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Kelis’ 20 Most Bizarre Looks


In light of Kelis‘s new single “4th of July (Fireworks)” dropping just in time for our favorite patriotic holiday, we’ve decided to showcase her most bizarre fashion choices that surely summoned a ton of “WTF are you thinking?” stares.

Her new song couldn’t be more appropriately titled; after her recent divorce with rapper Nas, why wouldn’t she name her first post-breakup single after Independence Day? If you think about it, Kelis’s outfits are actually a lot like fireworks: blindly colorful, extremely loud and potentially dangerous to the eyes of many.

If you gain anything from this collection of crazy, maybe it’ll inspire you to skip wearing the usual boring white linen pants and spaghetti strap tops to this weekend’s 4th of July BBQs and actually be daring for once! Why not wear a bright pink Avatar-inspired leather jumpsuit, a neon mushroom shaped hat, or  a tie-dyed cat suit?  If you do, your milkshake will be sure to bring the boys to the yard!

20. Rainbow Sherbert

19. Kickin’ It Old School

18. Seaweed Chic

17. Kelis in Wonderland

16. The Little Mermaid

15. Blueberry Muffin

14. Grandma’s Patchwork

13. Big Foot

12. Road Kill

11. Flower Power

10. Anything but Mellow Yellow

9. Cockadoodle DOO!

8. Fabulous Fungi

7. Psychedelically Tacky

6. Need a Pillow With that Comforter?

5. Inner Thespian

4. Tie Dye Cat Suit

3. The Mummy Returns

2. A Pink Avatar

1. Bizarrely Normal

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Kristen Stewart’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Since taking on the role of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga in 2008, Kristen Stewart (photos) has not only generated frenzied fan worship but also established herself as a mainstay on Best Dressed lists. Over the years, and especially after portraying Joan Jett in The Runaways, KStew has defined her style as rocker chic. Often in black and always flaunting her enviable legs, she works the red carpet in the hottest labels from Prabul Gurung to Marchesa to Elie Saab. She consistently completes the look with sky-high designer heels, though is notorious for having Converse within arm’s reach for the moment the paps stop snapping.

Just as the films of The Twilight Saga continue to improve, Kristen’s style keeps evolving as she takes more risks and gains confidence in front of the cameras. She’s been on a fashionable roll throughout the Eclipse press tour, inspiring us to once again collaborate with our fellow fashion lovers and KStew admirers at Kristen Stewart News to chronicle Mrs. Robsten‘s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever.

Disagree with our Number 1 pick? We’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter (@thefablife)!

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Courtney Love’s 20 Craziest Looks


For months, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have been competing to see who can don the kookiest duds, while Tila Tequila and The Situation are still locked in a battle to see who can flash the most orangey-day-glo skin while crossing the red carpet. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are trying to see who can be the first to make their liver flee their body in fear and, weirdly enough, Tom Cruise is cool again. There’s no denying it, being crazy is “in” this season! We even hear that it’s impossible to even get a table at a good restaurant in L.A. these days without dressing in a leather gimp suit, speaking Swahili, and tipping the maître d’ with bits of string. Hollywood is locked in an arms race of “crazy.”

So “crazy” is the new “black.” But while each celeb has their own go-to gimmick, Courtney Love outshines them all. As evidenced in the latest installment of Behind The Music, she is a true renaissance woman of crazy, not limiting herself to any one cheap shuck. And she’s been doing it wayyyy before it was cool. Yes, Courtney does “crazy” more, and she does “crazy” better. That’s why we love Courtney Love. Check out the salute to our favorite moments!

20. Flamenco Fatale

19. Mz. Frizzle

18. Sexy Substitute

17. The Morning After

16. First Lady Of Grunge

15. Super Sweet Sixteen

14. The Seven Year Itch

13. Penny Lane

12. The Situation

11. Esmeralda

10. Maypole Mama

9. Stop, Drop, Rock ‘n’ Roll

8. Zombie Cowgirl

7. Queen of Hearts

6. Gold ‘n’ Glittery

5. Velveteen Dream

4. Disney World Nightmare

3. The Malfunction

2. Royal Smoking Break

1. Psychedelic Puke

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Ashley Greene’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


When Ashley Greene isn’t wearing painted-on fish scales (see her sizzling Sobe ad campaign) or straddling the beach on the cover of Maxim, she’s strutting the red carpet with a style that is ever-developing and always sexy. Greene hasn’t yet defined her look the way Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart (photos) has, but her curve-hugging frocks and sky-high heels consistently garner attention.

