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Chloe Sevigny’s Top 40 Craziest Outfits


Chloe Sevigny‘s been a staple of the NY fashion scene since the New Yorker called her “the coolest girl in the world,” hopping from Sassy intern to underground “It Girl” to Golden Globe winner over the last decade and a half. Through it all she’s maintain an inimitable sense of style—inimitable because it’s complete crazy. Whether pushing the au courant envelope or merely piling on layers without a second thought, Sevigny’s guaranteed to stick out. With Sevigny’s confessions about the last season of Big Love causing a stir, we thought it’d be a good time to revisit some of the craziest outfits worn by the self-professed “pre-hipster.” We love you, Sugar Kane!

1. Bow-Tied And Bare-Bellied

2. Chloe SevAnnie

3. Leggy Mary Poppins

4. Keepin’ Warm in a Onesie

5. Beaded Cleav’

6. Earless Wonder

7. Me Thinks It’s Mink

8. Peeved PETA

9. Leather N’ Lace

10. Black and White and Fur All Over

11. Aqua Party Girl

12. Camel Chloe

13. See-Thru Sevigny

14. Scarlet Chinoiserie

15. Hiking Through SoHo

16. Curly Chloe

17. Mix & Match

18. Goth Gal

19. Lacey Lady

20. Holey Chloe!

21. Fringe Fun

22. Sexy Granny

23. Mad Hatter

24. Pretty In Purple

25. Bold In Gold

26. Animal Instincts

27. Preppy In Plaid

28. Blue-tiful

29. Star In Stripes

30. Chloe Loves Patterns

31. Little White Tee Dress

32. Beige Babe

33. I Lost My Buttons

34. Ballerina

35. Crazy Chloe

36. Bedazzled

37. High-Top Honey

38. Ready For Rain

39. Loves Layers

40. Golden

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Jessica Simpson’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever


Jessica Simpson has always been nothing but a knockout. In light of recent criticism of her figure in some universally-unflattering high-waisted jeans, Simpson decided to travel the world to expose varying standards of what makes a woman attractive. “The Price of Beauty” triumphantly debuted on VH1 last week, so to celebrate the return of J-Simp on weekly television, let’s take a look back at her hottest outfits, from the era of Nick Lachey to present day.

1. Cowgirl Marmalade

2. Golden Girl

3. Jumpin’ Jess

4. French Maid

5. LBD, Extra Cleave

6. Patriotic Barbie

7. Daisy Duke

8. Hottie in Houndstooth 

9. Jessica Cottontail

10. Single Shoulder Glam

11. Dolled-Up in Doilies

12. Jivin’ in a Jumpsuit

13. Poolside Pretty

14. Coiffed and Collared

15. Hippie Hippie Shake

16. Lady of the Knight

17. Miami Mamasita

18. Revealing Chocolate

19. Sundress Sensation

20. Dotty Delight

21. 24K Jess

22. Black N’ Blonde

23. White Hot

24. Girly Girl

25. Ruched Behind

26. Surfer Chic

27. Channeling Pamela

28. Backless Blue

29. Country Corset

30. Midnight Mini

31. Plunging Pleather

32. Herve Hotness

33. Tangerine Dream

34. Tied and Studded

35. Sexy and Shredded

36. Curvy in Coral

37. Hoops and Hips

38. One-sleeved Wonder

39. Never Better In Nude

40. Strictly Business Simpson

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Ke$ha’s Top 25 Hottest Rocker Outfits Ever


