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Marion Cotillard’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Golden Globe and Academy Award winner, Marion Cotillard has raised the bar once again with her performance in the musical Nine earning her a CCMA nomination and another Golden Globe nomination. Marion not only enchants on the big screen, but she also dazzles us with her remarkable beauty on and off the red carpet. Browse through 25 of Marion Cotillard’s hottest looks throughout the years and be sure to tune into the CCMAs on January 15 at 9 PM EST on VH1.

1. Glam Goddess
2. Yellow Fever
3. Flower Power
4. Tons Of Tulle
5. Pretty Doll In Polka Dots
6. Just Peachy
7. La Vie En Rose
8. Cotillard Blanc
9. Out To Sea
10. Oversized Trench
11. Little Black Dress
12. Simply Beautiful
13. Smooth Criminal
14. Perfect In Pink
15. Hollywood Starlet
16. Cute & Casual
17. Bold In Black
18. Pleated Princess
19. Parisian Pride
20. Well Wrapped
21. Little Mermaid
22. Happy Holidays
23. Winter Wonderland
24. Black & White
25. Mod Mode

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Natalie Portman’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Believe it or not, young Hollywood starlet Natalie Portman has already won a lifetime achievement award! At a mere 28 years old, the actress took home the prize at the 19th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards last month. Despite not making the cut for a Critics’ Choice Movie Awards nomination, it’s just the tip of the awards-season iceberg — and she’s receiving noteworthy buzz for Brothers.

Nominated or not, Natalie always wows on the red carpet during awards season. Browse through 25 of her hottest and coolest looks ever, including an adorable photo of the young actress at 13. And be sure to check out this Natalie Portman Red Carpet Timeline, which breaks down her most stylish looks on the carpet. [Photo: Getty Images]

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1. Ravishing In Red
2. Channeling The ’20s
3. Flower Power
4. Space Queen
5. Shaved & Sexy
6. Blue Bombshell
7. Breath Of Fresh Air
8. Grecian Goddess
9. Cute ‘N Cropped
10. Sweet Tee
11. Bedazzled
12. Icing On The Cake
13. Scarlet Fever
14. Cold Shoulder(s)
15. Flannel Fun
16. Pretty in Pink
17. Emerald City
18. Winter Wonderland
19. Vintage Vixen
20. Hippie Honey
21. Flapper
22. Lady In Red
23. Librarian Chic
24. Let’s Tango
25. Perfectly Purple

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Rihanna’s Top 30 Hottest Hairstyles


Rihanna is an undeniable style icon. We already took a look at 30 of Rihanna’s Hottest Outfits, but strutting her stuff in the sexiest looks right off the runway is not the only thing she has mastered. You cannot even talk about RiRi without mentioning it. That’s right — we’re talking about Rihanna’s fierce, magically-morphing hair.

In the last few months Rihanna has stepped out with some pretty epic ‘dos that seem to be ever changing and evolving. But a couple weeks ago,  we weren’t sure if things took a turn for the worst when RiRi was spotted sporting a long bleached mohawk. We asked you to vote on whether this fashion forward pop star had finally gone too far and while your results were mixed, we are not yet prepared to insult her bold decisions. In our eyes, Rihanna could mix actual garbage into an up ‘do and we’d still be huge fans.

Sit back and check out 30 of Rihanna’s hottest hairstyles that she’s rocked from her “Pon de Replay” days till now (in no particular order). [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Let’s Tango
2. Alfalfa
3. Bob
4. Floral Arrangement
5. Flashdance
6. Pretty Princess
7. Electricity!
8. Cute And Curly
9. Mohawk Madness
10. Ruby Red
11. Vacation Vixen
12. Bang! Bang!
13. Simple And Slick
14. Glam Goddess
15. Surf’s Up
16. Long Locks
17. Highlight Heaven
18. Flapper
19. Hooded Hottie
20. Rapunzel
21. Gold Freak Out
22. All Tied Up
23. Curly Sue
24. Short And Sexy
25. Gelled Gal
26. Captain Rihanna
27. Doo Wop
28. Rock ‘N Roll
29. Beanie Baby
30. Feathered Fun

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Lady Gaga’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever


Call us crazy, but right now we’re totally goo goo for Gaga! Whenever we see a photo of the Lady she is sporting one absurdity after another. Her fashion choices are bold, risky and always questionable; however, that’s all part of her charm. Sure, she’s purposely trying to push the envelope. Let’s be real, who would wear a coat of frogs? (Answer: No one!) Nonetheless, Lady Gaga still has us intrigued. Check out 40 of Lady Gaga’s hottest and quirkiest looks on stage, on the red carpet and on the street and tell us what you think. Are you a fan of her other-worldly style or do you think she should get on a space ship back to planet trying-too-hardsville?

