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Cher Gets All Kanye On Twitter For Being Slighted By The Oscars

Whenever Oscar nominations are announced there’s always one camp who get seriously pissed off—people who didn’t get a nod and therefore feel slighted (that’s an understatement). The Oscar nominations 2011 have been no exception. Although the most vociferous of the noms-haters may come as a bit of a surprise. It’s Cher who’s mad that Burlesque didn’t get a Best Song nomination (she’s in the movie , of course). She thinks they were robbed, tweeting, ” We didn’t get a nomination 4 best song! That sucks! Diane’s song Is so beautiful! It’s hard to understand how u win…” She continued her rant in the next tweet, “the Golden Globe 4 BEST SONG & not even get nominated by the OSCARS? Oh well it is..what it is … the sun us still shining!” That wasn’t the end so do visit Cher’s Twitter account for the amusing read.

The reason why she’s got all Kanye West is because Diane Warren won Best Original Song at The Golden Globes for You haven’t seen the last of Me for Burlesque, and thanked Cher onstage for being an “eternal bad-ass.”  Cher… it’s Burlesque. Which is probably going to be the new-Showgirls for humanity from now until the next really bad film comes out. It’s not that big of a surprise the Oscars shut it down.

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Snooki Sits With Kim Kardashian—Reality TV’s Brain Just Exploded

There’s no news connected with this picture other than that Snooki and Kim Kardashian were at the same Mavericks vs Nets ball game in New Jersey. This photo goes beyond news, people. You’ve got the two biggest ball-changers in the reality TV game in one frame. What was reality TV like before these two came along? Sure, it was there, but c’mon guys… Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore? They gave a whole new meaning (and spawned a whole new generation) of 15-minute-fame seekers who, somehow, managed crossing over into celebrity-land. And you better believe they’ll claw your eyes out if you try to get them to leave.

For that utter dedication to being, erm, them, we salute Snooki and Kim. We love the fact that Snooki’s try to look like Kim in this photo. She sent the photo to Kim over Twitter without a message, because she had to be cool. Ok? Because celebrities can also be fangirls. Check out the gallery for more of their mutual admiration. [Photo: Twitter/Getty Images]

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No More Baby Spice, Emma Bunton Is Engaged

Fantastic news! This songstress can now leave “Baby Spice” behind for good. Ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton is engaged. Emma has been with her partner, Jade Jones, since 2000, and the couple have a son, Beau, together. They’ve been on a happy roll for the past couple of months announcing that Emma was pregnant with their second child last year in November. Emma tweeted, ” So our family grows, we are SO excited to announce we’re having our 2nd baby and beau’s wish for a brother or sister has come true!”

Now, just two days after her birthday, Jade seems to have popped the question, making an honest woman out of her. Emma announced the news on Twitter again, writing, “Yahooooo I’m Engaged! Love you Jade! I’m a very happy lady!!” She tweeted a photo of the sparkler as well (pictured above) for everyone to see. Congratulations to the couple!

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Holly Madison’s Twitter Account Is Her Dating Service


Online dating sites have a new competitor now, because this bit of news is going to give hopefuls new heart. Holly Madison has revealed she met her new boyfriend Jack Barakat on Twitter. Because there’s nothing like finding love in a 140 characters or less amidst thousands of followers.

Holly’s Twitter account was the site of their burning romance and she reveals, “We met through a mutual friend and then somehow somebody retweeted something funny he said on Twitter. So I started following him, and then we started Tweeting each other back and forth!” Hey, who are we to judge, right? Because we’re trying really hard not to.  Things progressed to the real world quickly and we’re hoping only after she figured out he wasn’t a stalker or a psycho. “So then we started direct messaging each other and then exchanged numbers. We were texting for months, and finally when I had my vacation, I was like, ‘Do you wanna come out hang out with me?’ And he did and we hit it off right away” she added.  Not judging. Must.Not.Judge. But she invited him on her vacation? Seriously?

