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New Eclipse Still Delivers Steaminess The Trailer Lacks


We recently vented about the latest Eclipse trailer and its lack of sexual tension. Looks like Summit heard our cries, and released this bonerlicious still of Bella and Edward about to suck face. We’ll take it. [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

Another just-released still in the gallery below, of the hunky Cullen men planning their attack on Victoria and the newborn vamps.

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Rumors We Hate: RPattz Is A Diva


It’s no secret that we, along with millions of rabid fans, love Robert Pattinson. We’ve even had the pleasure of sitting within arm’s length of the gorgeous hair-fusser at the Remember Me roundtables. Sure, we drooled and our hearts raced as he entered the room, but it wasn’t his looks (okay, solely his looks) that resonated after his wrangler dragged him from the interview. It was his shocking modesty and charm that kept our butterflies aflutter. Despite his throngs of screaming fans, the dude genuinely seemed baffled why anyone gives a sh*t. 

It’s because of this personal interaction that we refuse to believe the rumors that Mr. Nice Guy himself was a diva during the re-shoots of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last week. Apparently Rob showed up a day late and gave director David Slade ‘tude throughout the following three 16-hour days on set, making the entire atmosphere tense. We can’t imagine Rob doing much more than workin’ his mop and giggling adorably, but even if he wasn’t happy as a clam, who would be chipper under the circumstances?

These re-shoots (or “pick-up shoots” as Summit is cautiously calling them) usually don’t bode well for a film’s quality. Let’s hope Eclipse just needed more gratuitous beauty shots of RP’s pretty face, a la Remember Me, to overshadow subpar acting. We went there, Twi-hards!  [Source: E!; Photo: Getty Images]

Eclipse stills below.

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New Eclipse Trailer: We Want More Making Out Action, Less Action Action!

Okay Twi-hards, let’s get to it. We just watched the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer and we gotta be honest – we have some complaints (don’t hurt us, just hear us out!). Allow us to present them to you now, in order of “BOOO!”-ness.

1. Is the make up artist trying to make Edward increasingly paler in every movie on purpose? By the time we get to Breaking Dawn he’ll be transparent, which will really suck for those of us who are holding out for those bed-breaking Brazilian love scenes.

2. Kristen Stewart‘s wig, you make K-Stew’s atrocious Joan Jett haircut look luscious. Did they make the poor girl to sleep in a hat every night to flatten that thing out even more? Why David Slade/Summit didn’t force Kristen to get extensions and dye the goth look is beyond us. Bring back Bella’s old hair!

3. WHERE IS THE KISSING? The making out? The snuggling to keep warm? The tent full of sexual tension? The Edward and Bella dry humping? This movie is for GIRLS (and er, grown women) and sure, we gals like action but we like ACTION a lot more (especially action that involves a shirtless Robert Pattinson, pleaseeeee).

Okay okay, now that our rant’s over we’re ready to gush. We’re excited to finally see some drama and danger (much improved from the motor bike snooze-fest that is New Moon), Bryce Dallas Howard looks badass as Victoria and OMG! The engagement ring!

It’s big.

Check out our gallery of screen-grabs from the trailer below and feel free to put us in our place in the comments. We know you can dish it and we can definitely take it.

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There Is No Way Rob Is Cheating On Kristen With A Gossip Girl


Our panic attack has calmed down enough to pound out this post dedicated to all you Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haters out there: there is no way in hell RPattz is sleeping with Leighton Meester, okay ya’ll? He’ just not. You want proof? We’ll give you proof: 1. Rob and Kristen were photographed in Budapest together just a few days ago and 2. Rob has ears and would never, ever bed the person responsible for the song “Somebody To Love.”

Now, In Touch, craploid magazine extraordinaire, is claiming that Rob is busy riding Blair Waldorf behind Kristen’ back. They also allege the pair is secretly sexting each other and getting dirty via text. NOT TRUE! Nothing could tear apart the greatest couple to ever roam the earth in flannels and Ray-Bans. In fact, Robsten is more than just a couple – they are one being bonded like greasy scalp oil to the hair shaft! Stay away, Leighton Meester. Rob may not be on to you (or on you, for that matter) but we Robsten-crazed fan are.

