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No Butts Are Safe When Coco And Spartacus Visit Wendy Williams

Butts! Butts! Coco must have all the butts in the world! Oh, sorry…we almost lost it there for a minute. Luckily for the bottoms of Manhattan, Ice-T‘s lady and reality show costar was able to control herself outside The Wendy Williams Show today, keeping her booty grabbing mania to a minimum by reserving her goosing for inspirational speaker, self-help guru and Oprah favorite, author Iyanla Vanzant. On a related note, Iyanla Vanzant seems like she’s our kind of lady. And a lot of fun to hang out with! Coco was allegedly on the show with her adorable lumpy dog Spartacus to promote the current second season of Ice Loves Coco, but it’s pretty clear she was mainly in New York to put in some booty duty. Isn’t it enough to have the most awesome butt on all of television, Coco? Must you possess all our behinds, too? Will your your love of butts never be satiated?

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Wendy Williams Likes Her Wig Extra Crispy

Look, on the one hand, this speaks to a fantasy we’ve had forever – what happens when you chuck a random item in a deep fat fryer? Does it blister and bubble, or just melt? On the other hand, seeing Wendy Williams actually batter and fry her wig might be the grossest thing we’ve ever seen. If there was a way to turn us off of our beloved fried foods, tossing a polyester wig into a vat of boiling oil would be it. Glad to see it has no affect on her appetite though.