T.I. Says Sending Him Back To Jail Was “Petty,” Compares His Persecution To MLK’s


Jesus, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali…and now T.I.. At least that’s how the rapper sees his return to prison for probation violation, comparing his troubles to those of the aforementioned heroes in a Vibe Magazine cover story. “[People] did it to every great person you could possibly think of. When it was all good, they was with them. When things got bad, then they was against them.” But King didn’t fail a drug test while on probation for federal gun charges, you say? Well, the guy who recorded King can explain that, too. “The person who was just in jail for machine guns and silencers turns his life around. And now you want to crucify him—for what? Three pills. I mean, of course it’s wrong and unacceptable and inexcusable. No problem. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s rather petty…All that could have been going wrong—if I was riding with more guns, or if I had gotten into a shoot-out and killed somebody, then I could see that. But just think about it. I’ve gotten it down to this much.” For the record, killing someone in a shoot-out while on probation would probably get you more than the 11 months T.I. is scheduled to serve.

It should also be noted that T.I. got a remarkably light sentence the first time around, spending a year shooting movies, recording tracks and starring in a reality show about his community service before serving 9 months in prison. In fact, it might be the fact that he was supposed to be a role model for kids that got him sent away for just a little bitty bit of chemical abuse, which T.I. claims started with legal pain pills. “I had like five, six prescriptions. So I had, like 80 pills. Everybody else might have a drink or smoke a blunt, I took a pain pill. Times when I had 18-, 20-hour days, I’d take a pain pill. And eventually I developed—I guess—the beginning stages of dependence.” Here’s hoping that dependence ends with the ecstasy cops found in his car.

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T.I Is Sick And Tired Of Being In Jail

T.I., in jail after being busted for drug possession, has released a statement about his experience during his first month of incarceration and it’s ain’t pretty. T.I writes, “This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that’s saying a lot for a n—a who’s been down locked up as many times as I have. I see this as a real ass whoopin’. The kind you don’t just go back outside to play afterwards. You take ya ass to bed and don’t come out of your room until it’s time to go to school. I don’ t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I’m certainly sick and mother f—ing tired of going to jail, juve, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it. I’d have been better off doing a 5-10 year bid one time than going in time and time again for days, weeks and months for the last 15 years of my life.”

And this just a the first month. He’s got ten to go, and we’re feeling for him. Another part of his vent reads, “Even though it’s been a long road, I’m still standing, barely but nevertheless still standing. At one time I thought my motivation for continuing was for my fans, my partna Philant, my pops, my grandmama, even for the haters or the people I let down. But nah… I got to do this shit for me!!! I’ll be God damned if I’ve come all this way and made it through so much hell to let it go down like this! F— that! If an hour in the dark is worth a second in the sun then pass me my mother f—in’ shades cause I’m ready to cash my darkest hours in…ASAP!!!”

That’s hopeful right? Hopefully, after he’s done with his stint, he’ll never have to go back again. You can read the rest of T.I’s statement on TMZ. We’re warning you… it’s a lot to swallow!

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Newlyweds T.I. And Tameka Arrested For Possession – Was It Ecstasy?

What a way to start a life together. TMZ reports that rapper T.I. and Tameka Cottle were arrested around 10.30pm last night on the alleged charges of possession of a controlled substance. Way to celebrate a one month anniversary! T.I. and “Tiny”  were thrice-married a month ago, remember?

By the looks of it, it doesn’t sound good for the couple at all. T.I’s already on probation! When cops from the L.A County Sheriff’s department pulled them over, they apparently smelled pot, which led to them searching the Maybach the couple was rolling in. They must’ve found something because they ending up slapping cuffs on them both.

T.I. is still on probation from gun charges, so we’re curious what this means in terms of violating his parole, more jail time, etc. But hey  – he could always just do what Paris Hilton did and claim the drugs just magically appeared in a borrowed purse!