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First Look! RPattz As Edward On Breaking Dawn Set In Vancouver

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lived it up in Brazil late last year, but those warm days are over. The Breaking Dawn crew has set up shop up north, which is why RPattz is standing here in the Vancouver snow very much not being shirtless. Rob and Kristen were allegedly kissing on the dance floor before the Oscars this weekend in LA. Judging from this pic, they’ll need that heat now that they’re back in Canada.

See photos of Kristen arriving in Vancouver Sunday—and cold little Edward in the snow—in the gallery below.

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KStew And RPattz’s Go Public On The Dance Floor

What wouldn’t have we given to see this. In a completely unprecedented move, everyone’s favorite lovahs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reportedly got down together in full public view over the weekend. Sources says that they “were dancing the whole time” at a weekend Pre-Oscar party at the Chateau Marmont. Doesn’t sound like the normally careful couple, considering how cagey they’ve been about their relationship. Another witness also revealed that Jay-Z had the couple revved as, “they went nuts for ‘Empire State of Mind'”. Can you imagine Rob breaking it down? Awkward, gawky, gorgeous Rob? We can totally see it, and while we think he would so pull some Dad moves, it’s so adorable!

The source also added that, “they definitely kissed a few times” which also totally just made us spontaneously combust. It’s like Twilight… only in real life. The night also had celebrities like Halle Berry, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson dropping by but … ROBSTEN! Dancing! Making out! Whee! Their combined sparkliness has us giddy!

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Robert Pattinson Talks About His Stray Dog—Not His Song, An Actual Dog

Fame clearly hasn’t gotten to RPattz’ head. Instead of surrounding himself with an entourage to stave off the boredom all celebrities experience, Robert Pattinson’s gone an adopted himself a puppy. “[Friends would] be like, ”I’m not part of your entourage. I’ll stay in a free hotel for a bit if it’s in New York or LA but I’m not going to come out to some random town in the sticks.’ ut that’s kind of why I adopted the puppy. It’s from a shelter and he was going to be put down. I only got him two or three days ago and they only keep them for 10 days.” Hear that, Twi-Hards? This guy is a puppy saver.

“He’s been freaked out. It’s funny,” he told Scotland’s Daily Record about the dog he hasn’t even named yet (“I’m going to call him Robert”). “I got a private plane here from Louisiana, where I was filming Twilight, so he came out of the shelter and the next day he’s on a private plane. A bit like Lady And The Tramp.” Can we get a shot of RPattz rolling a meatball to the pup with his nose then?

As fans of Robert Pattinson’s music career know, he has not always been a fan of the pooches. Check out RPattz’ angry song “Stray Dog” after the jump.

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Hollywood Hookup: Which Twilight Star Is Your Love Match?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Astrology experts Moonit to let you run a love compatibility test with your favorite Twilight stars. Would you fit like a glove with Robert Pattinson‘s brooding good looks or would you be happier snuggled up with Taylor Lautner‘s abs? Or maybe Kristen Stewart‘s rebellious attitude would set off fireworks? Click the cast member of your choice to find out.

And stay tuned for more Hollywood Hookups!


Twilight Craze Hits Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation boarded the Twilight train last night as Kelly, a passionate citizen played by Will Forte, compared Pawnee to Forks and Tom (Aziz Ansari) pronounced himself Team Edward.

In the hilarious episode, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is compiling a Pawnee time capsule, in which Forte insists that the Twilight books be included. When a heartbroken Tom is brought to the Twi-side (because author Stephanie Meyers was “peering into his soul”), he, Donna and Kelly form a book club and have debates only Twilight fans could truly appreciate. In a moment that struck a chord with RPattz fans everywhere, Donna (Retta) lusts for a minute with Robert Pattinson and even refers to Kristen Stewart as “Skinny Legs McGee.” It was truly an episode custom written for Twi-Hards.

Leslie refused to give into vampire mania, but speaking from personal experience, we’re confident all the chatter about Bella’s love triangle and the Volturi will force the self-proclaimed Harry Potter girl to give into the addictive series. Watch one of our favorite scenes after the jump, where Tom drops the F-bomb upon realizing there’s not only a sequel, but four books in the series.

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Kristen Stewart To Play Snow White?

Finally, an excuse to combine our love of Kristen Stewart photoshops and intense cinematic adaptations of fairytales. The Hollywood Reporter says that Kristen is up for a title role in Snow White And The Huntsman—and can you guess which one?  Stewart was allegedly out of the running in December for the role of a princess who teams with the huntsman paid to kill her, it seems the producers can’t get Bella Swan out of their mind. Viggo Mortensen is reportedly the front-runner for the role of her killer-turned-fellow-fugitive.

