This Means War

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This Means War: This Is Why Reese, Tom And Chris Look So Good

The ads for This Means War don’t really do it any favors, we know. Yes, it is the silly action-rom-com it appears to be. And yes, it does feature the problematic premise that CIA guys can totally stalk women for fun. And some of Chelsea Handler’s lines are kind of cheesy. BUT they actually make you laugh in the context of the movie. Also, after spending five minutes with Tom Hardy’s character, you will not want him ever, ever to leave the screen again in the entire future of all film. And you will want to have Reese Witherspoon’s life and Chris Pine’s apartment for your very own. Part of the credit for the surprising likability of this McG movie goes to the stars, of course. And another part goes to costume designer Sophie De Rakoff, who’s designed the costumes for a number of Reese’s other movies, including a little one you may have heard of called Legally Blonde.

“Reese doesn’t ask for me, that’s not what she does,” De Rakoff explained to us. “People know that we have a relationship and that we work well together, and she looks good when I work with her, so that if the right movie comes along, then they’ll bring me in.”

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Reese Witherspoon Hits Red Carpet In Fabulous Dress, With Fabulous Men

Lookit Reese Witherspoon getting edgy in Louis Vuitton. As edgy as Reese can get, that is. The breezy blonde can’t help but look adorable all the time, but full marks for adding chic cred with this sparkly, textured, emerald-green number worn at the U.K. premiere of her new film This Means War. That bright smile makes her look as delicious as a peanut butter cup! Speaking of delicious — check out her co-stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Because some people get to wear fabulous dresses and date hot men (onscreen) for a living. No offense, Mr. Reese Jim Toth, but your wife is livin’ it large. Although she’s tiny. Seriously, look at her next to Tom and Chris. She looks minuscule. And makes us want to sing Pocketful of Sunshine or something.

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Reese Witherspoon Hops On The Wedding Comedy Train

With Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part II easily the biggest comedies of the moment, you almost can’t blame Hollywood for the deluge of wedding-themed films its lining up for the next few years. The latest star to hop on the bandwagon is the recently remarried Reese Witherspoon, whose planning to produce and star in Who Invited Her?, the story of a wacky lady who forces herself into a multi-day bachelor party. Goofy blonde comedienne in her 30s and a wild boys’ bacchanalia? Yeah, no studio could resist that mix right now.

Whether America will still be on the matrimony train is another question—the scene is getting so crowded that Lizzy Caplan is signed up for a film currently titled The Bachelorette and one named Save The Date. Hopefully Reese didn’t slip a wedding into her next romantic comedy, This Means War, about two spies (Thomas Hardy and Chris Pine) competing for her attention. Eventually, one of these movies is going to be left at the box office altar.

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