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Ashley Greene: Workout Queen

When not glamming it up on red carpets, Ashley Greene is one of Hollywood’s most dedicated workout queens. She’s photographed constantly coming and going from her gym, and she always looks adorable — even post-workout. We’ve come to know and love her workout style: cropped leggings, cute tee, giant sunnies and iPhone in hand. It certainly beats the baggy tee-shirt and sweats look we wear Zumba-ing it up on the weekends. Ashley trains with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, and her commitment shows. She’s sculpted and slender; a lean, mean Volturi fighting machine.

We’ve got 17 different pics of Ashley heading to and from the gym below. It’s even inspired us to workout today — or maybe just think about working out. That’s a start, right?

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Madonna And Trainer Work Out Their Problems


Madonna and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson haven’t exactly been BFF lately. They had a huge falling out after Anderson started dating Philippe van den Bossche, the head of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity. Page Six reported last fall that Madge was furious when Anderson wouldn’t travel with her on the final leg of her European tour so she could be with van den Bossche.

All the drama seems to have blown over because at the Bent on Learning charity event at the Puck Building, Anderson was chatting away with the superstar, who came with daughter Lourdes. A witness reports, “Tracy and Madonna were definitely on good terms, and Tracy even escorted Lourdes to the restroom.”

Anderson’s other famous celebrity  client, Gwyneth Paltrow, sat with Lady M during dinner which was co-hosted by Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet, while Kelly Bensimon, Hilary Rhoda and Heather Graham circulated. Guess things can always be worked out – Madonna career is living proof of that!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Flabby Arms And Saggy Butts, Our Eyes Roll


We’re hard on some celebrities at times when we don’t mean to be, but one actress who always manages to irritate us and we have no problem calling her out on it is Gwyneth Paltrow. Call it the holier-than-thou GOOP effect, but Gwynnie’s always talking about her life’s great obstacles and obsessions (What to do about these three pounds of holiday weight gain?! How to handle brain farts! Black leggings: my dirty little secret!) and it seems like nothing more than her own oblivious way of telling us all she’s loaded and has an expert advisor for everything we normal people handle on our own.

In this week’s edition of GOOP, Paltrow shills for her personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who was once responsible for sculpting Madonna’s rock hard everything until Madge fired her, and touts the Anderson technique for helping her get rid of her “batwings” and saggy butt. Spare us your fat talk Gwyneth, you’re talking to a serial Weight Watcher who regularly eats entire boxes of macaroni and cheese alone in the dark, we’re pretty sure you don’t know from saggy butts. If you do want to see exactly what it takes to get Gwyneth’s sculpted arms, check out the video she posted of Anderson showing off her moves. It’s especially fun to watch while squirting corn syrup into your mouth straight from the bottle.

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