Anyway, they look happy together. But then everyone looks happy on TV shows because they have to. You’ll be seeing plenty of him on her show Holly’s World in case you want the lowdown on their relationship. Here’s hoping you guys have moved on from micro-conversation and emoticons!

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No One Gets Kanye’s Jokes, Will Hopefully Get His Gay Jazz Movie

Our collective efforts to let Kanye West be great continue to fail, you guys. If Twitter is any indication, Kanye West is on the defensive after his Britney Spears joke. Cracked West on Friday, “Yo Britney, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time!” After Britney’s manager Adam Leber called the rapper out as condescending, Kanye scrambled to explain. “When I said the comment about Brittney I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all!,” West claimed. “As pop stars we’re all in this shit together! We on the inside of the TV!” If Kanye actually thinks he’s inside of a TV, that explains the last two or three years of his career.

Maybe it’s time for West to branch out into a new media, perhaps one that isn’t tweet-based? According to Media Takeout, Kanye has signed on to play a gay jazz player in a period film set in 1939. “Kanye has signed on to do some acting, in a flick about a GAY jazz band in 1939. He plays a GAY band member, and there is EXPLICIT gay sex in this movie,” says their anonymous source. “The script won 9 awards, so i think it’s good. The Oscars Academy has this thing called the nicholl, a competition for screenplays, and the script for the movie won there twice, so I guess that means it will be one of those oscar films. It isn’t the typical hood movie rappers do.” Hmm, there sure are a lot of random capitalization in that leak…maybe enough to make it legit? We would definitely see this film, though someone might have to cut Kanye’s lines down to 140 characters at a time.

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It’s Fanboy Justin Bieber With La Jolie


Who would’ve thought that these two would ever be in the same photo – or the same anything – together? But here’s it is, Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie posing together at the red carper at the 2011 Golden Globes. The Biebs saw Angie on the red carpet and like any self-respecting male, had to ask for an autograph. Angelina agreed, and even though this could be a wax statue of the actress, she looked lovely. Seriously Angie, won’t hurt you to move some facial muscles and not look like a fembot?

A purple shades wearing Bieber tweeted the photo writing, “Angelina Jolie with @Justinbieber and 3D#purpleglasses oh yeahhhhh”. He totally was imaging her as Lara Croft, right? In 3D? That would be something.

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Kim Kardashian (Almost) Bares It All Again


Woah. Kim Kardashian tweeted this picture from a photo shoot and wrote, “Photo shoot time! @JasonofBH jewels and red lips! #2sexy2tweet?” With the likes of Coco around, there’s nothing too sexy to tweet. But we’ll have to hand it to to Kim for upping the smoldering stakes.  We’re not being prudes, are we? That is a hell of a lot of skin, right? Ms. Kardashian seems most comfortable taking it off these days. Remember her W Magazine cover? Taking it off voluntarily, we mean. That sex tape business is a whole other ballgame.

The photo shoot’s for Jason Arasheben, FYI. His twitter account says he’s a “Purveyor of Lavish Diamond Luxuries”. And now he’s a purveyor of a half-naked Kim. Hash tag: win.

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Rihanna Rocks Bangs At Clippers Game, Shoots Vogue Cover

Rihanna never sticks with a hairstyle long, so we’re glad she let paparazzi capture her bangs for posterity at the Clippers/Heat game last night. The singer tweeted last night that she just shot her first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Liebowitz, too—so this look might get even more exposure. See more pics of Rihanna—and Clippers’ no. 1 fan Jessica Alba—in the gallery below.

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Jersey Shore Just Got Mini-Me’d


Gah! Our eyes! It’s pint-sized Snooki, mini-Situation and little J-Woww! Luckily, this isn’t for real. At least we hope so. All we know is the JWoww tweeted this picture of these tiny guidettes and guido, writing, “Omg lol classic RT @HannahNeverman: love this. @sn00ki @ITSTHESITUATION@JENNIWOWW”

We’re thinking it’s a very late Halloween picture by a fan or friend? ‘Cause these kids are adorable. We can’t have them fist-pumping or getting their GTL on at this age.

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