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Jennifer Lawrence Works It Out, Goes Blue In New X-Men: First Class TV Spots

What would you say seems like the greater cinematic feat in the new X-Men: First Class TV trailers: the CGI needed for Jennifer Lawrence to morph into blue-scaled mutant Mystique, or the editing need to make January Jones look like she might not be reading off a cue-card while her character Emma Frost threatens the safety of humanity? Oh yes, we went there! What are you going to do, blow us up with your chest laser like Lucas Till‘s Havok?* Either way, there is plenty of movie magic to be found in the film, opening June 3; Michael Fassbender‘s seriously creepy magnetic powers and Kevin Bacon‘s luxuriant hair piece are but one small part of an awesome look whole.

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The Smurfs Trailer Actually Looks Sort Of…Smurf-dorable

Oh lord, you guys, are we getting this soft in our old age? Are we crazy to think that The Smurfs trailer actually makes the movie look…sort of cute? We know! It doesn’t add up: Katy Perry‘s vocal talents, Blue Man jokes and the use of Tone-Loc‘s “Wild Thing” in the trailer for a children’s movie should be enough to make us smurf our pants with disgust. That being said, look at their little mushroom village! Look at Sofia Vergara! Look at Neil Patrick Harris with a suit jacket filled with squirming blue creatures! We feel like we’ve been taking wizard-prescribed crazy pills, because we cannot deny how charm. Either that, or we were just so horrified by all the Chipmunks films that any other CGI-version of our beloved childhood cartoons looks better in comparison. Just the fact we didn’t see a Beyonce song makes us want to give them a Best Picture Oscar! There…there’s probably a Beyonce musical number, isn’t there?


Jenna Fischer Takes The Lead In A Little Help Trailer

Since making her name on The Office, Jenna Fischer has played female leads in a lot of movies where the men get way more to do—Blades Of Glory, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Promotion, Hall Pass—so it’s refreshing to see nobody from the Frat Pack is taking top billing in her new film, A Little Help. Fischer plays a frustrated mom whose philandering husband (Chris O’Donnell) falls over dead, leaving her to provide for their pissed off son. The film, which debuted at the Seattle Film Festival almost exactly a year ago, doesn’t have a release date yet, but the new trailer above should definitely bring the film a little buzz. Hopefully they’ll start promoting this thing heavily soon—you gotta take advantage of Jenna’s baby bump!

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You Got Your Rom-Com In The Muppets! You Got Your Muppets In My Rom-Com!

Audiences seeing Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this weekend though they were just seeing a trailer for new film Green With Envy, a darling new rom-com starring that charming Amy Adams and that adorable Jason Segel and oh my god, it’s Gonzo ripping his shirt off to reveal the bedazzled hot pink number underneath. The Muppets trailer only offered a tiny sneak peak of the actual fuzzy stars, but all of the elements seem to be in place: Miss Piggy slamming her head onto a desk in frustration in front of a plate of donuts, a gigantic musical number in the middle of the street, Sweetums and, of course, very expensive-looking explosions. Even the announcer’s hesitancy when saying “…the Frog” is classic Muppet-y good times. Can we please start sneaking the Muppets into every romantic comedy? It might have made Something Borrowed worth suffering through to know the Swedish Chef would be making a cameo.

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Real Steel Trailer Sure To Sell Some Toys This Christmas

While the upcoming action pic Real Steel is based on a classic Richard Matheson story (turned Twilight Zone episode) about a future where boxing matches are acted out by human-controlled robots, there’s no sign that they’ve kept the tragic climax of the original—an aging boxer being beaten half to death while pretending to be his broken robot. Instead, the movie looks like a mix of Transformers and Seabiscuit, with Hugh Jackman and his cute kid teaching a sweet old sparring robot how to become the big champ, win the money, save the day, and live happily ever after.

While it’s possible they’re hiding that original ending, the fact that a Real Steel sequel script is already being written suggests they don’t plan on leaving audiences bummed out. Either way, we’re guessing one major appeal of making this movie was the guarantee that Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots—or some variation on the theme—will sell like proverbial hotcakes this holiday season. Cross your fingers Hope Davis gets a cut for playing what looks like the “bitter, estranged wife” role against Jackman.

