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Carey Mulligan’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

We’ve known for a long time that Carey Mulligan doesn’t need an education when it comes to looking amazing on the red carpet. The Brit beauty exploded onto the scene a little more than a year ago, and already she has snagged one of the most sought after parts in Hollywood: Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the classic The Great Gatsby. We think she’ll be the perfect Daisy to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gatbsy, and for proof just check out her fantastic retro-tinged styles below!

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20. Miss Monet

19. Gladiator Glam

18. Blazer of Glory

17. Flower Power

16. Tweedy Delivery

15. Blue Belle

14. Goldilocks

13. Racy Lacy

12. Tie-Dye Technicolor

11. Junk Drawer Dream

10. Lovely In Lavender

9. Spunky and Spiky

8. Sequined Stunner

7. LBDelight

6. High Waisted Hotness

5. Red Roman

4. Sterling Silver

3. Daisy Days

2. Jet Set

1. Elegant Empress

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Emma Watson’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits


Listen up, students of witchcraft and wizardry! The only spell you need to know for style perfection is “Emma Watson!” For years the gorgeous wizard-in-training has spread her fashion magic across the red carpet. But who knows what’s next for this fashionista wiz-kid now that she’s finally graduated from Hogwarts with the rest of her Harry Potter friends. If her dazzling new ‘do is any indication, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store. Check out the twenty-year-old’s twenty hottest looks in the gallery below!

20. S-S-S-Sexy Snake

19. Ruffled Up

18. Black and White Beauty

17. Wrapping Up

16. Back In Black

15. Lined Up

14. Sweater Skirt

13. Velour Allure

12. Grecian Go-Go

11. Halter Hot

10. Victorian’s Secret

9. See-Thru Blue

8. Greaser Chic

7. Polo Pretty

6. Sapphire Sass

5. Corset Cutey

4. Inspector Watson

3. The Wizard Wore White

2. Flower Bud Fantastic

1. Lovely Lady In Lace

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Lea Michele’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits Ever


From Broadway star to Rachel Berry, Lea Michele has become a mainstay on Hollywood’s Best Dressed lists. Her chic style, often leggy and always full-on glam, has developed with her rise to fame. She knows how to flatter her petite figure and when to make a statement. See the Glee star’s top 20 red carpet high notes below.

20. Pastel Princess

19. Lean Green Queen

18. Silk Petals

17. Sunny Honey

16. Teal Temptress

15. Lustful Lace

14. 24K Cutie

13. Bare Minimum

12. Jungle Fever

11. To Die For Tye Dye

10. Bohemian Rhapsody

9. Leather Vixen

8. Sheer Elegance

7. Babe in Blossoms

6. Red Hot Rose

5. Backless Blues

4. Golden Glam

3. Ruffle Truffle

2. LBD de Herve

1. Black Magic

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Taylor Swift’s 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Say what you will about Taylor Swift and her taste in men, but the girl has impeccable style. What we wouldn’t give to be locked in her closet for a weekend (we’d give an arm, not a leg). Even when she’s rollin’ casual style, she always looks great. And on the red carpet, she slays, she sparkles and she works red lipstick like no other.

We’ve got Taylor’s 25 Hottest Outfits Ever for your gawking eyes below; and be sure to watch a live stream of Taylor performing songs off her album Speak Now on Monday, October 25th at 7PM EST on

25. Giddy Up Girl
24. Nightingale
23. Purrfectly Purple
22. Forbidden Fruit
21. Bare Necessity
20. Petticoat Princess
19. Vintage Glam
18. Lavender Sparkle
17. Sugar Plum Fairy
16. Midnight Bliss
15. Timeless LBD
14. All That Glitters Ain’t Gold
13. Silver Daze
12. Miss Millennium
11. Belle of the Ball
10. Grecian Goddess
9. Heiress to the Throne
8. Gold Leaf
7. Hollywood Supreme
6. Green With Envy
5. Sheer Sensation
4. Classic Beauty
3. Red Hot Tamale
2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
1. Bling Bling Baby

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Christina Hendricks’ Top 20 Most Boobilicious Looks Ever


Much to our dismay, Mad Men wraps its fourth season this Sunday night, which also means we’re going to have to live without Joan and her strategically placed pen necklace for an undetermined amount of months. There’s no arguing that Christina Hendricks knows how to flaunt her ultra-feminine figure, on and off the boob tube (pun intended).

To ease our withdrawal symptoms, TheFABlife has gathered the fiery actress’ top 20 most show-stopping, curve-hugging red carpet looks ever. Bib required.

20. Bountiful Black

19. Sheer Rose

18. Grapes of Wrap

17. All That Jazz

16. Taste of Lace

15. Belted Beauty

14. Damsel Sans Distress

13. Lady In Red

12. Stroke of Midnight

11. Sexy Simplified

10. Va Va Violet

9. Tantalizing Tinkerbell

8. Sophisticated Blossom

7. Foxy In Fringe

6. Trumpet Vixen

5. Goddess O’Blues

4. Emerald Queen

3. LBD Done Right

2. Ferocious Floral

1. Peach Dream

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The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time


It’s that time of year again: when women of all ages dress up in as little clothes possible, paint some whiskers on their face and call their costume a “sexy cat.” While we’ve participated in our share of “Slutoweens” (dare we confess: we dressed as an actual prostitute for Halloween in 7th grade), celebrities just seem to nail the sexy-spooky look better than we normals ever could. Sure, we’ve tried to pull of the skanky mermaid costume for years now. But Mariah Carey will always do it better, you know?

Mimi, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, CoCo, Selita Ebanks, Ashley Greene – all these ladies have sexed  it up on October 31st, but only one can be awarded the crown for Sexiest Halloween Costume of All Time. We pick a winner below!

