Tracy Danza

by (@hallekiefer)

Tony Danza Files For Divorce, Shows Marriage Who’s The Boss

Today came the news that Angela Bower has been waiting 26 years to hear. Yes, we mean the character Angela, not actress Judith Light who portrayed her. She’s got her own thing going on. Unfortunately, the question of who is truly the boss may never be answered, now that Tony Danza is getting divorce. We blame Mona for this. We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but we’re sure she’s behind this. She always is.

According to TMZ, Danza cited “irreconcilable differences” in the filing; the couple separated in 2006 after twenty years of marriage, despite having two daughters Katherine and Emily. So…moving in with an attractive single mother with a couple of kids and a horny mom seems like a logical next step, right? Maybe not so much logical as “inevitable.” Certainly makes more sense then having Danza teach kids in a reality show with that name. We mean…

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