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LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian’s Ex Call For End To Twitter Warfare

Jeez, America! Can’t you just let LeAnn Rimes sleep with that other woman’s husband in peace already? After months of animosity, Rimes and Brandi Glanville end their Twitter feud….which they seem to forget that they started? “As a collective unit, Brandi and I would like all negativity to cease toward one another,” Rimes tweeted, and Brandi retweeted. “We have communicated and have a direct understanding that we are ONLY ourselves on Twitter and have no other accounts that try to destroy one another. Please for our families’ sake stop the hate now and let us live OUR lives. We don’t need opinions or outside help in order for that to happen. Thanks, LeAnn and Brandi.” Oh right, we forgot that it was LeAnn and Brand’s followers who revealed her fiance Eddie Cibrian isn’t paying his child support, how Glanville slashed his tires or how Rimes fought with Wendy Williams. You all should be truly ashamed of yourselves.

Whether they want to address it or not, the two lovely ladies have been at each other’s throats on more than one occasion. After all, Glanville and Rimes have been feuding since fall of 2009, and blaming everyone else for it since, well, it became convenient to do so. All joking aside, we will gladly stop haranguing Rimes and Glanville. Besides, they’ve done an excellent job of it on their own.

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Corey Bohan Attacks “Empty” Ex Audrina Patridge On Twitter

The worst part about being a celebrity must be when your ex is out for revenge, like when Audrina Patridge’s ex Corey Bohan trashed her on Twitter. There’s not such thing as a “good break-up” when thousands of people are aware that you got dumped. “Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad! Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out. U cant love a heartless woman,” Blohan tweeted. “A girl that’s told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual. It’s quite sad.”

Yeah, maybe that would make someone insecure…almost as sad and insecure as you’d need to be attack your ex-girlfriend via social media. Come on, Corey. A biting e-mail is good enough for the rest of the population, and that way no one has to find out what an asshat you sound like.

Audrina and Corey broke up before in 2009, only to eventually reunite. Looks like Corey doesn’t care about burning that bridge after their most recent break-up earlier this month. Patridge fired back at Bohan today, dismissing him as “bitter.” Meanwhile allegedly Audrina has moved on to Nic Roldan, a polo player who we’re going to advise not look at his Reply To tweets, at least until Bohan gets the vengeance out of his system.

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Courtney Love To Fork Over $430,000 In Twitter Defamation Case

It turns out that acting a fool on Twitter not only immediately let’s people know you’re a jerk; it can also cost you close to a half mil. Allegedly Courtney Love must pay $430,000 in a Twitter defamation case brought against her by designer Dawn Simorangkir. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Love reached a settlement with Simorangkir that will have the former Hole singer making payments out the wazoo until 2014. The dust-up began when Love went on a 20 minute tweet tirade in 2009, which included calling Simorangki an “a–wipe nasty lying nosebag thief.” You can be sued for that? That seems a bit harsh. Who’d have though you could be taken to court over things you’d write inside your high school Burn Book?

Love has already shut down her Twitter, despite the many delicious scandals it gave us in the past few years. Remember when Love tweeted a nude photo of herself? Ah, memories. “The amount of the settlement says it all,” said the designer’s attorney Bryan Freedman. “Her reprehensible defamatory comments were completely false and $430,000 is quite a significant way to say I am sorry. One would hope that, given this disaster, restraint of pen, tongue and tweet would guide Ms. Love’s future conduct.”  Let’s just hope Courtney deleted all of her tweets while she was at it. Something tells us there’s probably enough ammunition there to clean out every bank account she has.

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Willow Smith Muses About Her Career In Vanity Fair

Girl might still be in elementary school, but when Willow Smith poses for Vanity Fair, she’s basically taking you to school. In addition to working it out for photographer Art Streiber in the video above, the littlest diva discusses signing with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation label, her album due out in March and the future of her artistic aspirations. Yes, Willow is literally 1/3 of our age, and she’s already fitting business meetings between her graham cracker and juice breaks. “It is very cool, because Jay really welcomes me and makes me feel like the record label is a place where I can have fun and talk about my career,” Willow gushes. “He and his people make me feel like I’m a part of something. And I love Beyoncé—she’s awesome!” If we were Beyoncé, we’d be looking over our shoulder already. Willow isn’t going to settle for less than #1 for long…

Despite the fact that Willow has had massive success before most of us learned to tie our shoes, not everyone thinks someone so young should be dominating show business. Waiting To Exhale author Terry McMillan hit Twitter to criticize the Smith kids, calling out Will and Jada Pickett Smith for letting Willow and Jaden work at such a young age. “The Smith children already act like child stars. There’s an arrogance in their demeanor and behavior. I find it incredibly sad,” McMillan tweeted. “It feels like the Smith children are being pimped and exploited. Or, they’re already hungry for fame. What about 4th grade?” The writer has since apologized, but fans on either side of the debate are riled up. So what do you think? Is Willow too young to be making hits? Or did she come out of the womb so fierce, there’s really no point in denying it?

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Chris Brown Acts The Fool, Slings Homophobic Slurs On Twitter

Aw, why is everyone always picking on Chris Brown?  Do you think it has anything to do with his inability to not act like a jackass, as evidenced by Chris Brown’s homophobic Twitter fight with singer Raz-B? To be fair, Raz-B kicked off the Twitter feud by asking why Brown would “disrespect women” like Rihanna. Since Raz-B has publicly accused his former manager of molesting him as a teen, Chris of course took the high road and immediately tweeted classy gems like, “@razb2k merry christmas.i just gave you 20 thousand more followers.. u shouldve did this first instead of telling the world you got raped.” and “@razb2k you have a lower back tattoo that says “different strokes.” Brown even re-tweeted a Photoshopped photo of Raz-B’s face on a Peter Pan body. Embarrassing yourself in public: it takes dedication…and sometimes photo-editing software.