Tonight Ke$ha is performing her hit single “Blah Blah Blah” on American Idol and we’re eager to see what she’ll be wearing onstage. Judging from our gallery below, we’re pretty sure it’ll include a rocker tee, shredded tights, a leather jacket, and a pair of studded boots. Check out 25 of Ke$ha’s hottest rock ‘n roll outfits and tell us: Do you dig her animal prints, leather, lace, fringe, and studs or do you think she’s trying too hard? [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Rawr!
2. Rock ‘N Roll Chic
3. Oop$! I Forgot My Pant$!
4. Party Like…Pop $tar$
5. Animal Instinct$
6. Little Black Dre$$
7. All Torn Up
8. $exy & $eductive
9. Biker Chick
10. Leather & Lace
11. $tar $tudded
12. Rockin’ The Red Carpet
13. Ke$ha Loves Acce$$orie$
14. Red Hot
15. $himmery
16. Gothic Little Red Riding Hood
17. Lovely In Lace
18. Merry Christma$
19. Furry Fun
20. Old & Tattered
21. Flirty In Fringe With Fergie
22. Black & White
23. Red Carpet Rock $tar
24. Wild Child
25. Let’$ Party

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Beyonce’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever


Over the years Beyonce has looked fabulous onstage, on the red carpet and on the big screen. She is a big fan of tight, sparkly, and fearless ensembles but when you’ve got a bootylicious body like B’s we can see why. We’ve gathered 40 of her hottest looks that show she doesn’t call herself Sasha Fierce for nothing. Check out the gallery below, view Beyonce’s hottest outfits and tell us if there are any sexy looks we’ve left out. [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Cherry Bomb
2. Golden Girl
3. Grecian Goddess
4. Beach Bunny
5. Musical Mermaid
6. Vegas Vixen
7. Little Black Dress
8. Glitter Girl
9. Beauty In Blue
10. Disco Diva
11. I Am…Sasha Fierce
12. Off To The Opera
13. Daisy Dukes
14. Catwoman
15. Tina Turner
16. Let’s Tango
17. Hollywood Starlet
18. Excuse Me Officer
19. Blazin’
20. Single Lady
21. Sleeping Beauty
22. Punkette
23. Hipster Honey
24. Gothic Gal
25. She’s Hot Hot Hot
26. These Hips Don’t Lie
27. Weekend Wear
28. All Eyes On B
29. Heavenly Creature
30. Sexy Bank Robber
31. Hula Girl
32. Black & Gold
33. Independent Women
34. Bootylicious
35. Let’s Dance
36. Plaid Princess
37. Bold In Blue
38. Sophisticated & Sexy
39. Survivor
40. Vroom Vroom!

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Angelina Jolie’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever


Whether she’s kicking ass in an action movie, walking alongside boyfriend Brad Pitt at the Oscars, or counseling Iraqi refugees, Angelina Jolie always looks impossibly gorgeous. A model at 16, Jolie was stunning straight from the womb. She has since starred in dozens of feature films, adopted three children and birthed three more, snagged one of the sexiest men on Earth, and become Hollywood’s most active philanthropist. Though her style is often understated, she always stands out in the crowd. Jolie made a basic black gown gleam at the 2009 Oscars, but don’t plan on seeing her on the red carpet this Sunday, as she and Pitt allegedly felt slighted when his role was left out of Inglourious Basterds‘ eight nominations.

Here are our Top 40 favorite Angelina ensembles.  [Photos: Getty Images and Splash News Online]

1. Raid My Tomb

2. Legs N’ Lips

3. Ang Addams

4. Shredded at 16

5. Ready To Pop & Hot

6. Regal in Royal Blue

7. Oh My Olympias

8. Let The Sunshine In

9. St. Angie

10. Femme Fighter

11. The Beauty and the Basterd

12. Pretty in a Patch

13. Marvelously Modest

14. Turning Heads in Tan

15. Snaggin’ A Mister

16. Red Carpet Raunchy

17. Retro Glam

18. Bad in Black

19. Blue Jean Gia

20. Floor-length Leather

21. Ghostly at the Globes

22. Twisted Sister

23. Peek-a-boo Canary

24. See-through Sensation

25. Hot & Handcuffed

26. Bikini Babe

27. Just Enough Grunge 

28. Golden Age Gorgeous

29. Bleached Bombshell

30. Androgynous Ang

31. Shiny and Sultry

32. Sexy in Silk

33. Beyond Basic Black

34. Foxy First Lady

35. Glitz N’ Gold

36. Smoke Signals

37. Chinoise Chic

38. Slinky Silver

39. ANGelic

40. White Hot

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Mariah Carey’s Top 45 Hottest Outfits