Ashley plays the stylish fashionista/vampire Alice Cullen in the Twilight franchise, and her real-life style-story is one of equally dramatic highs and lows. We’ve collaborated with our fellow fashion lovers and Twi-pals at Kristen Stewart News to chronicle Ms. Greene’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever.

We judged, we drooled, we disagreed. Get in on the drama in the comments below!

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Robert Pattinson’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Robert Pattinson (photos) swooners rejoice! Not only does Remember Me hit the DVD racks today and Eclipse hit theaters next week, but we’ve also gathered 30 of RPattz’s sexiest looks into one easily digestible post. Though we’re sure he’d never consider himself a “fashionisto,” somehow he rocks “sloppily thrown together” like no other man in Hollywood. Whether he’s spruced up in a tux for the Oscars, donning a slim-fitted suit for a premiere, or dressed down in plaid and Adidas for the airport, Rob always gets the ladies in a tizzy. Here’s why (bibs for droolage required):

1. Shiny New Penny

2. Blazin’ Blue

3. Plaid Punk

4. Capped and Classy

5. Wild Abandon

6. Ahoy, Patty!

7. Cable Knit Cutie

8. Trés Chic

9. Street Casual

10. Two Thumbs Up

11. Gorg In Gray

12. A Solid Investment

13. Nom Nom Navy

14. RPatriotic

15. Lovely in Linen

16. Midnight Delight

17. Boozin’ in Brown

18. Blacked Out

19. Hottie in a Hoodie

20. James Dean Double Take

21. Hot Coals

22. Be My Bel Ami

23. Tantalizing in Tokyo

24. Wool Wonder

25. Chico Muy Guapo

26. Velvet N’ Leather

27. Ball O’ Pattz

28. Unshaven & Shaggy

29. Lanky Cedric

30. Bearded Bob

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Justin Bieber’s Top 20 Fever-Inducing Looks


Bieber Fever has become a worldwide epidemic and while we may be older than his usual mob scene, we’re finally hopping on board the Bieber train in the most innocent, non-creepy way possible. Why not? Justin’s got the silkiest boy locks around, has inspired one of our favorite Tumblrs, and was surprisingly funny opposite Tina Fey on SNL. We secretly pray “Eenie Meanie” will pop up on our iPod and we can’t get “Baaaby, baaaby, baaby, oooo!” out of our heads. It’s official: we’ve got Bieber fever.

From his seemingly endless supply of fresh kicks to his colorful Ray Bans and bowties, “The Biebs” has a trendsetting fashion sense that’s refreshingly playful. To honor the lil’ fashionisto, we’ve ranked Justin Bieber’s Top 20 looks that make our temperature rise. Disagree with our picks? Let your voice be heard in the comments or tell us on Twitter. [Photos: Getty Images]

20. Safety First

19. Business Casual

18. Street Chic

17. L.L. Bieber

16. Bowl-A-Bieb

15. Harmless Hoodlum

14. Forget The Vest

13. Slime-Inspired

12. Ridin’ The Racket

11. Bow To The Bieb

10. Biebers Only

9. Bundled Biebs

8. Cardigan’d Cutie

7. A Look For Less

6. Trooper in Denim

5. Nerd Alert

4. Urban Trench

3. Pom Pom Pookie Bear

2. Heartbreaker in Brights

1. Coolest Kid In School

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Suri Cruise’s Top 20 Cutest and Craziest Outfits


It’s very common for us to be jealous of a celebrity’s wardrobe. They have millions to spend on endless Christian Louboutins stilettos, Alexander McQueen dresses, and Jimmy Choo purses. There’s no shame in that. But when we’re jealous of a four-year-old’s wardrobe, then there’s a little shame.

Suri Cruise has been known to rock some looks that would make the fashion greats proud. Lately she has been spotted in NYC with her mom, Katie Holmes, walking around in shoes that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud and accessories that would cause Suri’s muse Blair Waldorf to glean with jealousy.

But she is only four, so her fashion sense isn’t perfect yet (See: pig slippers). Here’s a look into Suri’s adorably wild outfits.

1) Channeling Blair Waldorf

2) Green Queen

3) Polka Dot Princess

4) Cotton Candy Explosion

5) Ice Cream Cutie

6) Sephora Shopper

7) XOXO, Gossip Girl

8 ) Ball Gown Gorgeous

9) Embroidered and Adorable

10) Pretty in Pink

11) Little Red Riding Hood

12) Pastel Perfect

13) Bakery Beautiful

14) Still Celebrating Easter

15) Bangs and Bags

16) Moping in the Park

17) Runway Runner

18) Build-a-Bear Beauty

19) Pink and Printed

20) Picking a Winner

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Top 20 Craziest Outfits


It’s hard to think that in 10 years Robert Downey Jr. has gone from being a jailed heroin addict to one of Hollywood’s most wanted actors. It’s also just as hard to believe that he’s been walking red carpet events for 30 years and has yet to pick up a single fashion tip along the way. How is it that someone with such a GQ face always looks like he walked straight out of the K-Mart bargain bin? With the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster Iron Man coming out this Friday, we thought we’d take a look at RDJ’s worst fashion choices.