After the fight cooled down, Chris couldn’t decide if he felt bad for his actions or just felt bad for himself, which is sort of his M.O. Brown tweeted, “BTW… i love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!!!! love,” only to complain later, “its wack as f–k that everybody can bash me… but soon as i defend myself its world war 3.I TAKE S–T FROM everybody… its cool though..” Poor Chris. If only people didn’t get so worked up about his horrible, homophobic ranting!

UPDATE: Chris Brown issued an apology through TMZ this afternoon, stating “Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from Raz B, who was bent on getting attention. Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter. I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone.  Molestation and victims of such acts are not to be taken lightly; and for my comments I apologize — from the bottom of my heart.”

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Kelly Osbourne Accuses Ex Of Sleeping With “Hundreds” Of Men And Women


We here at TheFABlife would never, ever, ever condone infidelity of any kind. That being said, if you’re going to cheat, we say go big or go home. After breaking up with him this past summer, Kelly Osbourne insulted ex Luke Worrell on Twitter on Christmas after some particularly slimy rumors emerged about him. Some of the tweets have since been deleted, but Osbourne did not hold back her opinions about her former fiance. “Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of s—. He has been trying to get back with me. I only came home for Christmas to see him, meanwhile he has been f—ing hundreds of girls, as well as men, behind my back,” Kelly raged. That is truly heinous, but at the same time…Worrell must have incredible time-management skills.

“I think the best part of this situation is that I have been painted out 2 be the crazy 1 when all I did was tell the honest to gods truth,” Osbourne complained after her onslaught. Honey, don’t you know there is no way to not look crazy while engaging in a Twitter fight? Take a look at the past two years of Courtney Loves life and you’ll see what we mean. “Dont think I have ever felt so stupid he made a fool of me going to be off Twitter for a while never felt heart brake like this in my life,” Osbourne tweeted today. Quitting Twitter isn’t the way to get revenge, Kelly! Just get out that phone book and start lining up dates for the new year. Two can play at this slutty game! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Only Kanye’s Twitter Understands Him

We tried to go a full twenty-four hours without posting on Kanye West antics. Really we did. But he is too strong. We can’t fight him anymore. Damn you, Kanye.

The rapper is unhappy with how he was treated while filming an interview with Matt Lauer, during which he clarified his feelings on former President George W. Bush. Lauer showed only a short clip of the interview to Bush on a live Today Show discussion this morning, in which Kanye explained, “I didn’t have the grounds to call him a racist. But I believe that in a situation of high emotion like that, we as human beings don’t always choose the right words.”

Seems OK to us. But according to Kanye, something happened during his interview taping that pissed him off. So he confided in his closest friend: his twitter. And quite frankly, we were kind of disturbed by the tortured soul he poured out. In one hour he dropped 17 tweets, each one more haunting than the last.

“While I was trying to give the interview they started playing the ‘MTV’ under me with audio!!!!!!! I don’t mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show…” he wrote. “HE TRIED TO FORCE MY ANSWERS. IT WAS VERY BRUTAL AND I CAME THERE WITH ONLY POSITIVE INTENT? I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused. I don’t trust anyone but myself! I can’t be everything to everybody anymore. I can’t be everybody’s hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ! I create, I’m creative, I have a good heart, everyone will see and understand one day.”

Someone give this man a hug and some valium. But then he continued his descent into Twitter feed madness by wishing that the spirit of The King of Pop was hooked up to a social networking device.

“Everything sounds like noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!!”  I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!! Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! It’s all a f*cking set up!!!!!”

Even after all that, we still have no idea what possibly could have offended Kanye so deeply. But look on the bright side, Kanye! George Bush says he’s cool with you now. That’s gotta count for…something. Hug it out, fellas.

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Chelsea Handler And Nick Cannon Start World War III Over Twitter

It was comedian vs comedian, or at least comedian vs. Nick Cannon, after Chelsea Handler ripped on Nick Cannon’s comedy tour via Twitter last night. “I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?”, Handler tweeted, apparently forgetting that everyone and their mother has a Twitter, including Mariah Carey’s better half. Cannon quickly replied to Chelsea that, “I actaully used to have respect for you as a comic. But for one artist to diss another in the same art form. #Tasteless”. Hard to believe, but that nasty little exchange is down-right classy compared to what comes next. Chelsea proceeded to whip out the coup de grace of poorly thought out Twitter replies, by tweeting a picture of a grape soda at Nick, which, real talk, is the Twitter version of invading Poland, escalation-wise. Cannon preceded showed of his comic stylings by riffing on Chelsea hard-core, some of his choicest tweets including:

  • Just talked to @50cent He said he made @chelseahandler get G-Unit tattooed on her balls!
  • @Chelseahandler @Howardstern @Eminem Why do all these angry ugly whitetrash folks want beef with me? What I do? I’m a harmless corny dude!
  • @50cent wasn’t hitting @chelseahandler they was just sharing testosterone tips

And our personal favorite:

  • @chelseahandler Looks like she got hit in the face with a hot bag nickels!

Oh and Snap! Man, getting hit with a bag of nickels would hurt already, right? But then if they were hot? And it was your face? Nick gets points for creativity if nothing else. Both Handler and Cannon are now dealing with each other’s enraged fans, and probably will be for weeks. The thing is, neither Chelsea nor Nick is a stranger to public brawls, as Perez Hilton and Eminem (and probably dozens of other people) can attest. So you think they would know better, right? Ah, forget it, guys; it’s Twitter Town.