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MTV Movie Awards Should Be Renamed MTV Twilight Awards

It’s really nice that so many celebrities showed up for the 2010 Twilight Awards…er, MTV Movie Awards. The ceremony boasted a pretty great Tom Cruise dance number, Sandra Bullock in her first official public appearance since you know what, Aziz Ansari as master of ceremonies, and lots and lots of Twilight.

We have to say that we were touched by Sandra Bullock’s appearance. Not only did she look amazing in her black sequined dress (somewhere, Jesse James is crying on his sex couch over what he will never have again), but she seemed energized by the crowd and eager to move on from the crap of the past six months. Our favorite line of hers, after she accepted her Generation Award, was when she encouraged us all to “go back to making fun of me”. Oh, Sandy. Why you gotta be so likable? Also, why you gotta make All About Steve?

This year may not have seen Borat‘s taint landing just south of Eminem’s nostrils, but there were a few surprising moments that were interspersed with all the Twilight-love-festing going on. The Kiss Cam that caught Russell Brand and Jonah Hill locking lips, Xtina‘s light-up heart vagina and Ken Jeong‘s moving, but still WTF-ish acceptance speech when he received his WTF Award were among some of the more attention-getting, but the biggest surprise of all was the lack of bleeping during Peter Facinelli‘s f*ck-filled speech. Facinelli accepted the Best Movie award on behalf of the entire cast of New Moon, and he surely thought that his f-bomb laden speech would be censored only…it wasn’t. So there was a whole lotta f*ckin’ going on.

New Moon and its stars swept all the major categories (Best Male Star and Best Female Star went to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, respectively, and the pair won Best Kiss – check out their acceptance speech above), while co-star Anna Kendrick picked up the Breakout Star award for her role in Up In The Air. All that in addition to winning Best Film and generally being the most-talked-about subject of everyone’s jokes all night. So what do you think? Was the show too Twilight-heavy, or do these vamps deserve all the awards they earned? Did we miss any of your favorite moments? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out our mega-gallery from the night below.

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Even Kristen Stewart Can’t Believe How Hot She Is


Seriously, you guyssssss – look at our girl! Kristen Stewart (photos) is out promoting Eclipse looking like – okay, we’re gonna just say it – a hot piece of ass. (Somewhere on the set of Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson is shaking his head in agreement.)

KStew wore Prabul Gurung to the Eclipse premiere/fan event in South Korea, and it may be her sexiest look ever. We have no idea who coerced her into that fake hair, but when we find out we’re taking said stylist out for a drink or five. Now can we all just forget about the hoopla over Kristen’s rape/paparazzi comment and focus on the sparkly, vampy goodness in front of us?

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Eclipse Is “More Guy-Friendly,” Says Werewolf

Robert Pattinson may be busy filming Water For Elephants, but the rest of the Twilight-eers have already begun the press deluge for Eclipse (only 29 days away!!!!). Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were in Australia this weekend, shaking hands and answering questions for fans down under. Meanwhile, Tyson Houseman, one of the new werewolves in the film, told the Sun-Times the answer to our big question: can a dude watch it without clawing his eyes out? “There’s going to be a lot more action,” he promised. “There’s a very climactic fight scene. There’s an entire war at the end of the movie, and I think it’s going to be a lot more guy-friendly.” Frankly, it would have been hard to make a more painful date movie for (straight) dudes than the two-plus hours of Bella missing Edward while Jacob stands shirtless that was New Moon.

Along with action, Houseman promises an opportunity to nerd out. “Another thing that’s really, really cool…you get a lot of really cool background stories, like with the Quileutes. And with the other vampires, too, like, you get to learn about the history, about who they are.” More action and more backstory? Don’t worry, Twi-hards, we’re sure they included plenty of staring time in the forest for you, too.

