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Sofia Vergara’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits Ever

Sofia Vergara has come along way since a modeling scout spotted the one-time dentistry student walking on the beach in Colombia, moving from runways to Univision hosting gigs to a Latin American Desperate Housewives adaptation to her Golden Globe-nominated role as Gloria Delgado-Prichett on Modern Family. We picked 20 of our favorite looks from over a decade of Sofia’s fabulousness—check them out in the gallery below.

20. Gold Sling

19. All Wrapped Up

18. Peek-A-Boo!

17. Fiery Fierce

16. Irresistibly Indigo

15. Teacher’s Pet

14. Skin-Tight Tweed

13. Topsy-Turvy

12. Red Ruffles

11. Total Knockout

10. Red Hot Chili Pepper

9. Silver Bullet

8. Lustful Lilac

7. Sizzlin’ Sequins

6. Not Boring Beige

5. Pink Leggy

4. Busty Bombshell

3. Royally Blue

2. Burst Of Sun

1. Luscious Leopard

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Natalie Portman’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Is there ever a time, day or night, when Critics’ Choice Movie Awards nominee Natalie Portman doesn’t look completely flawless? The answer is ‘no.’ The stunning Natalie continues to wow us on the red carpet with her perfect skin, fabulous dresses and unmatched poise. Browse through 30 of her hottest looks and be sure to check out what the newly engaged and pregnant Natalie Portman will wear to the CCMAs on Friday January 14 at 9PM ET/PT only on VH1.

1. Ravishing In Red
2. Perfection
3. Breath Of Fresh Air
4. Bumblebee
5. Shaved & Sexy
6. Hollywood Hottie
7. Black Swan
8. Icing On The Cake
9. Librarian Chic
10. Cold Shoulder(s)
11. Legs, Legs, Legs
12. Hollywood Glam
13. Grecian Goddess
14. Cute ‘N Cropped
15. Scarlet Fever
16. Vintage Vixen
17. Space Queen
18. Blue Bombshell
19. Channeling The ’20s
20. Sweet Tee
21. Pretty in Pink
22. Flower Power
23. Winter Wonderland
24. Let’s Tango
25. Lady In Red
26. Flapper
27. Emerald City
28. Hippie Honey
29. Flannel Fun
30. Bedazzled

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Rihanna’s Top 20 Most Hideous Outfits of 2010

There’s no arguing that Rihanna is drop-dead gorgeous. How many women can semi-successfully pull off Bozo the Clown red hair?! Sadly, our beloved RiRi has made more than her fair share of questionable fashion decisions in the last year. We’ve seen sculpted tulle, seizure-inducing neons paired with crazy prints, and very, very few pairs of pants. Rihanna is truly the Only Girl In The World that can rock these atrocious duds and keep her place in our hearts. We’re just hoping she resolves to refine her new-found wacky style in 2011. Check out Rihanna’s Top 20 fashion flops this year. [Photos: Getty Images, ]

20. Oh Baby, I’m A Rock Star

19. Black Mischief

18. Tulle Gone Wild

17. Public Affair

16. Nude Attitude

15. Divided Diva

14. Game Over

13. RiRi The Explorer

12. Train O’Tissue

11. Teeny Weeny Botanical Bikini

10. Mummified

9. Beauty School Dropout

8. Robo-RiRi

7. Bazooka Babe

6. Glob of Green

5. Fluorescent Frenzy

4. Circus Act

3. Cha Cha Mamasita

2. Granny Panties

1. Clownin’ Around

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Katy Perry’s Top 50 Hottest Outfits Ever

VH1 Divas performer Katy Perry‘s style can be described with the name of her current hit single, “Firework.” It’s loud, bright, and never fails to induce “Ooos” and “Ahhs.” Whether she’s in skin-tight latex, covered in fake fruit, or wearing little but sequins, Perry always looks playful and sexy, with a dash of retro. Check out her 50 hottest outfits and be sure to tune into VH1 Divas Salute The Troops tomorrow night, 12/5, at 8/9c!  [Photos: Getty Images, ]

