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True Love: Who Should Sookie Choose In The End? Vote!

Those of us who are fans of both True Blood and the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire novels on which it is loosely based are in a bit of a weird place right now. We’re still mourning the end of the book franchise (with Dead Ever After, which came out in May), while we bounce in our seats waiting for season six to premiere on Sunday. And even weirder, now that we know who book Sookie Stackhouse chooses from among her many suitors (we won’t spoil it for you), should we anticipate that the series will end this way too? Admire Sook’s admirers for a moment, and then vote on your own favorite hunk of supernatural love.

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Renesmee, Sookie, Magnus And More: 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled Us In 2012

Anna Paquin, Joseph Morgan, Mackenzie Foy and Godfrey Gao

Around this time last year, we made this list a roundup of our favorite vampires of 2011 — though we named Bella Cullen as our fave, it was Damon Salvatore who ruled your hearts. This year, we took a look around at our favorite movies, TV shows and books and discovered that, while the bloodsuckers of True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries were still among our faves, they had some competition from other supes, too. There were the characters wielding magic for good or evil — Snow White and the Huntsman’s Queen Ravenna, Beautiful Creatures‘ Lena, The Mortal Instruments‘ Magnus, TVD’s Bonnie. We had a nice crop of werewolves — Teen Wolf’s Scott and Derek, Nightshade’s Calla, True Blood’s Alcide. And then, of course, there were gods, genetic mutations, time travelers and Shadowhunters. Whether they were on the page, the screen or both, these beautiful, dangerous, ever-seductive heroes and villains made us feel a little bit inadequate for being mere humans. But there’s one power we have that they don’t: the ability to vote on which of these 25 characters was our favorite of the year. Take a look at the gallery and then vote!

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Twilight‘s Ending! Here Are 20 Things To Fill That Hole In Your Heart

Pretty Little Liars, Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Instruments, Team Starkid and other things to obsess over now that Twilight is ending.

We’re shocked that Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer have yet to announce some kind of detox program to help those of us who’ve spent up to seven years addicted to the Twilight books and movies. Aren’t they worried about the withdrawal we’ll all experience once we’ve seen Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a few times and have no more Edward and Bella to look forward to? Well, not to suggest that there is anything that can replace Forks and the Cullens in your heart, but we have a few new obsessions you might consider taking up. Which you choose all depends on why you became a Twi-crack addict in the first place. Read on and then suggest your own!

If you love Twilight because of …

… its star-crossed lovers plot, you’ll love:

Warm Bodies, the novel by Isaac Marion and upcoming Summit movie starring Nicholas Hoult. Zombie R is a very different kind of undead than Edward, but his doomed love for Julie is just as epic and possibly world-changing. Dive into the book now and then look forward to the flick in February 2013.

The Hush Hush saga, by Becca Fitzpatrick. Nora Grey doesn’t know why she’s drawn to Patch her dangerous new biology lab partner… oh, sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is no knock off. Fitzpatrick has woven a very complex mythology around deadly angels and their offspring that will infuriate you with its addictive quality.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. Speaking of complex new mythology, don’t even ask us to explain the plot of this trilogy. Let us tell you that book one was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful reads of 2011 — there are angels, beastly creatures, exotic tooth poachers, ballet-dancing puppets and a love story that rivals Romeo and Juliet in its devastating nature.

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True Blood Season Finale Leaves Us With 10 Mostly Rhetorical Questions

Eric kills Russell in the True Blood season finale

I’m not the only one who had nightmares and delicious dreams about True Blood all night, right? Season five’s finale was intense. And it totally put to rest our doubts that Alan Ball and company could wrap up all of those crazy plots in one hour. Still, it also left my brain churning with all sorts of questions about what will happen in season six. Departing exec producer Ball answered a bunch of those questions over at last night, and HBO Go has a whole bonus scene that hints at a bit more, but it wouldn’t be True Blood if we could predict everything that’s coming up for Sookie, Eric, Jason and the rest. Here are 10 (mostly rhetorical) queries that kept me up for most of the night.

1. Could Eric get any hotter?
My heart stopped when he swooped in to save Sookie and the fairies from Russell — even though, in typical Eric fashion, he labeled it revenge for his family’s murder more than a heroic deed. He and Nora could have skipped town after that, but his better self drove him to venture back into the Authority to save the day. Swoon.

Jason and Eric on True Blood
2. Also, are we done with serious Eric and back to more of his playful side?
His interactions with Jason reminded us of why we fell for the dangerous vamp back when he was mostly a villain. Leave the dreary stuff for other vamps!
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True Blood‘s Deborah Ann Woll Hints At Jessica And Hoyt’s Future

Is it really Salome’s blood that makes everyone hallucinate Lilith? What’s going to happen to Emma? Why does everyone keep trusting Bill with important things? Are we finally done with that distracting Ifrit story line? Last night’s episode of True Blood left us with a whole lot of questions, including this one: Will Hoyt survive being drugged and fed to the hate-group pigs? When Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live this morning, we hoped she would give us a tiny clue. Maybe Jessica will heal him with her blood and fall in love with him again, now that he’s saved her life and she got all that wild-child stuff out of her system?