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Own Robert Pattinson’s Doodle


True story, our sister was in a meeting once with John F. Kennedy, Jr. and after it ended, she picked up a napkin that he scribbled some doodles on and it’s become a prized possession of hers. Unless you’re a stalker or garbage-rummager, you’re not likely to find the random scribblings of a super-hot celebrity though, but for the next week, you can bid on one. Robert Pattinson created a doodle that’s currently accepting bids on eBay to raise money for PACT: Parents And Abducted Children Together.

The charity sounds like it’s full of Twi-hards, judging from their description of the drawing. They write “Where else are you, RPattz fanatic, going to buy what may just be an original self portrait penned by Rob himself that will go to aid such a great cause? You just won’t. So get excited, get that blood pumping, think about Edward Cullen’s eyes and go bid now!” The highest bid is currently at $940, so scrape that babysitting money together, Edward lovers, you can do this!

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Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz Will Return To Twilight


Well, it’s official: playing chicken with your career really does pay off, and it paid off big time for the good-looking blow-up dolls supporting cast of Twilight. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are confirmed for the fourth and fifth installments of the series, and they are each receiving almost $1.5 million per film each. Not quite the $4 million per film Ashley and Kellan were hoping for, but at least they realized that maybe they weren’t worth that much after all.

A source close to Summit Entertainment, the films’ production company, stated “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them.” Yeah, Summit may not have wanted to pay that much, but they aren’t stupid. The Twilight fan base would probably have a sh*t fit if two more actors were replaced, and the new cast would have likely been distracting and gotten the wrong kind of press for the film (because you just can’t replace actors in a franchise, did we learn nothing from Teen Wolf 2?). So Twi-hards, are you satisfied with the decision to keep these two on board and pay them more for 12 minutes of screen time than we’ll make in our lives?

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RPattz Doesn’t Understand Girls, Says Ashley Greene


Listen up Missy… you’re talking crazy. First you think you’re worth $4 million for Breaking Dawn, $8 mill if it gets split up into two films. That’s still dealable, Ashley Greene. It gives us ample opportunity to titter at your stupidity. But now you’ve gone too far and and an ass whooping is in order. And no, you’re really NOT Alice Cullen so guess what… you won’t know when we’re coming for you!

Miss Thang revealed in the new issue of Seventeen, “When I met Rob, I didn’t think twice about him. He’s really attractive, but that chemistry wasn’t there.” And then she went ahead and dropped this. Apparently Robert Pattinson (photos), also known as our future babydaddy, “doesn’t understand girls. He gets a lot of attention from them, but he doesn’t quite understand it because before Twilight, he was just a guy from Harry Potter.

Not the same case with her partner-in-negotiating (also known as Crazy # 2), Kellan Lutz.  She said the two have been,  “best friends ever since – and filming together has made us even closer.” How close? Have they hooked up? Greene replied, ” I’ve definitely thought about it”. Yada Yada Yada. No romance , she says, “He’s one of my best friends, but if we were going to be romantic, we would have done it years ago!”  Blah Blah Blah, adding, “I like having him to talk to about other guys to get that male perspective. I really cherish our relationship, so I wouldn’t want to mess that up by dating.”

Whatever, dude. You dissed Rob and now it’s on like Donkey Kong.

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Muse + Eclipse = Tweengasms For Days

Thanks in large part to the teen-savvy directorial acumen of original Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke, the film adaptations of author Stephenie Meyers’s series of pro-abstinence vampire novels have always come equipped with a killer soundtrack. Meyer herself has often acknowledged that Muse — a band she has personally acknowledged in the credits of her books New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn — stands above all others when it comes to serving as inspiration for the forbidden romance between Edward and Bella. Therefore, it surprised no one when the British threesome’s songs appeared on the soundtracks of the first two films in the series.

However, for the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (only 48 days away, people!), Muse decided to repay Meyers for all of the unwavering support she has shown them over the years by writing an original track for the film. The song, entitled “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever),” is just as grandiose, majestic and lovelorn as, well, puppy love itself. And although the official video for the song won’t be released until May 20th, we’ve managed to get our hands on a 30-second preview of the highly dramatic song for you, which ought to whet your appetite for the next few days. Enjoy!