Over the last two decades, songbird Mariah Carey‘s fashion choices have been cuckoo, butterfly-laden, and scantily clad. The curvaceous star is always down for belly-baring tops, high slits, and snug fits. Whether she’s in concert belting out a ballad, attending the Grammys, or singing the National Anthem at a basketball game, Mimi’s always dressed to the nines. Here are 40 of our favorite sexy, sweet, and silly Carey ensembles. [Photos: Getty Images]

1. The Little Mariah

2. Voluminous Bride

3. Put Out The Fire

4. Batter Up

5. Bandana Bosom

6. Button Fly Butterfly

7. Foxy Famous Amos

8. Little to the Imagination

9. Automatic Princess

10. Go, Mariah, Go!

11. Noir Hourglass

12. Brown-Eyed & Bound

13. Crayola Carey

14. The Cardi and the Cameltoe

15. Mimi Cupcake

16. She’s No Angel

17. Stepford Wife

18. Golden Globes

19. Velvet and Lace

20. Babe in a Bandeau

21. Flirty in Feathers

22. Glitz & Glam

23. Old Hollywood

24. Rumble in the Jungle

25. Racy Lacey

26. Legs, Legs, Legs

27. Floating on a Cloud

28. It’s in the Details

29. Violet Vixen

30. Racer Chic

31. Be My Valentine

32. Santa’s Little Helper

33. Blinded by the Light

34. Cascading Floral

35. Watercolor Dreams

36. Bronze Bikini and Bling

37. Bachelor Party Bride

38. The Princess and the Pea

39. You Put a Spell On Me

40. Plaid Couture

41. Pink Lady

42. Biker Babe

43. Diamonds-A-Plenty

44. Jagged Edge

45. Tween Sensation

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Fergie’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Fergie Ferg, one-fourth of the record-breaking and Grammy Award winning music group the Black Eyed Peas, is arguably the most famous member of their crew and by far the most stylish (although they each have their own unique thing going on). Fergie’s looks onstage are eye-catching and jaw-dropping, and she always shines on the red carpet. Despite having to continuously deal with drama from her (alleged) cheating husband there is not much that can get Fergie down. She continues to rock out and look fabulous everywhere she goes.

Last week, Fergie-Ferg entertained us with her Skeletor-RoboCop ensemble, which left us wanting more sexiness from the pint-size diva. We’ve compiled 30 of Fergie’s hottest and most stylish outfits on and offstage, but wanna know what you think are her best looks. Do you like Fergie’s hip and at times otherworldly stage get-ups, or her fierce n’ glamorous red carpet ensembles? [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Peek-A-Boo!
2. Hot Tamale
3. Leather And Lace
4. Aquafergie
5. Victorian Vixen
6. Red Carpet Glam
7. Bullet Proof
8. Rockin’ Rapunzel
9. Fergie The Flapper
10. Vibrant Hipster
11. Metallic Mama
12. Star In Stripes
13. Shattered Glass
14. Wrapped Up
15. Ready For PE
16. Shimmers & Shines
17. RoboFerg
18. Grecian Goddess
19. Disco Ball
20. Flirty In Fringe
21. The Hippie
22. Fergie Scissorhands
23. The Blue Butterfly
24. Satin Senorita
25. By The Bay Babe
26. Pretty In Pink
27. Sassy In Silver
28. Boardroom Boss
29. Space Queen
30. Glam Gal

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Amber Rose’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Amber Rose is known for two things: struttin’ as Kanye West‘s main squeeze and squeezin’ her curves into ultra-revealing and often-eccentric ensembles. The 27-year-old bombshell’s go-to outfit is an unforgiving unitard, but we’ve got to hand it to her, she’s got the body for it. Her feminine physique has always paid the bills; formerly an exotic dancer, she signed with Ford Models last July and starred in a Louis Vuitton ad for West’s line of sneakers. Always rockin’ her trademark bleached buzz, Rose is no shrinking violet on the fashion scene. Check out her Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever. [Photos: Getty Images]

