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Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place Trailer Is 100 Different Movies Combined

What if someone cooked you all of your favorite foods, but instead of serving them individually, they mashed them up in a blender and threw it on Academy-Award winner Sean Penn? We hope that analogy accurately conveys how completely insane Penn’s This Must Be The Place trailer looks. Sure, there’s the aging rock star seeking out the Nazi who tortured his father. Of course. But who could have expected that folksy waitress, adorably fat and musically knowledgeable kid, and the ’70s-style knee socks Penn wears for his morning stretches? It’s like someone threw scripts from all of the Best Picture nominees of the last ten years into the shredder, and just filmed whatever came out.

That being said, we’ve been looking forward to this film, coming out later this year, more than Harry Potter or Breaking Dawn. We at least know enough to expect those films to be good. But neither the This Must Be The Place teaser trailer, full trailer nor musical sneak peek gives u s enough to know what to expect in the actual theater. Did we mention the Talking Heads appear in this movie? That’s it. We’re reserving our tickets now.


Ryan Gosling Vs. Sean Penn: Who’s Looking Kookier At Cannes?

Two generations of rebellious, quality American acting were represented at Cannes photocalls this morning, with two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn promoting his daring rock star/nazi hunter film This Must Be Place and Ryan Gosling hyping his arty thriller Drive. And, at the risk of offending fans of their mutually remarkable bodies of work (and in Ryan’s case, his remarkable body), we’re going to go out on a limb and say they both looked kinda silly. Oh sure, Sean isn’t the first actor to stroll around the sea in a faded denim outfit (hello, Antonio Banderas!). Plenty of people would be happy to let Ryan hang around them in a pajama top, white pants and wingtip shoes, especially if they got to be there when he took them off. But you don’t usually see them surrounded by paparazzi on the coast of France. We’re not hating, folks…just amused at what passes for celebrity Cannes casual wear.

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Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place Teaser Trailer Is Pure Oscar Bait

WOW, someone must want an Oscar real bad. Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place teaser trailer has everything guaranteed to get the Academy out of their chairs and squealing. In case you haven’t heard of it before, it features Sean Penn as a faded rocker traveling to the U.S. to hunt down a Nazi..that tortured his father. So, as you can see, we’ve got your awkward art-house dialogue, a healthy dash of Nazi hunting a la Inglourious Basterds, and, if the trailer is any indication, more than a hint of Rain Main. More like a giant tub filled to the brim with Rain Man. The fact Frances McDormand is in it is merely icing on Penn’s “Congratulations On Your New Best Actor Award” cake. We mean really, did you see the dog at the bottom of the swimming pool at the very end of the clip? What is that dog even doing there? Add cutting-edge CGI and a hooker with a heart of gold and every other movie coming out in 2011 can go ahead and shut it down.