Now the question is whether Kristen wants to follow her Twilight saga by taking on another damsel-in-distress role. Plus, will America be tired of bad-ass bedtime stories after Amanda Seyfried‘s Little Red Riding Hood and Jeremy Renner‘s Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters? What’s next—The Princess Vs. The Pea?

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Twi-Hard Community Quickly Exposes Alleged New Renesmee Pictures As Fraudulent

Earlier this afternoon, many a Twi-Hard’s pulse began racing when a site called Geek Tyrant (they don’t deserve a link, trust us) claimed to have gotten their hands on the first photo of child actress Mackenzie Foy playing Renesmee on the set of Breaking Dawn. Shortly thereafter, normally reputable sites like /Film and Vulture passed along the news as fact without bothering to do any actual reporting of their own.

Instead of following suit, we here at TheFABLife reached out to all of our Twilight friends in the Twitter community and quickly determined that the pictures were not, in fact, stills from the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn (Ed. Note: Only 300 more days!). Rather, the pictures of actress Mackenzie Foy are from the Fall 2010 Garnet Hill children’s wear catalog. Don’t worry, Twi-Hards, you can always count on TheFABLife to keep it real with our coverage of any and all things Twilight; there’s no fooling us! That said, when any stills or footage of the rapidly aging half-vamp offspring DO emerge, you can bet we’ll have them up for you lickity split.

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Breaking News: Robsten WILL Canoodle At People’s Choice Awards


Happy Tuesday to Twi-hards! The People’s Choice Awards just confirmed all our wildest Wednesday night fantasies and tweeted this photo of tomorrow night’s seating arrangement, with Robert Pattinson (photos) strategically between Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart (photos). +1 point for Team Edward! Now for the looming question…will this be Robsten’s first red carpet appearance as a couple? Isn’t the jig up? Sound off in the comments.

Tune into the PCAs tomorrow night on CBS at 9/8c. [Photo: Twitpic]


Taylor Lautner Studying Tom Cruise Movies For Abduction

Taylor Lautner

Somewhere in LA, Taylor Lautner is grinning into a mirror and trying to make his laugh more maniacal.  John Singleton, who’s directing Lautner in Abduction, his first big post-Twilight project, says he told the dreamboat to study the filmography of acting legend Tom Cruise before tackling the role of a teenager who finds his baby photo on a missing persons website. “I told him to watch the transition from Top Gun to Rain Man to Born on the Fourth of July, ”  Singleton told the LA Times. “To think about what he did as a young man and what he did later on. And then think about what you want to do.” Wise words, but what if you chase supporting roles alongside Oscar winners and Oliver Stone movies only to wind up doing Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps? What then?

Personally, we would have asked Tay to watch the transition from Risky Business to Cocktail to Days Of Thunder, but Singleton clearly thinks more of the werewolf boy’s potential than we do. “I think when people see [Abduction], they’ll see a more mature Taylor,” said the director. “He’s doing this [thing] he’s never done before. He’s funny and charismatic. He has room to breathe that he’s never had before.” Hey, Taylor was shirtless in the woods in Twilight! That’s about as much “room to breathe” as anyone can ask for.

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TheFABLife’s Top 25 Robsten Moments of 2010


My my, what a year it’s been for our favorite on and offscreen lovebirds! Since the first film of the Twilight series, rumors of budding romance between Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) have fluttered the hearts of TwiHards, but not until 2010 did we get confirmation of their IRL love affair. In the last year, we’ve had a blast taking part in the virtual collective meltdowns on Twitter over each hand hold, booty scan, and behind-the-scenes kiss. We couldn’t think of a better holiday gift to our fellow Robsten aficionados than to wrap up the year in the ever-more-public romance between the handsome Brit behind Edward Cullen and the anti-Hollywood starlet behind Bella Swan. Enjoy! [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]


February 21st: Rob and Kristen escape the BAFTAs after party together, get caught in their getaway vehicle. Earlier in the night, Pattinson reportedly admitting they’re dating by telling The Sun that it was meant to be their first public appearance, but the crazed fans made it impossible. (PHOTOS)

March 1st: Kristen supports her funny face-makin’ “friend” Rob at the New York premiere of his film Remember Me. The two walked the red carpet separately, but supposedly left the screening as a pair. (PHOTOS)

March 21st: KStew arrives to LAX wearing Rob’s raggedy white tee. (PHOTOS)

April 11th: The flannel-lovin’ pair was spotted leaving Budapest’s local airport together, presumably en route to a top secret vacay for Kristen’s 20th birthday. (PHOTOS)
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