Things Twilight Fans Should Like

by (@shalapitcher)

Breaking Dawn, Breaking Dawn, Hunger Games … Oh! An Hourglass Movie!

So there are all these Breaking Dawn behind-the-scenes videos and clips and photos coming out, we almost feel like we’ve seen the whole movie (but still, we can’t wait for the MTV First with Robsten next week). And then there was the squeeing over the Hunger Games posters. And the voting for Mortal Instruments star Jamie Campbell Bower in our Hotness poll. But amid all this young adult novel-to-movie noise we’ve got to point out something really exciting. Myra McEntire‘s Hourglass, one of my personal faves of the year, has just been optioned by Fox.

And guess what: It’s not even about vampires or angels or a dark dystopian future. It’s actually one of the most original tales of time travel I’ve ever seen. Teenager Emerson Cole thinks she’s been seeing ghosts for the past four years. But when she comes back home to Tennessee from boarding school, Michael, the man her brother hires to help eliminate her “hallucinations” does the exact opposite. He informs her that she’s actually seeing people from the past. And the fact that he’s a super-hot college student makes all this sci-fi adventure all the more enticing, we think.
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