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Live From The Eclipse Red Carpet

This is it, the biggest day in Twilight fandom (well, until Breaking Dawn comes out): the Twilight saga: Eclipse premiere! TheFABlife team is covering the premiere from the red carpet in Los Angeles as well as from our blog headquarters to give you the most complete Eclipse coverage possible.

We’ve partnered with some of our favorite Twilight bloggers and Twitter sites in our live chat above and we’ll have a live stream of the red carpet courtesy of the MTV Movies Blog rolling at 9:30pm EST/6:30 PT. We wanna hear from you so jump in and start chatting with us and say hello to our partner pals who will be joining us: @kstewartnews, @calliopeblabs, Letters to Twilight, RobPattzNews, Spunk Ransom, Twilightish and Twitarded!

When we’re not busy interviewing Kristen Stewart about what kind of pie she wants to bake us, we’ll be tweeting updates from the premiere red carpet and posting tons of red carpet pics, polls and gossip all night.

Check us out in the chat and on Twitter – @theFABlife. You can also contribute to our chat by tweeting #EclipseVh1.

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Live From Eclipse Tent City: Twi-Hards Talk Tattoos, Vampire Sex and Insist They’re Not Nuts


If you’re following TheFABlife on Twitter (What? You’re not?! @thefablife, dude!) you know that yesterday, I – resident Twilight nerd and FABlife editor Kate Spencer – landed in Los Angeles, Team Edward necklace nestled against my heart, and immediately drove my Nissan Altima hybrid (thanks Hertz!) over to the Eclipse tent city over at the Nokia Theater, where 500 Twi-hards are camped out to secure spots on the Eclipse premiere red carpet. Actually, first I hit up In N’ Out Burger so I could be nourished for the Twilight mania that lay ahead. Priorities, people!

For all of you not able to check out the scene at the Nokia Theater, you’re missing out on some of the coolest, nicest Twilight fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. In the 2 and a half hours I was there hanging out, we talked about everything from pregnancy and birth (both Bella’s and people’s real life experiences), to sex education in schools, to writing as a career. And of course we maybe chatted about Twilight for a couple of seconds, too. Just a couple.

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Exclusive: Dakota Dishes On Girls’ Night At Kristen Stewart’s House

Welcome to part 2 of our little chat with Ms. Dakota Fanning, who in another lifetime would be that one popular girl at school who is also insanely nice. You know that girl – the perfect one no one can loathe because she’s so damn cool? Yeah, that’s our DF. We finished our precious 6 minutes together chatting about her BFF Kristen Stewart, who is apparently the most adorably domestic 20 year old in all of Los Angeles. We asked Dakota about the girliest thing the pair has ever done together and, well, you’ll have to watch the clip to find out what it is.

Hint: it involves Kristen in an apron (or so we imagine).

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Dakota Fanning: Seeing Myself As Jane In Eclipse Is “Scary”

We sat down with Dakota Fanning recently while the young actress was doing press for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse in New York. Amazingly, we managed to avoid gawking at the starlet long enough to ask her a few questions about her role as Jane in the Twilight franchise, her friendship with co-star Kristen Stewart and how she handles the paparazzi that stalk her and her celebrity pals. We’ve got the first clip above – check back tomorrow for the second half of our interview. And now, to answer your burning questions about Dakoters (as we like to call her):

  • Yes, she is totally poised, pleasant and gives off an air of being much older than she is.
  • Yes, she was wearing¬† a pair of killer, strappy gray heels and skinny jeans.
  • Yes, she is a waif.
  • And yes, she kind of intimidated us even though she’s half our age.


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Got Questions For The Eclipse Cast? We Want ‘Em!


So like, no big deal or anything, but The FABlife will be live on the Eclipse premiere red carpet next Thursday, mic and camera in hand, chatting with any and every Eclipse star that strolls by. We’re nervously sweating already, but that’s why our doctor hooks us up with prescription strength deodorant. *Crickets*

But we need your help! Sure, we’ve got some questions we want to ask the cast (‘Kristen, will you bake us a pie?’) but we want to be sure to ask as many questions from the fans as possible. So get typing! Post your questions – no matter how silly or ridiculous – for the Twilighters in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get them to the cast on the red carpet in Los Angeles next Thursday.

We’ll also be here that night (June 24!) live-blogging the premiere with a live chat, photos, galleries and polls galore. Join us, your FABlife Twi-hards, for a night of squeeing even more epic than Robsten’s hand holding episode in Paris. For reals, guys.

Don’t forget to hit up The FABlife on Twitter: @thefablife.

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Is Renesmee’s Birth Too Graphic For The Big Screen?

The Twilight community is aflutter over rumors that Bella’s violent birth will forever exist only in our imaginations. While we’d love for Breaking Dawn to be rated R and feature Robsten having headboard-breaking sex in Brazil and a half-vamp baby tearing through Kristen Stewart‘s womb, it’s looking like a box office-friendly PG-13 rating is more likely, which unfortunately rules out pasty naked bods and too much gore. Will you miss the birth scene? Or would it have potentially been more campy than genuinely horrifying? [Source: Vulture]


Breaking Dawn Is Officially Two Movies

twimtvThis news may not come as a huge surprise to Twi-hards who are following the real-life Twilight saga regarding film production, but it’s been confirmed that Breaking Dawn will be split into two films. This means that on November, 18, 2011, hardcore fans will be simultaneously thrilled that they will be able to watch the first installment of Breaking Dawn, and also depressed that they will have to wait months to see the second installment. The two films will be filmed all at once over the course of four to five months, but there is no release date yet for the second half. Of course who cares about any of this, when there are t-minus nineteen days till the release of Eclipse?

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Kristen Stewart’s Stalker Is No Match For Her Ultra-Protective Fans


Here’s one thing we’ve learned about Kristen Stewart (photos) fans: say one thing that could be considered remotely negative about the Twilight princess, and they come at you stronger than an army of newborn vamps (ohhh, Eclipse reference!). Knowing their, uh, loyalty, we’re confident that if they catch wind of Kristen’s alleged stalker‘s whereabouts, they’ll kick his ass to Forks and back.

Now, apparently KStew is not that worried about her stalker, which we find hard to believe because

1. Kristen hates the paparazzi and is notoriously private and protective of her loved ones and her own life and…

2. It’s a f*cking STALKER and Kristen is no idiot. Moody – yes, dumb – no.

Not to mention, we don’t think best secret boyfriend ever Robert Pattinson (photos) would let some crazy person get within one inch of his beloved queen – especially if he keeps attacking her with surprise kisses (Robsten photos) every chance he gets. He’s like a free bodyguard with sexed up hair…come to think of it, we got to get ourselves one of those.

In all seriousness – stalkers are nothing to mess around with, and we hope that those big bodyguards we always see lurking around her are doing their job. Back off, weirdos!

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Ashley Greene Is The New Face Of Mark


The Twilight train brings a hell of a lot of mileage, and Ashley Greene, Twilight pay raise seeker, is cashing in. Greene is the new face of Avon‘s more affordable beauty and fashion brand “Mark.”¬† She’s taking the reins from Lauren Conrad, whose contract with “Mark” is over soon (er, as is her career?).

Greene gushed in the release, “I am thrilled to join the Mark family. Mark has been on my radar not only because of their great fashion and beauty products, but because the brand inspires young women to feel beautiful inside and out.” A slew of Ashley’s TV and print ads should be out this fall.

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