“We don’t know what Hoyt’s fate is as of last night,” she teased. (Wait, Deborah, we don’t know, but YOU do.) But pressed to speculate about her character’s future with her ex (played by Jim Parrack), she said, “I think it was pretty clear the other night: I think she has a lot of care for him but the love is gone. I really love that the writers allowed that to happen.”
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True Blood‘s Jason Stackhouse Is Our One True Hero

Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin in True Blood
Am I the only one who started really wishing I had an older brother while watching last night’s True Blood? Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gave Sookie (Anna Paquin) exactly the talk she’s been needing: “You are who you are because you have Mama and Daddy inside you.” (And this after she accidentally zapped him, but of course he cheerfully informed her, “I’m all right; you got me in the head!”) Last week, too, he gave his li’l sis a gentle speech about how he always thought he was to blame for their parents death and was forever grateful that she never blamed him. This is all cementing my theory that Jason is the most emotionally evolved character in the entire series. While Sookie and Bill have become more self-involved thanks to their suffering, Lafayette still wants to escape his reality at any opportunity, Tara can’t let go of her wretched temper, Sam still wants to play foolish hero, Jessica can’t control her wild impulses and Eric is making the tiniest baby steps toward becoming a compassionate vampire, Jason’s been actually building upon five seasons of life lessons. Here’s the evidence.

He accepts supernatural forces enough to trust them to find his parents’ killer. Early Jason never would have tried any fairy hand-holding.
True Blood

Searching for his parents’ killer actually seems like a good mission. Better than saving an entire town of inbred werepanthers or crusading against vampires.
Jason True Blood
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True Blood‘s 5 Best V Trips (That Are Less Traumatic Than Last Night’s)

Alexander Skarsgard and Lucy Griffiths on True Blood

I was bouncing up and down with Glee to see Bill riding piggyback on Eric as they joined Russell Edgington and the Council on their Lilith-blood trip through Bourbon Street. Weee! Another hilarious True Blood drug scene! And then, my hopes were quickly dashed as the scene in the karaoke party unfolded. No happy fun times there. In order to heal from those traumatic scenes today, I decided to look back at the most blissful of V trips and fairy-blood rolls from seasons past. I know drugs are bad, but hell, if I could join Eric on a bed in the middle of a snowy field, you wouldn’t be able to stop me.

5. Andy Bellefleur’s super strength (season 4)

Sheriff Bellefleur is probably the best example of why not to drink vampire blood (aside from Jason’s, er, difficulty in season 1). He was a pretty uncontrollable addict for a while there. But the above scene, when he displayed superhuman strength to lend Holly a hand with her furniture, might have been the moment the bumbling sheriff won the heart of Bon Temps’ friendly witch.

4. Jason and Amy romp through a field (season 1)
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Emmy Snubs: Which Of Your Faves Didn’t Make The Cut?

Alexander Skarsgard, Cheryl Hines, Andrew Lincoln

We’re going to treat this space as a bit of an open ranting thread for any of you left huffing and puffing about the TV Academy being stuck in their ways and ignoring your favorite TV shows in the 64th Primetime Emmy nominations list. For the most part, we’re actually pretty happy with the nominees — there are a few surprises that make it seem like this show might actually be a little hipper than years past. But still, there are some GLARING omissions. Here are the snubs we’re kinda peeved about:

Vampires: Sure, True Blood and Vampire Diaries are soapy and campy (that’s why we love them). But Alexander Skarsgard displayed some serious acting chops when Eric lost his memory last season. (He displayed some other things too, that should win all the awards.)

The Walking Dead: As Andrew Lincoln’s Rick struggled to keep the group together, maintain his friendship with Shane and survive the zombie apocalypse, his performance often left us breathless.

Glee: Dot-Marie Jones was rightly nominated for guest performance, but Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Diana Agron and Naya Rivera all had some seriously dramatic moments that drove us to tears.
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VH1 Hits Comic-Con: A GIF-Happy Recap Of Our 11 Favorite Moments

As our Comic-Con coverage wraps up and our intrepid reporters/fangirls Kate Spencer and Sabrina Rojas Weiss take a much-deserved nap, we’d like to take a minute to recap our very favorite interviews and press conferences via easily-consumable and definitely-hypotizing GIFs. From Aaron Paul‘s teeth, to Kristen Stewart digging a hole for herself, to our one and only Khaleesi, the star-filled convention was chock full of hilarious and heartthrobbing moments.

11. Rob Zombie & Kristen Stewart: BFFs (Well, Kind Of)

Leave it to Professional KStew Fangirl Kate to get Rob Zombie to chat about his pal Kristen Stewart.

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True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley Geek Out Over Supernatural Powers At Comic-Con

So, yeah, the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-Con was plenty sexy, what with the stripper moves and the talk of Eric and Bill spooning in a trunk all weekend. But when the cast got to the Warner Bros. booth on the conference center floor, they were appropriately in real geek mode. These guys and girls really enjoy a good chat about their characters supernatural abilities. Maybe they were in the mood because of the new baby vampire on the scene, Rutina Wesley’s Tara Thornton. Rutina’s clearly enjoying her fangs more than her character, but she thinks Tara will come around soon.

“Hopefully, Tara will be able to accept who she is and learn to love being a vampire,” she told VH1. “That struggle of her being a human versus being a vampire is going to be interesting to see her deal with this season, but I think she’ll eventually come around.”

But if she had her choice, would Wesley want to be a vamp or one of the other species in Charlaine Harris’ world? “I’ve always said that I’d like to be a shifter, because you’d be able to shift into random stuff,” she said. “Like, someone’s having a conversation and you’d be like, ‘I want to know what they’re talking about –– I’m going to be a fly on the wall.’ ”

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