this show is going to get a Diplomat’s license plate to the jugular pretty soon. Here are some quotes that lead us to believe that World War III just may begin at a D.C. country club.

D.C. Housewife Cat Ommanney said “Being associated with her and being around her is pretty toxic and exhausting and I’m really over it.”

Housewife Stacie Turner: “I guess it’s good for ratings…[but] the show really is not ‘The Salahi Show'”

Housewife  Mary Schmift Amons: “We’re so tired of hearing this and talking about this. This is a show about five people, not one couple.”

Amons, again: “Awk-ward! And given what’s happened yesterday on The View it’s now changed the energy completely between the five of us.”

And then there’s Lynda Erikiletian who claimed on The View that Michaele was anorexic and her husband Tareq abused women and threw a drink on her.

Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga- CHOO CHOO! What’s that? Oh, just the sound of a train wreck approaching.


White House Crasher Claims She Was On Receiving End Of Can Of Whoopi-Ass

Oh, Lawd. The View, and Whoopi Goldberg in particular, are at  the center of another sh*tstorm today. This one is brought on by White House party-crasher Michaele Salahi, who is a member of the cast of The Real Housewives Of D.C. and was brought on the talk show along with the other housewives to promote their Bravo series. Not only did they barely discuss the show, but Salahi was grilled by hosts Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd about her alleged invitation to the White House which, let’s face it, no one believes exists.

Things didn’t get crazy though until Whoopi Goldberg ran out from backstage, touched Salahi’s back and said “‘Excuse me, can you get back to the White House, please?” Salahi appeared confused but obviously not injured by Goldberg’s appearance, but when she went backstage after the segment, she allegedly accused Goldberg of hitting her. An ABC statement, released yesterday afternoon, said “After the show, Ms. Salahi and her husband accused Whoopi of hitting Ms. Salahi. As the broadcast clearly shows, the accusation was completely unfounded and erroneous. After the show and after being told she was being accused of hitting Ms. Salahi, Whoopi proceeded to defend herself verbally from this baseless claim in a heated exchange with the Salahis.”

So Whoopi dropped some F-bombs on the Salahis , which no doubt she learned from her buddy Mel Gibson, and they got upset. We found it far more insulting that Sherri told Michaele straight to her face that she should be in jail for her White House stunt, but whatever. You don’t get publicity if you start a fight with Sherri Shepherd, you go for the big guns with Whoopi, obviously. The Salahis hoped to give their side of the story on the Today Show this morning. We’ll keep you posted on what new and fabulous fabrications they come up with.


Ten Things President Obama Would Rather Do Than Go On The View


We know how you feel, Mr. President.

Barack Obama will be a guest on The View this Wednesday and in doing so, he’ll be the first sitting President to appear on a daytime talk show. The show is doing a series called “Red, White & View” where prominent U.S. politicians visit the ladies to discuss, you know, issues. The women of The View have diverse opinions and have had no trouble making things uncomfortable for everyone involved even when there are no guests on the show, so it’s brave of the President to walk straight into this den of crazy, shrill lions. It should make for interesting television for sure. (We wonder if Elisabeth Hasselbeck will actually ask him tough questions, or if she considers that unpatriotic.) Having to sit and fake your way through an “intelligent” conversation with Elisabeth, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd doesn’t appeal to us and we think maybe Obama might be cringing about it too, so here’s a list of things we think Obama would rather be doing besides sitting in The Hot Seat:

10. Trading pickup lines with Mel Gibson.

9. Letting Betty Draper from Mad Men babysit Sasha and Malia.

8. Pardoning LiLo from her jail sentence.

7. Collecting a jar full of Glenn Beck‘s tears.

6.  Having a no-talking contest with Joe Biden.

5. Watching every episode of Sherri on Lifetime.

4. Picking up Bo Obama‘s poop from the White House lawn.

3. Officiating at Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston‘s wedding.

2. Trying to create a miniature version of Aretha Franklin‘s inauguration hat out of modeling clay and Bedazzler beads.

1. Having a karaoke party with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Joe the Plumber and Ann Coulter, where the only song you’re allowed to sing is Ke$ha‘s “Blah Blah Blah.”

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