20. Heidi Klum
19. Ashley Greene
18. Jenny McCarthy
17. Monique Coleman
16. Paris Hilton
15. Briana Evigan
14. Carmen Electra
13. Lydia Hearst
12. Kendra Wilkinson
11. Selita Ebanks
10. Holly Madison
9. Christina Milian
8. Khloe Kardashian
7. Mariah Carey
6. Audrina Patridge
5. Kim Kardashian
4. CoCo
3. Bai Ling
2. Mariah Carey
1. CoCo

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Lil’ Kim’s Top 25 Most Revealing, Ridiculous Outfits Ever


Long before Lady Gaga shocked us with her meat gownRihanna rocked Raggedy Ann hair, and Katy Perry adorned her breasts with pastries, there was a lil’ lady rockin’ little but a pasty and spandex. Rapper and up-and-coming fashion designer Lil’ Kim has been redefining “formalwear” since the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

While compiling Kim’s Top 25 most outrageous outfits, we became uncomfortably familiar with her fluctuating breasts and not-so-elusive ass cleavage. Consider yourselves warned.

25. Foxy in Floral

24. Milkshakin’ It

23. Suspended Elegance

22. Brooklyn Blonde

21. Red Carpet Camo

20. Furry Bikini

19. Corset Queen

18. Mixed Messages

17. Liquid Gold

16. Not Your Grandma’s Embroidery

15. RocKim Roll

14. Pre-existing Malfunction

13. Cotton Candy

12. Leather & Lace

11. Breastessorized

10. Butt Cleav

9. Golden Goddess

8. Skimpy in Scarlet

7. Queen B-arely There

6. Dash of Denim

5. Swim Chic

4. Orange You Glad To See Everything?

3. Crocheted Crack

2. Daisy DDs

1. Legendary Lilac

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Kat Von D’s 20 Hottest Outfits Ever


We’re kinda big fans of Kat Von D around here. When we tire of staring at perfectly styled stars in beautiful but bland gowns we click on pics of Kat, who isn’t swayed by trends and instead sticks to looks she loves: tight tops, tighter bands, platforms and a little (or a lot) bit of midriff.

We interviewed Kat at Fashion Night Out in New York last week and she gave us this tip for putting together your own sexy look. “Usually I do my make up first,” she says, “and so then I’ll base it around my make up.” As for her advice on feeling sexy in your own skin, she says, “confidence is the sexiest attribute anyone could have, male or female and I think that confidence exudes from loving yourself and being okay with who you are.”

Good advice, cool lady! Check out our picks for Kat’s 20 Hottest Outfits Ever below.

20. Snake Venom
19.  Silver Surfer
18. Circus Chic
17. Kat Jackson
16. African Safari
15. Wild, Wild West
14. Angelic Devil
13. Born in the USA
12. American Rebel
11. Fabulous Feline
10. Public Display of Lingerie
9. Bad to the Bone…Literally
8. I Went Through My Little Sister’s Wardrobe
7. Dead Presidents
6. Home from the Battlegrounds
5. Stray Kitty
4. Strung Along
3. Holey Mama
2. Boho Glam
1. Spice World

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Willow Smith’s 20 Most Fierce And Fabulous Outfits


In case you guys haven’t heard, Willow Smith is taking over the world. She just scored a record deal with Jay-Z, dropped a pretty kick-ass sing (“Whip My Hair”), has a movie career – all before she graduates elementary school. Meanwhile we’re still trying to figure out how to get our printer at home to scan things. Oh, life. Why do you mock us so?

Willow has been on our radar for some time now because she’s a total badass (can we say that about a kid?) on the red carpet, rocking looks we’d be afraid to attempt on Halloween (which coincidentally, is Willow’s birthday). We’ve got her 20 Most Fierce and Fabulous Outfits below. Peep her pics and experience the envy currently plaguing us.

1. Parisian Chic
2. Ruffled Glam
3. Silver Sparkles
4. Fierce Fur
5. Shades n’ Denim
6. Red Carpet Rock n’ Roll
7. Brit Beauty
8. Rad Plaid
9. Animal Print-cess
10. Military Mama
11. Pretty In Pink
12. California Cool
13. Leopard Lovely
14. DJ-Dorable
15. Punk n’ Pretty
16. Diva Shades
17. Black Tie Beauty
18. Gorgeous Goth
19. Converse Cool
20. Glamour Queen

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Anna Paquin Delivers! Sookuh’s 25 Sexiest Red Carpet Looks


With the third season of True Blood winding down, we here at TheFABlife hope that the September 12th finale does not mean an end to Anna Paquin‘s sexy red carpet get-ups. When not playing Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO vampire drama or coming out as bisexual in a public service announcement, Paquin stays busy turning heads in LBDs, bold animal prints and pretty sundresses. Eric Northman approved, obvs.

With these 25 looks, it’s no surprise Sookie got her Vampire Bill’s blood pumping off the set as well (Paquin and True Blood actor Stephen Moyer are married in real life). Hell, with these looks, we’d go Vampire (or bisexual) for Paquin faster than you can say “Coming out of the Coffin.”

25. Blue Bombshell
24. Black and White and Cute All Over
23. Stewardess Chic
22. Skirted Sophisticate
21. Dainty and Delicate
20. Radiant in Red
19. Hollywood Classic
18. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
17. Sexy Shirtdress
16. LBD With A Twist
15. Lovely in Lilac
14. Gladiating Goddess
13. Off The Chain
12. Deep Purple
11. Summer in the Shade
10. Silk and Studs
9. Mesh Maven
8. Glam in Gold
7. Corset Noir
6. Bedazzled Beauty
5. Curves Ahead
4. Scarlet Fever
3. Lux in Leather
2. Bold and Spicy
1. Randy Reptilian

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