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Toast Rob Pattinson’s 24th Birthday With 24 of His Most Ridiculous Faces


We’ve seen enough sexy Robert Pattinson photos to know that he’s the hottest man alive, now and forever (forever because he’s also a vampire and can’t die unless the Volturi kill him and we all know – okay, we’ll shut up). We’ve even sat two feet across from the guy during a Remember Me interview and let us tell you, if a human being could morph into a vibrator, he would be it. Girl boners abound!

But we also spend enough time (ie: every waking moment) looking at him to know he takes some hilariously fugly photos. While Taylor Lautner moves like a bottle of botox, RPattz just can’t stop smirking, grinning, gawking and guffawing awkwardly. Says our intern Nicki, who gathered the magnificent photos below, “I don’t understand how an actor has no control over his face.. isn’t that a part of the job ?” She speaks the truth, which only leads us to wonder…if he can’t reign it in on the red carpet, what does his face look like when he’s bedding his own personal Bella Swan? Moving on…

Today is Rob’s 24th birthday! (Squeals and golf claps.) And since we celebrated KStew’s birthday with some snapshots of that iconic Kristen Stewart bitch face, we thought we’d toast her boyfriend the same way. Enjoy our present to you – 24 of the most ridiculous Robert Pattinson faces on the planet – otherwise known as RPattz Porn. Dig in, dear readers!

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An Open Letter To Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz, Who Think They’re Worth $8 Million


Dearest Ashley Greene and Kullan Kellan Lutz,

Well look at that – Kellan, I spelled your name wrong in my open letter to you! I’d apologize except that I think it’s a perfect example of how insignificant you are. I’m a massive Twi-dork and I sometimes forget your name. So why then do you guys think your irrelevant asses deserve $4 million for each Breaking Dawn movie?

Look dudes, I get where you’re coming from. You’re part of a mega-franchise, with the second installment, New Moon, raking in $140.7 million in its opening weekend alone. So sure, $4 million (or $8 million, if Breaking Dawn is split into two movies) doesn’t seem like that much compared to how much the Twilight franchise makes (and how much Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are reportedly earning). But let’s be realistic here.

Ashley, you were a waitress at the Belmont Cafe before some casting director huffed crack and gave you the role of Alice Cullen – probably because your inexperience made you an affordable option. Sure, you were already a A-List star, what with your role as “McDonald’s Customer” in the movie no one saw, King of California, but Twilight kinda gave you a career bump, dontcha think?

Kellan, you look like every other gym-addicted, protein smoothie guzzling, tank-top wearing, girl in a club grinding, douche bag infesting America today. The most important thing you do in Twilight is pat Bella on the back. We’re confident Mike from Jersey Shore could handle that situation, and would be happy being paid in steroids and vodka tonics to do so. Sure, you had some bit parts on shows like The Comeback and 90210, but your most high profile role pre-Twilight was appearing in a Hilary Duff perfume ad. You should try letting the rain fall down and wake you from these salary dreams, bro.

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Rumors We Love: OK! Reveals “Kristen’s Pregnant!”

Robsten Preggo

We thought the idea of Rob & Kristen confessing their love to Oprah in private was insane, but leave it to OK! Magazine to Twi even Harder. Despite blogs and audience twitters alike warning Robert Pattinson will joke about Kristen Stewart being pregnant during their upcoming appearance on O’s show (with Stewart quipping Rob will have the baby), OK! is suggesting Rob’s gag was their “backstage revelation” on this week’s cover. Backstage, on stage, what’s the difference, right?

This is hardly the first time OK! has gone totally nutso over the bushy-haired vampire and his co-star/unconfirmed girlfriend. Anyone remember when Robsten let them “inside our home”? You know a mag is frothing when the cover story description is written from the stars’ perspective. Check out some other classic Twilight magazine covers in the gallery below.

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