Twilight Craze Hits Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation boarded the Twilight train last night as Kelly, a passionate citizen played by Will Forte, compared Pawnee to Forks and Tom (Aziz Ansari) pronounced himself Team Edward.

In the hilarious episode, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is compiling a Pawnee time capsule, in which Forte insists that the Twilight books be included. When a heartbroken Tom is brought to the Twi-side (because author Stephanie Meyers was “peering into his soul”), he, Donna and Kelly form a book club and have debates only Twilight fans could truly appreciate. In a moment that struck a chord with RPattz fans everywhere, Donna (Retta) lusts for a minute with Robert Pattinson and even refers to Kristen Stewart as “Skinny Legs McGee.” It was truly an episode custom written for Twi-Hards.

Leslie refused to give into vampire mania, but speaking from personal experience, we’re confident all the chatter about Bella’s love triangle and the Volturi will force the self-proclaimed Harry Potter girl to give into the addictive series. Watch one of our favorite scenes after the jump, where Tom drops the F-bomb upon realizing there’s not only a sequel, but four books in the series.

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Christina Hendricks Gets Married


Boys (and ladies), the mourning period begins now. Those va-va-voom curves and beautiful boobage belonging to amazing actress Christina Hendricks is officially off the market, as she’s married her fiancé Geoffrey Arend. The couple wed in a ceremony at NYC’s Il Buco restaurant on Sunday that they kept “intimate.”

As Joan Holloway in Mad Men, Christina could make a sack look sexy, so this is one wedding dress we’d kill to see. Congratulations! [Photo: Getty Images]


Amy Winehouse TV Performance: What’s The Verdict?

Watching Amy Winehouse perform is increasingly becoming more like witnessing a tipsy old auntie get up on the dancefloor at a family wedding. Stomach in knots, you are willing her to get through it without humiliating herself, and find yourself exhaling in relief when it all ends. And so it was when Amy took to primetime television in the UK on Saturday night.

As a backing singer for her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield’s performance of “Mama Said” on Strictly Come Dancing, she at least didn’t fall over or storm off. But Amy looked more than a little wobbly, with a certain vacant look on her face and her flailing arms were apparently unable to keep in rhythm with the other singers. Sigh. Baby steps, still, baby steps.  [Video: YouTube]


This Is Eva Longoria, Apparently


Yes, really. Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria graces the cover of tres arty French magazine Citizen K looking absolutely nothing like her real self and more like Dr Spock’s hot cousin (well, hot for a Trekky). While it’s interesting to see a cover star not in their usual boobs-out come-hither-boys pose, surely it might have helped sales of the magazine to make their famous cover star actually recognizable? Anyhow, we’re still not sure about those underpants she’s got on – even Lady Gaga might bypass them as too unflattering. Quel horreur!

We’ll be going inside Paris Fashion Week, reporting from the City of Lights from September 30th to October 8th. Get all the glam details on celebrity, fashion, runway shows, and parties here and follow the action on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!

[Photo: Citizen K Magazine]


Peaches Falls Over In Central Perk

A full replica of the Central Perk café from Friends has opened in London to promote the show’s 15th anniversary and has already proved amazingly popular with celebs and us normal folk. TheFabLife got a sneak preview of the pop-up location – open for two weeks only – loved it, and only wished that Gunther had made his rumored appearance to bitterly serve us some coffee.

Among the celebs sampling the flashback fantasy was Peaches Geldof, who later on apparently fell off the arm of a sofa in the café. Furiously, she reportedly demanded the attendant photog delete the embarrassing photos from his camera, otherwise he’d be kicked out and then “didn’t even say thank you.” Phoebe Buffay would never have behaved like this.

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Kelly Osbourne: I Photograph Fat

Kelly Osbourne is giving us an awful lot of headlines, now she’s got her own book to plug (you don’t say). The Dancing With The Stars hoofer has been chatting it up with the celeb mags in the UK as she releases her autobiography Fierce, and as well as revealing she has no plans to get married to fiancé Luke Worrall as she’s “too young” (so, er, why get engaged then?) and that she’s so “done” with the partying lifestyle (uh-huh), Kel also addresses the unfairly chubby reputation that precedes her.

“I photograph fat, I know I do,” she told Star magazine. “I don’t think girls are ever happy with the way that they look.” We’d say Kelly looks awesome these days and as far from fat as you could think. And as you’ve already lost 14 pounds through your dance training, we’d say there’s not any more of you to lose. 


Cheryl Cole Is Worth It


$800k, to be precise. Cheryl Cole has joined the roster of A-listers around the globe to sign up to a big deal with L’Oreal Paris. The “X-Factor” judge and all-round British style icon is going to lend her (extended) glossy tresses to promote Elvive hair products in the UK. “I have always loved the brand and have always wanted to say the iconic phrase: ‘Because you’re worth it,’ so to be given that opportunity is absolutely amazing,” she gushed.

This seems to be just the first step in Cheryl’s carefully stage-managed global domination, tying in with the return of the reality TV show on which she stars. Her solo music is due out in October – ready yourself, world! [Photo: FilmMagic]


Sex And The City Stars Falling Out Already?


Like we’ve traveled back in time to the filming of the first movie, or the series, rumors are swirling once again that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are not getting along. The stars are readying production on the totally unnecessary sequel to the 2008 hit Sex and the City movie, and with Kim’s recent breakup with chef Alan Wyse still raw, reports claim this is causing tension between them.

“Kim has been moping around, feeling sorry for herself and Sarah basi­cally told her to snap out of it and buck up her ideas. Kim didn’t take this too well and there is a very frosty atmosphere between the girls right now. They only speak to each other when absolutely neces­sary. The film producers are hoping this row doesn’t escalate and threaten the entire movie,” says the Metro.

And then Kim passed a note to Sarah that said “you smell” and Sarah made the “whatever” sign back while giggling with Cynthia Nixon (we imagine.) Girls, girls! Behave, please!  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Simon Cowell, TV Show, Sack New Reality Judge

In these economically dodgy times, there’s no such thing as job security, even if you’re a pampered celeb. After being announced with much fanfare as the new judge on Britain’s Got Talent (do we even need to explain what this is the UK version of?) only last week, glamorpuss Kelly Brook has been unceremoniously fired.  She was to be the fourth addition to the judging panel that consists of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and British actress Amanda Holden but it seems like that old chesnut “creative differences” scuppered Billy Zane‘s ex-love.

“I have genuinely enjoyed working with Kelly. She is absolutely lovely and a complete professional. But it has become clear the format doesn’t support another judge and we will never add a fourth judge to the panel,” Simon said yesterday as the news broke.

Yes, we’re sure the “format” was very troubled by Kelly’s arrival. Not that the other judges went ballistic at the news, or that she might not have been very good, no? Anyhow, it’s a stark reminder that both the UK’s Cheryl Cole and US’s Kara DioGuardi had better keep a watch out … [Photo: Splash News Online]


Verne Dresses As Bear For UK Big Brother

Cute? Disturbing? Harmless? Just plain wrong? Honestly, we think it could be all four. Mini-Me continues to entertain the British nation in the Big Brother house and we bet he’s wishing he’d asked for more than his rumored $200k fee. Dressed as a teddy bear and made to eat honey out of the jar – ah, the vagaries of fame.

Still, Verne is now odds on favorite to win the entire contest. He can look forward to a future of tabloid kiss-and-tells and dodgy presenting jobs over here. So all is well. [Photo: Channel 4]