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Retta, The Greatest Live-Tweeter, Reviews TV’s Best Shows

Parks and Recreation‘s Donna aka the terribly funny Retta is probably Twitter’s funniest live-tweeter. Each week the actress blesses fans with shocked reactions, quick wit and unforettable commentary. When VH1′s Kate Spencer bumped into her on the red carpet of the PaleyFest 2014, the ultimate TV fan festival, she tested Retta’s Twitter knowledge of the show and had her provide one-word and one-tweet reviews. She offers up thoughts on Orange is the New Black, Scandal and The Walking Dead. And let’s be real, hearing Retta review each show is just like watching her live feed on Twitter. She’s exactly the person you want to watch TV with because she knows exactly how you feel.

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Amanda Bynes’ Uglies To Kanye’s Rants: Who Had The Most Regrettable Tweet Of 2013?

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How long has social media been around now? To be honest, it’s sad to see how many celebrities have caught on that spewing their every thought instantly is a bit unwise. But for all those buttoned-up, publicist-heeding spoilsports, we still have the likes of Kanye West, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. As we wrap up the best of 2013 this month, we had a good ole time reminiscing about their awesomely unfiltered moments this year. And they weren’t alone. Read more…

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Dreams Do Come True … If You’re Ryan Lochte! Did He Really Make Out With Carmen Electra?


Guys, if you wish hard enough of something, you can have it. That’s the moral of this story. No, you can’t, sorry. Not unless you’re Ryan Lochte, clearly. Apparently, people are talking about Ryan making out with Carmen Electra at Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood earlier this week. Says a source — and you can almost hear the glee in their voice, ” They were in a booth together and he had his arm around her and they were kissing on the lips. At one point, they were standing up and kissing and everyone saw them. They did not leave together, and I am not sure if they will see each other again. But they have been tweeting and instagraming back and forth.” They totally have been. The picture you see above is one which Carmen tweeted, writing, “So nice to meet u. JEAH!!!” Ryan also instagrammed one of him holding her tight, writing, “Me and beautiful carmenelectra my biggest crush since childhood. Finally meeting her. #jeah” Why is this not just your regular old possible Hollywood hook-up. ‘Cause Ryan really did most possibly make out with the woman he’s crushed on since he was a kid. And she’s still super fine. He’s even talked about his hots for Carmen, telling the The Daily Buzz, “Growing up, I’ve always looked at Carmen Electra.” See, some dreams do come true.

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The Other Spears Is Getting Married: Jamie Lynn, That Is


So, we fully admit we totally didn’t know that Jamie Lynn Spears was dating anyone, because her famous sister, Britney Spears, took up all our brain space. But Jamie has now left the dating pool behind to become engaged to her boyfriend, 30-year-old Jamie Watson. Yes, they share the same name. Jamie squared have been dating for three years proving a nine-year time different ain’t nothing. Jamie — lady Jamie, that is — excitedly tweeted out the photo you so above, writing, “Guesssss what??????” And if you’d like a close-up of the rock, you can see it right here. Britney for Maid of Honor, for the win! Congratulations to Jamie and Jamie! They look really happy!

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Modern Family Stars Tweet Up Some Fun While Stuck In An Elevator

If I ever had the misfortune to be stuck in an elevator — I’m mildly claustrophobic, so it’s my idea of hell — I’d like to be stuck with these these guys. The Modern Family cast members: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen. Because they actually spent an hour stuck, you guessed it, in an elevator, all together, at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel where they were headlining the Kids Night Out 2013 fundraiser during the weekend. While just typing this gives me hives, it’s worth mentioning that they were stuck with 15 other people in what is technically, a tin can. They ended up getting late for the show, getting on only at 10 pm, where they were supposed to start by 9 pm. But forget all of that. While I would be screaming for a paper bag to breathe into, the comedic trip ended up rolling with the punches and tweeting some hilarity about the situation. Stonestreet wrote, “I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50min better than I thought. All jessetyler did was pass wind. That’s my mom in blue.” The picture you see above is from Bowen’s twitter account, which explained, “after a quick hour trapped in the service elevator, we were rescued by Duke and the Fire dept. here’s a photo from inside.” Of course, JTF’s post made us crack up the most. See for yourself.  Read more…

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Whose Grandmother Is This? The Answer May Surprise You


So this celebrity just tweeted this photographer of his — or her, we’re not giving it away that easily — grandmother. Is there a resemblance between grandparent and their celebrity grandchild? We think so, yes. More specifically in the hair department. If you want another hint, look at the lettering on the car. Got it yet?  Read more…