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Ashley Greene Trying Way Too Hard To Get Attention


You know the paparazzi who stalk Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Someone should send them Ashley Greene‘s way. The girl is desperate for someone to look at her, as she made clear yesterday while watching her maybe-boyfriend Joe Jonas play in some charity baseball game.

Just the fact that she’s trying to tempt us with a maybe-boyfriend is a sure sign that Ash is courting the cameras. OMG are they or aren’t they?!?! Uh, we don’t give a sh*t, either way. Caressing Joe Jonas’ face would have gone a long way in 2007, but these days, no one really cares about who he and his giant eyebrows are going to third base with.

The thing is, Ashley is likable without having to try so hard. She obviously scores an A on the Hotness Test and comes across as a sweet, relaxed, flip flops n’ jeans type of gal. She’s not the worst actor in Twilight – which is saying a lot – and she’s a football fan, which is the number one requirement for getting generic American men to like you.

We’ve all seen how well the sexy tomboy routine has done for Cameron Diaz, so why doesn’t Ashley slip on one of the 46 pairs of flip flops you know she has in her closet and ditch the Joe Bro for some surfer brah? We promise it’s a way better move than trying to mirror what Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner had: you know, a relationship dreamed up in a PR office somewhere off of Sunset.

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Kellan Lutz Flies To Our House, Proposes, Jets Us Around The Globe


Oh, dreams. How sweet and torturous you are. For when we close our eyes you take us to the sweetest of places, like Kellan Lutz‘s king-size bed covered in organic cotton 5000-thread sheets, and we we wake we’re reminded we’re just sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a dark office oogling at a man who will never be ours. How rude! [High fives dream BFF Michelle Tanner.]

We never really lusted for Kellan until we chatted with him on the Eclipse red carpet and our “I wanna stalk you 4-life” urges spiked faster than you can say “biceps.” He’s charming, sweet, gracious and really has that “I’d bone the sh*t out of you and then cook you really delicious pancakes” vibe. Doth we drool too much?

Kellan recently tweeted that he’s traveling the world before shooting starts on Breaking Dawn, and from the looks of these pics of him at the airport he could be starting his trip this week.  Here’s hoping his first destination is in our pants.

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*This post brought to you by our 15-year-old libido.

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Robsten Vs. The Paparazzi: Who Wins?


Let’s talk about sex paparazzi photos, baby.

It’s been on our mind for a while, but with the past two days being what they have (you know, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being snapped kissing and then angrily leaving and arriving at airports) we thought it might be a good time to have a fireside chat about the world of celebrity gossip, paparazzi and fans, a world in which – for better or for worse – we are deeply entrenched.

Pics and paparazzi discussion, below the jump!

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The Best Parts Of Breaking Dawn Have Already Been Filmed – Watch Them Now

Let’s face it – half of the Twi-hards out there (us included) who read The Twilight Saga only did so in order to then watch the films later on. Bella and Edward’s romance in the books falls a bit flat for us, but it’s way more fun to watch onscreen, especially now that we know Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting all lusty and pillow-bitey with each other in real life. That’s part of the reason it’s so hard to wait for the two Breaking Dawn films to come out; we want to see all that hot vampire-human sex NOW, dammit!

Fortunately, the good people at Wooden Nickel understand this, which is why they’ve already shot the most important parts of Breaking Dawn. It easily satisfies our need to see Bella giving birth and that surreal Brazilian honeymoon island, at least for now.


Courtney Love: “Frances Was Offered The Role Of Bella Swan”

Today in news we don’t quite believe-slash-attribute to the ravings of a mad woman, Courtney Love is claiming her daughter Frances Bean Cobain was offered the role of Bella Swan in Twilight, and that she was also offered the title role in Alice In Wonderland. Those are some amazing job offers for a girl who has never acted a day in her life.

Love told You Magazine “Frances is so beautiful, but she doesn’t want to be famous. She was offered the part of Bella in the Twilight movies, and Tim Burton wanted her for Alice in Wonderland. But she wants to go to college – she’s very good at graphic novels… Frances will be fine.” Well, we know Frances has a knack for drawing and in fact, it might fit in well with Tim Burton’s aesthetic, but that has nothing to do with her acting in two huge films. It’s great that Courtney’s offhanded remarks make it seem like Kristen Stewart was just sloppy seconds. Love must have a grudge against Robsten because this isn’t the first time she’s insulted them – remember her beef with Robert Pattinson, when she said that he would be a “stupid” choice to play Kurt Cobain? One thing seems pretty clear after all this – she’s Team Jacob.