50. Freddie Mercury

49. Panda Perry

48. Dirndl Diva

47. Weeping Widow

46. Kiss Me!

45. Yes We Can!

44. Hello Kitty!

43. Goddess

42. Sweet Pea

41. Cleopatra

40. Katy Loves Rusty

39. Retro Cutie

38. Gas Station Glam

37. Pink Panther

36. Red Hot

35. Split Personalities

34. One Hot Ticket

33. Here’s Looking At You

32. Prickly Perry

31. Wet & Wild

30. Hut Hut Hot!

29. Hot As The Tropics

28. Fruit Salad

27. Glittery Gal

26. Elvis Perry

25. Bubblegum Pop

24. Hollywood Starlet

23. Asteroid Queen

22. Minnie Mouse

21. Foxy Flapper

20. With A Cherry On Top

19. Rockin’ The Red Carpet

18. Sexy In Slime

17. Too Hot For Sesame Street

16. Sweet Disaster

15. Sexy Salute

14. Let Me See Your Peacock

13. Carousel Katy

12. My Little Pony

11. Calendar Girl

10. Vegas Vixen

9. Liquid Gold

8. Voluptuous Violet

7. Blinding Beauty

6. Metallic Mamasita

5. Blue N’ Bedazzled

4. Smells Like Roses

3. Perry, You’re A Firework

2. Bikini Babe

1. Revolutionary Hottie

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Jennifer Nettles’ Top 20 Hottest Outfits

Listen up all you Nashville cats, because today we salute country cutie and VH1 Divas performer Jennifer Nettles! The Sugarland lead singer has a lot to celebrate after her band’s latest album, The Incredible Machine, became a massive crossover hit. She was number one in the charts, but she’s also number one in our hearts with her red hot red carpet styles. You’ve seen her at the CMAs, you’ve seen her at the Grammys, now see her on VH1 Divas Salute The Troops this Sunday, Dec. 5th at 9/8c! So let us get in the mood by counting down her top twenty hottest outfits. Can you feel the heat yet?

[Photo: Getty Images, ]

20. Ace of Hearts

19. Five Layer Cake

18. Simple Stunner

17. Attic Ensembles

16. Good Jeans

15. Black Beauty

14. Geometric Shapes

13. Gunmetal Glam

12. Halter Hottie

11. Miss Coralista

10. Caramel Delight

9. Taupe Tease

8. Tangled Rose

7. Red Delicious

6. Gladiator Girl

5. Moroccan Marvel

4. A Night On The Town

3. Leather Luxe

2. Barely There

1. Sexy Silhouette

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Hayley Williams’ Top 20 Hottest Looks


Next up on our VH1 Divas performer parade we have that punky princess from Paramore, Hayley Williams! Not only has it been an incredible year for her band, but Hayley hit a major home run herself guesting on B.o.B’s  “Airplanes.” The red-headed alt-rocker is always known for her hip and unique sense of style, and we can’t wait to see how she rocks it at VH1’s Diva’s Salutes The Troops this weekend. Even Divas need sass. Join us as we count down her twenty hottest looks!

20. Mismatched Marauder

19. Furry Little Friend

18. Hipster Honey

17. Paramore Es Una Banda

16.  Non-Smoker Love

15. Casual Cutie

14. High-Waisted Hottie

13. New Wave

12. Punk’d Out Princess

11. Preppy Pretty

10. Sprinkle Jeans

9. Micro Mini

8. Tokidoki Babe

7. Runaway Prom Queen

6. Suited and Booted

5. Ragin’ Rocker

4. Spin Me Right Round

3. If You Like It, Put a Bow On It

2. Classy & Sassy

1. Edgy Elegance

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Keri Hilson’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits Ever


On top of earning a coveted spot as a VH1 Divas performer, R&B star Keri Hilson is known for her sizzling sense of style. Whether she’s on the prowl in loud leopard print or glaming it up in skin-tight skirts, her look is always daring, dangerous and divine!  Her latest album No Boys Allowed drops next month, but you can catch her this weekend performing on VH1’s Divas Salute The Troops! So let’s get in the Hilson Holiday spirit with a look back at her twenty hottest looks! Boys, this time you are allowed.