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Review: It’s Thor‘s Day, I’m In Love


Compared to all of the superheroes in the Marvel universe, Thor has an uphill battle when it comes to connecting with an audience. Almost everyone has at least heard of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. Thor? Depending on how you look at it, the legendary Norse deity and his fellow Asgardians are either gods…or aliens beings worshiped by the ancient Vikings as gods. It’s a lot bigger pill to swallow than Tony Stark building himself a high-tech robo-suit to cruise around in, not to mention the fact that Iron Man has Robert Downey Jr.’s famous smirk behind it.

Luckily for the executives over at Paramount, Thor manages to introduce the comic mythology to the average moviegoer in a way that feels fresh and fun, rather than just plan silly. And believe me, the film easily could have gotten extremely silly. Let’s just say at least Tony Stark doesn’t require a rainbow bridge to traverse the universe. Despite the plot being essentially an updated version of The Sword in The Stone, Thor succeeds to due the charisma of devastatingly hunky leading man Chris Hemsworth and the beautiful visual universe created by the CGI professionals over at Marvel Studios. You don’t have to see Thor in 3D, but you certainly wouldn’t regret it if you do.

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One Day Trailer Showcases Anne Hathaway’s Slightly Dodgy Accent

Here it is, this summer’s tearjerker-romance! One Day stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess and is based on the bestelling novel by David Nicholls. We caught glimpses of Anne’s haircut wig last year when she was filming in Paris and loved it (even though other readers didn’t). We’re also do appreciate Anne’s valiant attempts at keeping her Brit accent going but can’t help but giggle when it drops. Cue her, “I’m a disaster” at 00:34 mark! What should’ve been “dis-aa-ster”… wasn’t, and kinda crossed over the Atlantic. Anyway, One Day seems to tick all the boxes  for summer sniff-fest—it’s a story of love stretched over 20 years—and considering people love the book, they will flock. So, will you watch?

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Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon Trailer Tries To Trick Us Into Seeing It

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Oh, we’re on to you, Michael Bay. Don’t think we’ve forgotten the legacy of pyramid destruction and robo-leg humping established by Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen quite yet. Most of that movie made absolutely no sense, like those vaguely racist robots Skids and Mudflaps. If their brains are computers, then how can can one of them just not be able to read?

Which is why, as much as we love slow-motion explosions and the actor John Turturro, we know that the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon trailer is as exciting as the movie could possibly get, probably more so. While we are somewhat intrigued by the idea that evil Decepticons have been living under the surface of the moon since the American moon landing until said time that they would emerge and wreck havoc on the District of Columbia, we know those exciting moments are probably separated by forty minutes of nonsensical dialogue and painful plot exposition. We are so sorry, Shia. We’ve grown too wise for your games.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Trailer Looks Finale-Tastic

Pack up your Gryffindor scarf, your Lego Hogwarts Castle and your motorized Quidditch broom broken from overuse; it’s time to confront your fate. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II trailer marks the end of a very long, very fun era in children’s wizardry-related fiction. Since J.K. Rowling denied Harry Potter sequels would take us past the seventh book (to Daniel Radcliffe‘s face, no less), we had better enjoy it while we can. The series that launched a thousand ‘ships will come to a close with the film’s release on July 15, though if the trailer is to be believed, there are at least a few surprises for even the most hard-core fan might not see coming. Harry and Voldemort plummeting into a crevasse, for example? Well, most of our fan fic does end with those two locked in an embrace….maybe Rowling finally read our letters and changed the ending? There’s only one way to find out.



Anna Faris’ What’s Your Number? Trailer Full Of Funny Hunks

Anna Faris‘ romantic comedy What’s Your Number? doesn’t come out in America until this fall, but the international trailer—despite a visual quality that suggests it was found on a VHS tape from 1998—should definitely get you excited. Among the ex-boyfriends Anna hunts down to see if she missed “the one” are Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, Joel McHale, Anthony Mackie, Thomas Lennon, Martin Freeman and real-life husband Chris Pratt, with Chris Evans playing the helpful cad next door who probably winds up being Mr. Right.

Despite the predictability of the plot, Faris (who was an executive producer on the film) clearly holds her own against this formidable line-up of funny guys—we want to see more of when her fake English accent slips into “full Borat.” Plus Number, based the novel 20 Times A Lady and written by Seinfeld/Simpsons scribe Jennifer Crittenden and Scrubs writer Gabrielle Allen, looks way more enjoyably Apatow-ian than your usual movie about a woman afraid to face 30 on her own. Now you just have to wait until late September to see it!