1. Disco Dreadful

2. Zipper Issues

3. Denim Dud

4. Satin Sexy

5. The Undershirt Protest Phase

6. Pretty in Pink

7. Partying in Plaid

8. Straight out of the Laundry Hamper

9. Clash of the Patterns

10. Mustache Mistake

11. Blond Ambition

12. Bringing Back Prison Colors

13. Masculine in Mink

14. Over Accessorized and Painfully Pinstriped

15. Ready for the 1985 Prom

16. Channeling Samuel L. Jackson

17. Purple Passion

18. The Bucket List

19. The Opposite of Business Socks

20. Floundering in Fuchsia

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From Sexy To Sloppy: Pam Anderson’s Top 40 Most Revealing Outfits Ever


If Pam Anderson‘s stint on Dancing With The Stars has taught us anything, it’s that her body defies middle-aged sag. She burst – er, bounced – onto the scene in 1992 as Baywatch‘s C.J. Parker, the hottest lifeguard to ever grace the boob tube. Since her days saving lives opposite The Hoff, she’s sustained her fame via sex tapes, fluctuating levels of silicon, and complete fearlessness when it comes to showing some skin.

To honor Anderson’s totally unexpected coordination (and totally expected sensuality) on DWTS and to bid her farewell after getting booted off the show last night, we’re taking a look at her most daring ensembles, ranking them from super hot to hot mess. [Photos: Getty Images]

1. The Fame Maker

2. Barb Wire Barbie

3. Leopard Lust

4. Poof a la Pam

5. Grecian Grace

6. Not Grandma’s Crochet

7. Ahoy, Cleavage!

8. Tangled Web

9. Bridal Bikini

10. Tim Allen-Approved

11. Bath Time Princess

12. Big Time Slit

13. The UnderBoob

14. Medieval Vixen

15. Not Your Basic White Tee

16. Red Carpet Glamour

17. Seeing Double

18. Making Karl Cringe

19. Diamonds Down To There

20. Bombshell in Black

21. Schoolgirl Gone Pam

22. White and Waistless

23. Pierced and Proud

24. Bedazzled Bikini

25. Mid-40s on Fire

26. Busty in Bubblegum

27. Risque Ruby

28. Lingerie Lush

29. Pantless Embrace

30. Sequined and Kooky

31. 24K Crazy

32. The Ol’ Bump and Chain

33. Clowny McCameltoe

34. With a Twist of Nip

35. Pity The Child

36. Attempting A Hulk Hogan

37. All Cracked Up

38. Corseted Catastrophe

39. Glam Rock It’s Not

40. Adam Lambert: Dazed And Confused

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Katy Perry’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever

Katy Perry flaunted her perfectly toned bod at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend and made mouths drop a few weeks ago when she rocked a tiny red bikini in Mexico….which only left us wanting more! Check out 40 of the hottest outfits this pop star has rocked onstage, on the red carpet and on the street. Are you a fan of her bright and playful style choices? Or do you think her bestie Rihanna should give her some fashion advice? [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Prickly Perry
2. Bikini Babe
3. Katy Loves Rusty
4. Dancing Diva
5. Gas Station Glam
6. Sparkles & Shines
7. Kiss Me!
8. Pink Panther
9. Pop Princesses
10. Cleopatra
11. Goth Glam
12. Goddess
13. Split Personalities
14. Pretty Peacock
15. Wet & Wild
16. Sexy & Sporty
17. Red Rebel
18. Fruity
19. Glittery Gal
20. Freddie Mercury
21. Rock Star Romance
22. Kitty Purry
23. Elvis Perry
24. Hollywood Starlet
25. Red Hot
26. Minnie Mouse
27. Fashionistas
28. Panda Perry
29. Rockin’ The Red Carpet
30. Hello Kitty!
31. Sweet Disaster
32. Yes We Can!
33. Weeping Widow
34. Foxy Flapper
35. Hot Pink Perry
36. Sexy In Slime
37. Vegas Vixen
38. Goofy Gal
39. Pretty Perry
40. Winter Wonderland

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