Jessica Simpson, Lily Aldridge And 15 Other Celebrity Mamas Taking Over Twitter With Adorable Baby Pics

Josie Maran's, Hilary Duff's and Tori Spelling's babies

Celebrities have never been shy about showing off their bodies, vacations or friends on Twitter, and sometimes they really go over the line. But there’s one thing they can never share enough of, if you ask us: babies pictures! Earlier this week, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge gave us the first glimpse of her nearly 1-month-old daughter with husband and Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, Dixie Pearl. Dixie’s Twitter debut features her tiny feet in pink, bunny rabbit footie pajamas. Can we get a resounding awwww? There is no mistaking that this pic is precious, but it does come as a bit of a tease. When do we get to see this little munchkin’s face?

Following in the footsteps of Lily and other celebs who have chosen to announce the birth of their children via Twitter, Curly Sue star Alisan Porter didn’t waste any time tweeting a pic of her baby boy, Mason, born only yesterday. Other stars like Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Alessandra Ambrosio have also recently introduced their bundles of joy on Twitter. These adorable twitpics confirm that celebrities’ children are truly genetically blessed and living the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S life. We look forward to the possibility of a future modeling or acting career for these youngsters, but for now, we are just happy to get to see their lovable looks. Take a look at some of the cutest celebrity baby Twitpics. They are bound to melt your heart!

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s Roller-Coaster Faces Are Hilarious, And No, That’s Not A Metaphor For Dirty Stuff

Twitter: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West On Roller Coaster

By “roller-coaster faces,” we actually mean roller-coaster faces. As in, the hilarious faces you make while on a roller coaster, and not a metaphor for something entirely … different. So this is totally SFW. We’d also like to thank Kim Kardashian — the best over-sharer in the world — for giving us this gift. Kim, sister Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Kanye West visited Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park yesterday. We haven’t been, but we hear it’s pretty intense. The photograph you see above was taken while they were on a ride and subsequently tweeted by Kim, who wrote, “Magic Mountain fun today!!! Kendall screaming, Kanye laughing & me crying!” We’re laughing hysterically at this too, because Kim really does look terrified and seems to be bawling, while Kanye’s loving every second! Even Kendall called her out for chicken behavior tweeting, “LOL cry babyyy!” with Kim responding, “You cried too on one ride!!” Kim’s not really afraid of showing her fear to the world, though. She even cropped the picture to just include her own face, tweeted it, and wrote, “Another ugly infamous cry face for the records.” You gotta love Kanye’s expression too! It’s complete, unbridled joy!

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Coco’s Latest Twitter Pic Is Anything Butt Shy

If anyone questioned Coco’s position on nudity, please look no further than the above photo she posted last week. It’s sure to shock even those that understand that “appropriateness” has an entirely different definition for the model/reality-TV star.

“Haha, I have fun taking Thong Thursday pics…That was taken after boxing class,” Coco tweeted on @cocosworld. We have definitely seen our share of provocative photos from Coco, but this latest image is, well, extra unfiltered. On one hand, we gotta hand it to you, Coco: We applaud you for your obvious self-assurance in your body image and give it up to you for your dedication to boxing class…your perky, firm butt definitely confirms your workouts have been paying off. (No cellulite here!) On the other hand, maybe this pic falls more under the category of a photo you text to Ice-T? But whatever is working for you, Hunny. Check out the whole NSFW shebang after the jump, and tell us if you think she should hold back or keep those Thong Thursdays coming.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Post Season’s Cutest Bikini Pics So Far

Jamie Lynn Spears and daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge

You guys can keep ogling those pics we posted yesterday of Gabrielle Union taking in the Miami heat, or admire Kate Upton’s design skill as she posed for her very own line of bikinis. We’ll be over here awwwing over the pics Jamie Lynn Spears Instagram’d of her and 3-year-old daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge on Sunday with the simple captions “#poolday” and “#littlegirls #littlemoments.”

After years away from the spotlight following her scandalous pregnancy at age 16, Jamie Lynn has been getting back in the music biz lately. She performed a bunch of original songs in Nashville (where she now lives) last November and said she’d be releasing a country album this year. She split from Maddie’s father, Casey Aldridge, in 2009, and has since been raising her daughter with the help of her family.

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Ke$ha Pees In The Street So That You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

Oh, Ke$ha. We love you because we secretly have been just like you at some point in our lives. Maybe it was just for a moment, or a year, but we can definitely look back and say, yep, we have wanted to dress in nothing but feathers and glitter, hoped the guy we met in a bar would just shut up and make out with us, written a hit song for Britney Spears and made our assistants dress in penis costumes for our amusement. And we definitely have had one or two desperate moments — stuck in traffic, wasted on St. Patrick’s Day, a Wednesday night in college, what have you — when we had no choice but to pee in the street. What we didn’t do was snap a photo of ourselves in the act and then tweet it out to the world. But maybe that’s just because we didn’t have Twitter at the time. Anyway, here is said amazing pic:

“pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffik,” the dollar-signed one tweeted late last night. And wherever she was, we sincerely hope the popo have better things to do with their time.

