Rihanna Rocks Bangs At Clippers Game, Shoots Vogue Cover

Rihanna never sticks with a hairstyle long, so we’re glad she let paparazzi capture her bangs for posterity at the Clippers/Heat game last night. The singer tweeted last night that she just shot her first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Liebowitz, too—so this look might get even more exposure. See more pics of Rihanna—and Clippers’ no. 1 fan Jessica Alba—in the gallery below.

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Jersey Shore Just Got Mini-Me’d


Gah! Our eyes! It’s pint-sized Snooki, mini-Situation and little J-Woww! Luckily, this isn’t for real. At least we hope so. All we know is the JWoww tweeted this picture of these tiny guidettes and guido, writing, “Omg lol classic RT @HannahNeverman: love this. @sn00ki @ITSTHESITUATION@JENNIWOWW”

We’re thinking it’s a very late Halloween picture by a fan or friend? ‘Cause these kids are adorable. We can’t have them fist-pumping or getting their GTL on at this age.

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Lily Allen, Elizabeth Hurley Busted For Twitter Shout-Outs

We get spoiled with famous people like Kanye West who seem to have Twitter connected directly to their brains. Turns out some British celebs have tweets sent directly from their wallets. Authorities are now targeting stars like Lily Allen and Elizabeth Hurley for using Twitter to advertise products without their fans knowing about it. The Office of Fair Trading in the U.K. are calling these pay-for-tweet partnerships “deceptive” to the celebs’ many followers. So, what’s the likelihood Courtney Love has just been selling extra-strength crazy pills this whole time?

Apparently current consumer protection laws require spokespeople to identify which of their tweets are product-placement versus those that are personal. “People shouldn’t be misled. If someone has been paid to advertise a product they should declare it. It’s not specific to celebrities,” the OFT explains. Violating the law can mean a hefty fine. Hurley tweeted just last week about products by Estee Lauder, for which she is a long-time spokeperson. “If your skin is dry from too much central heating, try Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist serum. Just used for first time & it’s divine,” the actress wrote, while Allen has given shout-outs to Grey Goose vodka. We can believe how devious this is! We’re going to unfollow all celebrities just as soon as we finish putting on this moisturizer and drinking this martini. Wait a minute…


Marlon Wayans Cuts Finger, Tweets Proof

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans cut his finger partying with his brother Shawn in Uruguay last night, and despite the bikini babes they were spotted with earlier, apparently no one was there to kiss and make it better. The Little Man actor put garish photos of the injury on his Twitter account, culminating in a bloody shot of the unbandaged finger. “Hurts like a bitch. Taking yall thru my pain. Left handed!” Apparently not satisfied with the brutal photos, he noted “My biggest concern is HOW DO I WIPE MY ASS??? ArgggGh!” You still got it, Marl!

See the source of Marlon’s agony in the gallery below.

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Coco Tweets A Picture Of Her Butt – Just Another Day In The Ice-T Household


Ice-T’s wife, Coco‘s definition of what people do during the week is a bit skewed. We’re not sure regular people hang out half-naked using various home appliances as props. Do they? Are we missing out on something here? Coco tweeted out a message recently, that reads, “Just me lounging on my kitchen counter top. Doesn’t everybody do that? Happy Thong Thursday!” To illustrate her point she also tweeted this picture (shown above), where she’s indeed making use of her kitchen counter, albeit in a slightly disturbing way.

Considering her proclivity to wear similarly stringed bikinis and barely-there catsuits, we’d say this is just another regular day for Coco. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

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Kellie Pickler Elopes And Gets Married


Happy married life to you, Mrs Jacobs! That would be Kellie Pickler, who just eloped and got married to Kyle Jacobs, her boyfriend of three years. They did it in style too, saying “I do” on a private island in the Caribbean on New Years day. Jacobs had popped the question last year in June.

The newly weds have been living it up and look incredibly happy, with Pickler tweeting, “crAzy about this man” along with this picture taken just yesterday. Pickler tweeted her wedding announcement to the world as well, writing, “Private Island. Caribbean. Cigar in one hand, Rum in the other. Someone just called me “Mrs. Jacobs.”….sounds nice”. Just in case you thought she was kidding around, Kellie also tweeted a clarification explaining, “Yes, it’s true, @kylecjacobs and I said “I Do!” Thank you Jesus!”  Amen! Congratulations to the couple.

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Bieber Hits Twitter After Photos Drop, Selena Gomez Gets Death Threats

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Unsurprisingly, photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing in their swimsuits have caused Twitfits among fans of the 16-year-old superstar. TMZ grabbed a handful of the juicier threats Selena has received on Twitter, including our favorite “stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait i’m gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed.” It should be noted that the pair were allegedly necking in the Carribean, where the age of consent tends to be around 16. So don’t hate!

While neither has acknowledged the hubbub, Bieber has been holding court on his own Twitter, thanking fans for their constant support “my fans are #Badass…I never have to worry about the BS because they support me 4 me,” uploading a percussion jam in South Africa with more thrusting than Justin’s cowbell GIFs and informing us that Bieber means “Believe In Everything Because Everything is Reachable.” No word on if he thinks Gomez means Girl On My Eensie Zipper.

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‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly… With RPattz!


We hadn’t heard of Stewart Shining till today, but are now indebted to him. Shining’s a fashion photographer who has done major assignments with Vogue, Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated. Which means he’s always surrounded by models and celebrities and other really pretty people.

This year he decided to spread the love, in keeping with the season, and gave us the gift the just keeps on giving. Shining tweeted this message, “I was just thinking this would be my motto for the new year, and a nice Xmas present for the RPatt fans!” Being the Shining star he is, he also accompanied the tweet with this photo of Robert Pattinson looking all moody and dee-lish in black and white. Perez Hilton says the shot’s an outtake from the photographers’s Italian Vanity Fair cover with RPattz! It’s completely gratuitous but we had to share! Why not, Rob? We ask ourselves that everyday. Sigh. Happy holidays!

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Ice-T Tweets About His Appreciation For Wife Coco’s Butt


This would be disturbing if they weren’t a couple. We lie…it’s disturbing even though they’re a couple. But also sweet? Ice-T has been tweeting about wife Coco and her assets. And his messages provide great insight about the feminine form and how to appreciate it. Let us guide you through his Twitter-ing.

Ice’s first tweet read, “A white guy just asked me seriously.. Why do brothers love women with big bootys.. I told him ‘Because that’s the IMPACT AREA’. We’re pausing now for your reaction. Read it over and over again, if that helps. This valuable bit of information which will, no doubt, benefit mankind was followed by a second tweet, “Coco even told me that she was considered fat while she had a 23 inch waist.. I told here  [sic]  ‘Don’t worry baby, I appreciate that ass!”. Aww, that really is sweet. Here’s a man who likes some meat, and you know what, more men should be like that. If you agree, then repeat the words of Sir-Mix-Alot, “I like big butt’s and I cannot lie.”

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