For you non-believers, enjoy this magical Robsten retrospective detailing the couple’s best moments in 2009, the greatest year in Rob n’ Kristory, and our giant gallery of the couple. Eff Leighton!

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ZOMG! Rob And Kristen’s Top Secret Romantic Vacation


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still swapping flannel shirts and getting their fingers tangled in each others’ greasy hair. Hallelujah! Praise Stephenie Meyer! Rob is busy filming Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary, which is where the couple was spotted this weekend just in time to celebrate Kristen’ 20th birthday. The private pair was seen leaving the local airport…heading somewhere seriously romantic, we hope. Long live Robsten!

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Celebrate KStew’s 20th Birthday With Her 20 Sassiest Faces


True Kristen Stewart fans know she is known for one thing. Okay yes, banging Robert Pattinson, but there’s something else: her bitch face. KStew tude is as common an occurrence as her beat up Converse and weirdly tied t-shirts. The girl could watch a marathon of Simpsons episodes and she’d probably make her bitch face through out the entire thing. KStew’s got tude, and she knows how to use it.

In honor of our heroine’s 20th birthday today, we’re gifting the world with a glorious montage of 20 of her sassiest Stew faces. So while Kristen is kissing Rob in Budapest right now (rumored, of course), you can check out the gallery below and imagine how sassy their make out sessions must be.

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Bella Leans On Jake’s Beefy Deltoid In New Eclipse Photos


Rise and shine, Team Jacob! Summit Entertainment is shakin’ Taylor Lautner fans outta bed by throwing them a bone(r) and releasing three more stills from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. One shot features Bella snuggling up to Mr. Muscles over a fire and another shows Jacob undoubtedly threatening her vampy boy toy.

As for Team Edward, we’re afraid all you get this morning is a still of the Cullen family looking Folgers-alert in the woods. Enjoy! [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

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Kristen Stewart Smiles, Cheers, As Paps Tumble In Her Wake


Finally, we’ve figured out what makes Kristen Stewart smile! The somber starlet, who spends most of her time scowling at photographers, was all smiles as she was mobbed at New York’s JFK airport last night as she watched paparazzi fall while trying to snag a shot. According to Splash News Online, she even cheered “Yes!” and jumped up and down as her enemies toppled before her.

We can’t help but feel Kristen deserves the laugh; after all, the paparazzi is ruthless in stalking her every move, and she’s just a teenager who wants to chain smoke and sulk in private. And surely her fans enjoying seeing her grin once every six months. It’s a win-win for all!

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Robert Pattinson Brings Kristen Stewart, Goofy Faces To Remember Me Premiere


Think you can handle photos of Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart without freaking out?! We hung out on the Remember Me red carpet with VH1’s lovely Janell Snowden, and got an eyeful of Robert Pattinson in all his awkward, hair-grabbing glory. We spent Saturday staring at him at the movie’s press junket as well, and can honestly say this: up close and personal, he doesn’t radiate sex as much as he does goofy cuteness. The dude has tiny features (his head seemed like it was the size of a grapefruit), and his humble, self-deprecating nature, while charming, totally comes across in how he carries himself. Don’t get us wrong, we found it totally refreshing, and we’d still do him in a heartbeat. But man, is this one awkward heartthrob.

We were happy that Rob’s cohort in introversion, Kristen Stewart, came out to support him, lurking on the red carpet in mustard-colored pants. If this doesn’t confirm for people that they’re lovers underneath the covers, we don’t know what will. Rob did pal around with co-star Emilie de Ravin on the carpet, but it seemed totally platonic. Her outfit was adorable up close (high five, stylist), and she is teeny-tiny and super sweet.

Not so sweet: the f*cking paparazzi. Holy crap, you guys, we’ve never heard people scream like the photographers did last night. And not just squeals of excitement; these were downright terrifying wails that channeled the voices and spirits of 1000 demons. “ROB! ROBBBBBBB! PUBLICIST, MOVE! WE NEED A SHOT OF ROB!” Yes, the fans were 100 % more polite in their screaming. It’s no wonder Rob and Kristen cower every time someone with a camera steps in their way. We were curled up in a ball on the red carpet, and no one was even trying to take our picture.

Check out more pics from the Remember Me premiere below, and if you have to scream, remember – inside voices only!

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