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10 Characters From The Wire We’d Like To See On The Walking Dead

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The Wire is one of the most respected series in cable television history, known for its complex characters on both sides of the Baltimore drug game. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television series in cable television history, known for the fact that it’s a television show about zombies and zombies rule. Fans of both shows expressed a collective “OH SNAP!” last season on The Walking Dead with the appearance of Tyreese played by Chad Coleman who had previously played the ex-con with a heart of gold Dennis “Cutty” Wise on The Wire. Now the word is out that actor Larry Gilliard, Jr. who played The Wire’s ill-fated drug dealer D’Angelo “D” Barksdale is playing Bob Stookey on season 4 of The Walking Dead. That got us thinking of what other Wire characters we’d love to see on The Walking Dead’s cruel new world. Who would rise to the occasion and put down walkers and who would end up zombie meat with the quickness? Here are 10 Characters From The Wire We’d Like To See On The Walking Dead.

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Wire, Treme Favorite Wendell Pierce Stops By Very VH1 Today

Maybe you know him as cigar-smoking, good-humored, oddly named Det. Bunk Moreland from The Wire. Or hardworking trombone player Antoine Batiste on Treme. Soon enough, you’ll be recognizing Wendell Pierce as Michael J. Fox’s newsroom boss on The Michael J. Fox Show. But today, you’ll know him as our very special guest on the Very VH1 Spreecast.

Join us at 1:45 pm ET right here and ask Wendell everything you’ve been dying to know about his shows, his Broadway work, growing up in New Orleans, working with Michael J. Fox and more. Click on the comments button on the upper right corner to participate.

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Five Michael B. Jordan Moments Guaranteed To Make You Cry

He might be gaining major accolades and award show buzz thanks to his performance in Fruitvale Station (out in New York and L.A. today; everywhere July 26), but Michael B. Jordan is a familiar face to fans of Texas football, Baltimore street life, and overly talkative families, thanks to his work on beloved television dramas like Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and Parenthood. Regardless of the role in which you first came to know him, it’s highly likely at least one of his performances has made you well up like a baby–he’s just got that touch.

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Tristan Wilds’ 10 Cutest Smiles — Get Well Soon!

We’re pretty worried about the news that Tristan Wilds will be missing four episodes of 90210 because he is suffering from a “serious illness,” according to E! Online. We don’t know what he’s sick with, but the site says his character Dixon’s absence will be explained by another music tour.

The 22-year-old actor probably deserves a little break too. Since he got his start in the Ryan Gosling indie Half Nelson, he’s been working pretty steadily. He played Michael Lee on The Wire and then Zach on The Secret Life of Bees before moving on to his soapier gig on 90120. In December, he returned to the big screen as a Tuskegee Airman in Red Tails.

We thought he — and his fans — could probably use some cheering up while he lies low, so here are 10 pics of Tristan’s dazzling smiles.

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