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Kim Kardashian Shares Her Deep Thoughts About Reality TV, Bikini Clones

Every time Kim Kardashian starts to hint at the fact that she’s actually a disgruntled, introspective soon-to-be divorcee with a lot to say, she immediately distracts us by pointing out to us how good she looks in a soaking wet white bikini. “I do believe in love. I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought,” Kim sighed to British Cosmo as part of a surprisingly downbeat interview. Girl is currently keeping it real! Well, up until the part where she posts a photo of her bikini clone on Twitter. “Double Trouble,” she tweeted along with the photo. We know that other Kim isn’t real, Actual Kim! Get back to the part about sadness and heartbreak!

Fortunately, Kardashian also got contemplative about the toll reality TV took on her marriage to Kris Humphries, and how Keeping Up With The Kardashians might affect any future marriages she might want to last longer than 72 days. “I don’t think I would stop [doing the reality show] – I love doing it – but I wouldn’t have another relationship shown on the show,” she explains. “That might be too personal, especially when you’re just meeting someone.” Call us crazy, but now we want to hear about all of Kim’s theories on reality television and modern relationships. We already know she looks smoking in a two-piece; give us more Existential Crisis Kim!

[Photo: Kim Kardashian’s Twitter]

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Nicki Minaj Gets Her Harajuku Barbie On With Her Japanese Fans

Depending on which alter ego has control over her body at the moment, Nicki Minaj takes great pride in being American’s Harajuku Barbie, complete with an outrageous pastel wardrobe that’s something of an homage to the Tokyo shopping district. Given her notorious love of florescent colors and gumball machine accessories, Nicki’s current trip to Japan must feel like coming home, if home was a high-fashion version of Candyland. “Harajuku to the fullest,” Nicki swoons as she posts photos of herself posing with rainbow-colored fans. “Look @ my babies!!!!” No matter where you are in the world, Nicki’s cotton candy wig will find you if you truly believe. That’s why we always sleep in ours!

The rapper arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday to promote the release of her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded next month, as well as perform three shows this week in almost as many days. Nicki might be styled like she’s straight out of her Barbie packaging, but according to her tweets, she’s actually dragging. “With the time diff, its usually around midnight my time when we start the interviews. So my whole team is going thru it. Lmao. Noddin n s—-,” Nicki Minaj jokes. “But seeing the Japanese barbz just makes it all worth it.” Also worth it? The gentle reminder for Minaj to up her makeup game! That neon pink undereye shadow is untouchable!

[Photo: Nicki Minaj’s Twitter]

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AnnaLynne McCord Isn’t About To Apologize For Her Topless Twitpic

If we didn’t like AnnaLynne McCord before (and, frankly, we were neutral), we love her now that we’ve read her response to what could have been rightfully known as the AnnaLynne McCord Topless Twitpic Scandal of 2012. “My only response to all these lovely people is, ‘He who be without sin cast the first stone,'” the 90210 actress told Global Grind, when asked about haters hating on the scandalous picture she accidentally sent a fan last Friday. “If you have never messed up or done anything wrong in your life, then please, feel free to judge me.” Is it gauche to give a standing ovation if the person you’re clapping for can’t hear or see you? Oh, like that’s ever stopped us before!

While some people might wonder why any famous person in their right mind would pose for a photo sans bra, then send it via social media to a total stranger, McCord isn’t about to pretend she feels bad about the experience. “I’m a human being and we make mistakes,” McCord shrugs. So … can we go ahead and put AnnaLynne’s Twitpic on the $1 bill already? Oh, like you weren’t thinking it too.

[Photo: .com/FayesVision/AnnaLynne McCord’s Twitter]

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Miley Cyrus Puts Us In A Spin Cycle With A Li’l Laundromat Photo Shoot

You bettah work … on separating your whites from your colors before throwing them in the wash, Miley Cyrus. The singer stuck a pose with sis Brandi Cyrus and pal Denika Doll last night amid the fabric softener and stray socks for an impromptu laundry-themed photo shoot. How come Miley’s entire posse looks cuter and more pulled-together on Laundry Day than we look every other day of the year? “It may look like a photoshopt, but we were legit doing laundry,” tweeted Brandi along with the photos. Man, if Annie Liebovitz had used a dryer sheet instead of one from a boring old bed in her portrait of Miley Cyrus, maybe her photo would have been half as charming and well-scrubbed as these. Hindsight: It’s always 20/20.

[Photo: Brandi Cyrus’ Twitter]

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28 Hottest, Grossest And Completely TMI Celeb TwitPics Of 2011

What did we do before celebrities found out about Twitter? Whether it’s hot bodies in bikinis, hot bodies out of bikinis, scabs, famous people without makeup or ill-advised tattoos, 2011 was a great year for celebrity TMI tweets. Everyone from Gaga and Kanye to Katy Perry and Mariah Carey wanted to share the inside of their hearts (and pants and bathroom stalls) with the world. Not that we want them to stop, mind you! Not like we would ever want them to stop. In the meantime, check out the 28 Best TwitPics of 2011: Because you can’t untweet something once it’s been tweeted, no matter how hard you try.

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