1. Nearly Nude

2. Snake in the Grass

3. When Curves Collide

4. Phallic Knight

5. Blinding Beauty

6. Night of the Living Latex

7. Ruby Wonder 

8. Shady Lady

9. Vegas Vixen 

10. Fur-get About It

11. Denim Duo

12. Fresh Princess

13. Sweatin’ It Out

14. Keep It Coral

15. Va Va Velvet

16. Snow Leopard Massacre

17. From Danny Zuko’s Closet

18. Mo-hawt

19. Street Casual

20. Champagne Shimmer

21. Gun Metal and Lace

22. Gold-Plated Goddess

23. Head-to-Toe Glam

24. Furry Fanny Pack

25. Hot Pink Pumps

26. Just Gym Buddies

27. Tied Up and Pushed Up

28. Backless Black

29. Vested Smoker

30. Belly Out and Bespectacled


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Penelope Cruz’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Stunning starlet Penelope Cruz continues to take our breath away both on and off-screen. She is currently starring in Pedro Almodovar‘s Broken Embraces which is nominated for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Foreign Language Film and co-starring in the musical Nine which is also up for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Picture. When Penelope is  not sizzling on the big screen, she’s busy making jaws drop with her flawless features and fearless fashion picks.

Browse through 25 of Penelope Cruz’s hottest looks and outfits over the years, and be sure to tune into the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Friday, January 15th at 9PM EST – only on VH1. [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Goth Meets Glam
2. Biker Chick
3. Pretty Penelope
4. Let’s Tango
5. Shimmer & Shine
6. Short & Sexy
7. Sexy In Leather
8. Beige Bombshell
9. Beautiful Bride
10. Scarlet Fever
11. Little Black Dress
12. Business & Pleasure
13. Red, White & Blue
14. Bonjour!
15. Red Carpet Hottie
16. Tied Up
17. Lovely Latinas
18. Star-Studded
19. Hip-Hop Honey
20. Dazzling Diamond
21. Lady In Lace
22. Red Hot
23. Cute & Casual
24. Bold & Beautiful
25. Twins

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Lady Gaga’s Top 100 Hottest Outfits Of 2009


Sorry President Obama, Jon Gosselin, Miley Cyrus and Guidos and Guidettes alike, but 2009 was The Year of the Gaga…Lady Gaga. She stormed onto the scene and into our hearts faster than you can say the words ‘sparkly unitard.’ Lady Gaga still continues to wow us with her bold and unique otherworldly style. On and offstage she has broken all conventions and enchanted us with sequins, leather, lace, fur, twigs and wigs in the shape of hair accessories — sometimes all within a single outfit.

Earlier this year we looked at Lady Gaga’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever, but that didn’t encapsulate even half of Gaga’s collection. We sifted through hundreds of images to bring you the 100 Hottest Lady Gaga Outfits of 2009. There is so much magic in the gallery below we hope you don’t explode into a million little glitter pieces as you browse through. We are eager to see what she does in 2010. To the future and beyond!

1. She Has Risen
2. Reel ‘Em In
3. Captain Gaga
4. Bride Of Frankenstein
5. Bubble Wrapped
6. Gothic Gal
7. Broken & Bleeding
8. Colors Of The Rainbow
9. Pixilated Princess
10. Animal Urges
11. Pretty Peacock
12. I See Red
13. My Little Pony
14. Has Anyone Seen My Hairspray?
15. Bondage
16. 1980s New Jersey
17. Bride-To-Be
18. Queen Of Hearts
19. Kermit Kouture
20. Intergalactic Idol
21. Goo Goo For Gaga
22. Little Miss Goldilocks
23. Epic Encounters
24. Clam Shell
25. Jackalope Meets Latex

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