Can’t wait to see what Lady Gaga will rock next? Fortunately for you, the wait won’t be long. The VMA nominated diva will be performing tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards. And we’re positive she won’t disappoint.  Check back here later for our exclusive VMA coverage, including a live chat and plenty of photos from the red carpet and the big show.

1. Little Red Riding Hood
2. My Little Pony
3. Bubble Wrapped
4. Animal Urges
5. Biker Babe
6. Sheer Madness
7. Flower Power
8. 1980s New Jersey
9. Bondage
10. Holy Vampire
11. Pretty In Pink
12. Lady Gaga 2112
13. Mad Hatter
14. Porcelain Vase
15. Ice Princess
16. Geeky Chic
17. Punk Rock Geometry Class
18. Shady Business
19. Kermit Kouture
20. Pixilated Princess
21. You Give Me Butterflies
22. Glam Rock
23. All Tore Up
24. S&M
25. Little Miss Goldilocks
26. Star Studded
27. Lady Meets Village People
28. Mouse In Mourning
29. Quilted Queen
30. Precious Gem
31. Goth Jem
32. Helmet Hair
33. Lady Latex
34. Vampire Vixen
35. Dick Tracy Lady Gaga Hybrid
36. Marilyn Monroe Punk
37. Ready For My Toppings
38. Rock n’ Roll Jackie O
39. Leather And Lace
40. Twisted Alice In Wonderland

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Rihanna’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever

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Miley Cyrus’ Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


With Billy Ray Cyrus for a father, it’s no surprise that Miley Cyrus can pull off the cute country look. But who knew this megastar could be so fashionably versatile at the young age of 16? In addition to her country-fied accoutrements, Miley’s many styles range from Hippie Chic to All-American Princess to a look we’re dubbing “Acid Flashback.” Talent and charisma aside, we’re starting to think Miley connects with so many fans because of her chameleon-like nature.  Take a look at Miley’s Top 30 Hottest Looks now and tune in to VH1 Divas on Sept. 17 at 9PM EST to catch her performing live.

1. The Chic Slit.
2. All Grown Up.
3. Purple Sensation.
4. Asian Fusion.
5. All-American Princess.
6. Simply Adorned.
7. A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose.
8. Daisy Dukes.
9. Bikini Heaven.
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit.
11. Pretty In Black.
12. Hippie Chic.
13. Hairlapalooza.
14. Wild At Heart.
15. A Touch of Country.
16. The Antebellum.
17. The Wifebeater.
18. Peace.
19. Butterflies.
20. The Cat Burglar.
21. Center of Attention.
22. Country Sweetheart.
23. The Dolled-Up Wifebeater.
24. Almost Grunge.
25. Sky High.
26. Pretty in Plaid.
27. The Sweet N’ Simple.
28. Acid Flashback.
29. Girl Next Dorm.
30. The Brat Pack.

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Rihanna’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever

Does anyone have a more versatile look than Rihanna? From psychedelic to business casual to punk chic, Rihanna stuns fans and passersby alike with her almost inhuman beauty and always edgy style. Last night was no exception: Wearing a yellow dress, she lit up the red carpet at the Feeding America Inauguration Charity Ball in Washington D.C. We were so impressed by the spectacle that we’ve compiled Rihanna’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever — ordered from most to least hot. Enjoy!

1. Punk Chic
2. The Mini-Skirt Masterpiece
3. Psychedelic Wild Child
4. The Hypnotic Bikini
5. The Joan Miro
6. The Tina Turner
7. Casual Chic
8. Nightie on the Red Carpet
9. Sexy in Red
10. ’60s Mod
11. The Terminator
12. The Umbrella Classic
13. Peacock in Blue
14. The Las Vegas Showgirl
15. The Lumberjack
16. The “She’s Got Legs” look
17. Ready for the Ball
18. ’80s Retro
19. Pretty in Yellow
20. Vintage Modern
21. The Modern Victorian
22. The “Thriller” Meets Road Warrior Meets Catwoman look
23. The Train Conductor
24. Hippie Chic
25. Fun With Flowers
26. The Hipster
27. The Grace Jones
28. The Lisa Bonet
29. The Incognito
30. The Business Woman

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