Robsten Rumor Of The Day: They’re Quitting Hollywood


If this news is true, these two would be our heroes. How amazing a story would it be for two of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, who met and fell in love while filming the biggest blockbuster franchise of the decade to completely leave it all behind just to focus on hippie crap like love and art? This report claims that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart plan to give up Hollywood after they’re finished filming Twilight in order to focus on their brooding, sexy love for each other, and also to focus on every real actor’s true passion: the stage.

An unnamed “insider” says “They are considering changing their lives so they can concentrate on their relationship and get away from stardom. Kristen’s suggested they try theatre work and indie films. Despite starring in big-budget productions, they’ve managed to retain credibility, so theatre is the perfect option.” Hey, we wish them well if this is true, they’ve been through quite a media wringer for the past few years, but somehow…we don’t really buy it. Especially since Rob is currently shooting Water For Elephants with Reese Witherspoon and Kristen’s shooting On The Road, neither of which are indie, low-budget flicks. If they were serious about this, they’d be holed up in their love bungalow doing some role-playing exercises (wink!) to prepare for their new life.

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Moms On Pop Talk Twilight, Rob’s Hair And Kristen’s Attitude

Well, we did it: we talked to moms about Twilight. Real moms. Amazingly, they had ALL seen the movies. Some had even read the books! Did we mention Kathy, Candace and Kadie are our soul-mom-mates? For reals.

Because they’re moms, they had a few things to say about the usual Twi-spects: Robert Pattinson‘s hair, Kristen Stewart‘s smirk and the, uh, enthusiastic fans. Check out their opinions in our video and talk back to our pop culture savvy moms in the comments below. But remember – no cursing! These are moms, after all.

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Exclusive: Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Dishes On Being A Werewolf And A ‘Comic Book Nerd’


We hopped on the phone this week with Twilight Saga star Kiowa Gordon, who is best known for playing Jacob Black’s werewolf BFF Embry in everyone’s favorite uber-franchise. Did you know Kiowa scored the role (out of thousands) at an open audition, after Stephenie Meyer - his friend from church – encouraged him to give it a go? That should tell you how much talent this kid’s got tucked away in his back pocket.

Kiowa – who will be at Comic-Con this weekend! – was gracious enough to gab with us for a while about shooting those barefoot werewolf scenes (they have special foot padding!), his musical aspirations with his band Touche and his favorite lady character in the Twilight Saga. Hint: he likes his real-life girlfriend best.

Read it all – under the jump.

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RPattz: “Kristen Is A Wonderful Girl”


Now that the truth is out there and our favorite fictional-but-real couple has been outed, Robsten(photos) are  finally able to discuss each other freely, openly and adorably. (Not that Rob and Kristen haven’t been hanging out all the time and being obvious about things already – and just look at that adoring gaze she’s aiming at him in that picture.)

Robert Pattinson (Photos) said in a recent interview with TV Week “Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the ‘Twilight’ films. We are very close and no one can understand what we’ve gone through together the last few years. When we’re together, we understand each other so well that we don’t have to say a lot to explain what we’re thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.” Ooh, so what you’re saying is that even though Edward can’t read Bella’s mind in the books, he can in real life? These two are even more magical than we thought.

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Muse Bassist Disses Twilight, His Million Dollar Meal Ticket


While Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is busy nailing Kate Hudson, bassist Chris Wolstenholme is risking his life by insulting the Twilight franchise…the same franchise that made his band a favorite amongst money-spending Twi-hards around the globe. Muse has appeared on every Twilight soundtrack thus far, and while their dark rock music suits the movies, they’re also a favorite of author Stephenie Meyer. Yes, she has dedicated books to the band. Muse, it seems, is her muse.

But Chris ain’t so sold on the whole ‘appear on a cheesy tween movie soundtrack, get billions of fans’ formula, telling BBC’s Radio 1, “It’s very difficult in America, because you don’t have anything like Radio 1, nothing is national. You have to take every opportunity you get over there, and sometimes you have to sell your soul.”

Chris also added, “I’m not sure how cool it is to be on those kind of things, but sometimes you’ve just got to get your music out there in different ways.”

Oh, we have so many questions. Like, has Chris ever heard of our national radio hero, Ryan Seacrest? Has he listened at all to the 3 soundtracks, which are musically quite kick-ass? Is selling your soul really so bad when it results in you getting to play Madison Square Garden? And also, why is your music so cheesy and crappy?

Oops, did we just insert our personal opinion into this post? Sorry about that…we just have a hard time listening to some guy whine about being on awesome soundtracks with the likes of Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Beck, Bat For Lashes, Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, Iron and Wine, Robert Pattinson…I mean when it comes to the musical company one keeps, he could be doing a lot worse. Suck it up, Chris! Or at least check out your bursting bank account before you lament the loss of your soul.

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