20. All Laced Up

19. Gold ‘n’ Leopard

18. BOOM! POW!

17. Dr. Keri and Mr. Hilson

16. Khaki Couture

15. Cropped Strokes

14. Licorice Stick Lovely

13. Black Twinkle

12. Animal Instincts

11. Dressed To Frill

10. On the Prowl

9. Short Shorts & Shoulder Pads

8.  Sinful Argyle

7. Barely There Beautiful

6. Backwards Is Better

5. Sheets Of Gold

4. That’s A Wrap

3. Black Rose

2. Lady Liberty

1. Unzipped


Grace Potter’s Top 10 Leggiest Looks


VH1 Divas performer and You Oughta Know artist Grace Potter is a super talented, super hot rock star on the rise. Potter’s got pipes that’ve been compared to Janis Joplin, and her band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were named one of Rolling Stone‘s Best New Bands of 2010. Matching her powerful vocals is her magnetic stage presence, which can partially be attributed to her high hemlines and Heidi Klum-caliber gams. Here’s hoping the stems come out for Divas on Sunday.

Prep for the show by taking a look at Grace Potter’s Top 10 Leggiest Looks.

10. Va Va Violet

9. Jailhouse Rock

8. Romper Stomper

7. Shimmery Sweet

6. Ravishing In Red

5. Make You Sweat

4. Sequin Dream

3. Go With The Flow

2. Golden Grace

1. Tantalizing Tie Dye

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Blake Lively’s 20 Leggiest Looks

Blake Lively exploded onto our television sets by playing Serena van der Woodsen, a name so long you have to watch the credits in widescreen. While Blake may have one of the longest character names in the biz, she also has some of the longest legs in Hollywood! Who cares that the 23-year old Gossip Gal isn’t appearing in The Great Gatsby remake? She gets all of the press she needs strutting her stems in her mile high hem lines. So this Thanksgiving we’re going to give you twenty more reasons to be thankful as we count down her twenty leggiest outfits ever! We’ve measured the outfits in Twiggys, the original Queen of the Mini Skirt. Pass the drumsticks!

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20. New Age Jackie

19. Boyfriend’s Button Up

18. Paper Mache

17. Tulip Stems

16. Night and Day

15. Embellished LBD

14. Patch of Daisies

13. Shorts and Sequins

12. Feathered Delight

11. Zig-Zagging Romper

10. Tribal Queen

9. Sexy Secretary

8. All Dressed in Lace

7. Mighty Aphrodite

6. Queen Bee

5. Scalloped Lace

4. Low Bow

3. Puttin’ on the Ritz

2. Teeny Teal Romper

1. Waves of Blue

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Kanye West’s Top 20 Kanye-est Outfits


He’s loud, he’s proud, and he’s bling’d out. He tangoed with a president, a newscaster, a country crossover artist and Wal-Mart yet he lived to tell the tale. He compares his privates to an ancient wonder of the world, and has turned his teeth into a diamond-crusted modern wonder of the world. He has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in the land, but his only true love is his Twitter account. If we could harness his ego, the energy crisis would be solved.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a toast to the lovable douchebag himself, Mr. Kanye West. They say it’s the clothes that make the man. Today we salute the outfits that are just so…Kanye. In honor of his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropping this Monday, join us as we count down Kanye’s GREATEST OUTFITS OF ALL TIME!

20. Operation

19. Preppy In Pink

18. In Living Color

17. Canadian Tuxedo

16. Not Thrilled

15. Velveteen Rapper

14. Black ‘n’ Bling

13. Casual Business

12. The Hendrix

11. Through Rose-Colored Glasses

10. Unfashionably Late

9. Shake Ya Tail Feather

8. The Cosby Sweater

7. Little Red Riding Hoodlum

6. Grey Areas

5. Four Square

4. Lavender Leisure Suit

3. Hunger Force

2. Fool’s Gold

1. Angel In Disguise

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