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50 Cent’s Dog Oprah Is The Ultimate Twitter Diva


Kanye is going to be crying into his $30,000 mink bolero jacket tonight (you know, like every night), because he is about to be replaced by a new, even more fabulous Twitter diva: 50 Cent’s dog Oprah Winfree! We all know 50 Cent’s Twitter feed has all but replaced water and oxygen as the most important things in his life, but last night he upped his tweet game by posting a picture of Oprah wearing doggie Uggs and a sensible periwinkle turtleneck. Tweets the canine Oprah,”Check Out My Uggs Bitch!” She’s allowed to say “bitch”because she’s a lady dog!

Oprah the Dog has a serious Twitter following at 11,480. Oh sorry, we mean 11,481, because we are now officially obsessed with her. But don’t assume that just because Op loves to tweet, she’s totally obsessed with social media. Barked Oprah, “Oh yea I saw that someone made a FAKE FACEBOOK Page for me! I’m NOT ON FACEBOOK ONLY TWITTER.” It was probably just plain ol’ human Oprah trying to steal some puppy thunder. Go get your own massive internet following, Winfrey! [Photo: Oprah the Dog's Twitter]

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It’s Britney B*tch! And I Have A New Album Coming Out

Britney Spears had quite an eventful birthday this year, with all the Jason Trawick abuse rumors cropping up just one day before happy happy time. With everybody going did he hit her-didn’t he hit her, she probably decided enough was enough. Hence, Britney has now spoken… on Twitter.

First up, she let the world know that the Trawick-Spears lovetrain was chugging off on a one-on-one birthday trip. Brit tweeted, “Ok, off on a romantic weekend with Jason for my birthday.  xoxo Brit”.  And by Jason, she clearly means Trawick, and not her ex-husband-of-one-day, Jason Alexander, who is responsible for the Star and RadarOnline stories. Of that crop, Ms Britney laid it all out in a succinct tweet, typing, “PS – Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya’ll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!”  Owned! Ms. Britney-bow-down-b—es is back!

Addressing the allegations isn’t all Britney’s Twitter account was up to. It also revealed this little tasty nugget: “I’m almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March.  I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!”  Back in November, she also tweeted, “Just finished recording a monster with @TheDoctorLuke and #MaxMartin. Get ready…. -Britney.”  Those two happen to be mega producers, and Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald had spoken of their collaboration last October, saying he “wants [her sound] to get harder in some ways, and maybe a little more deep into electronic — grimier.” Will the album live up to the hype? Can’t wait to listen!

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Nicki Minaj Laughs Off Regis Philbin’s Booty Smacking Ways

nicki-tweet-550rnrnOnce word got out that Nicki Minaj got felt up by the excitable Regis Philbin on live TV, no one quite knew what would happen next. Would the whole thing simply blow over, or would it turn into a media firestorm? Thankfully, Nicki Minaj quickly took to Twitter to squash what could’ve turned into a massive beef and laughed the whole thing off. When the music industry insider Anthony J. Bradley tweeted “YO NICK!!! what went thru your mind when Regis had slapped ya?” at Nicki, she quickly and calmly responded “Lol. I was in shock!”rnrnGood for Nicki! She easily (and, honestly, rightfully) could have turned this into a huge debate and dunked Regis in some serious hot water. Instead, she brushed off the controversy like it was dirt on her shoulder. Regis is, of course, one of the most harmless and likable guys in the entertainment industry, and we’re glad to see that these two are copacetic. Heck, maybe the next time she shows up on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly, she can return the favor and give Reege a little love tap on the heinie.rnrnDon’t forget, Nicki flies out to San Diego this week to perform on VH1 Divas, airing on VH1 this Sunday night, December 5, at 9 p.m. Stay tuned, as we’ll be catching up with her, Katy Perry and all the other Divas performers as the week progresses!


Rihanna Wants To Talk Less About Chris Brown, More About Susan Boyle

It’s been nearly two years(!) since the notorious Grammy-night fight that made Rihanna and Chris Brown household names, and Rihanna’s making it pretty clear that she’s really over it. When a fan asked her this weekend via Twitter if she planned to stop talking about Brown and move on, the singer responded by writing “People won’t stop askin abt it! Its f—in annoying! Nobody wants to relive that, but some ppl can’t respect that!” She continued, saying “I get it, they wanna raise awareness to young girls! But it ends up just makin me look bitter, pitiful, spiteful and angry!

Instead, she wants to focus on her music and her professional rather than personal collaborations. Like with, say, Susan Boyle. Boyle joked about collaborating with RiRi the other day, saying “Would I be good at R&B? I suppose you never know. Maybe me and Rihanna could get together, I could dye my hair purple!” Rihanna responded ecstatically, Tweeting “Hold up! I might be a lil late, but just heard that THEE SuBo wants to collab wit ME??!? I’m game, doesn’t get much cooler than this. #BOOM” We can just see the music video now, full of makeover montages and hair dyeing, and the girls hanging in the studio rehearsing high notes and picking songs to sample—someone needs to start a Facebook group to make this happen.


Breaking Dawn News: Edward Cullen’s Pillow-Biting Still An Issue


You may have missed it while you were gorging on Thanksgiving dinner last week, but Twilight: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon posted a photo to his Twitter account last Thursday that confirms a detail of the movie we’ve been curious about. For those of you interested, it looks like Edward Cullen’s sexual fetish of biting a pillow to bits while he ravishes his new bride, Bella, will be captured on film. For the uninitiated, vampire Edward is so violent in his lust for Bella that the only way he can prevent himself from killing her, mid-coitus, is to instead focus on tearing a luxurious down pillow apart with his teeth. Obvs. Of course, it’s not  the feathers you’re likely to focus on while Robsten (photos) are doing it on screen.

[Photo: Twitpic]

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Katherine McPhee Tweets From A Flight. Bad Move

Lady, we just don’t get your sense of humor. Katharine McPhee tweeted a message yesterday. Sounds pretty regular, right? Wrong. Because Ms. Katharine was on a flight. Her message read, “I love illegally turning on my phone when I’m still in the air…makes me feel powerful! A tweet from the sky. Hello Atlanta!”  Here’s the thing. You can’t do that, Katherine. Because it’s against the law!

Her rep’s all about the damage control, telling TMZ, who posted the story, “She posted when we landed in Atlanta. She was trying to be funny but obviously some people missed the humor.”  Funny, real funny. Katharine herself tweeted TMZ, writing, “Ummm…just to clarify, you can’t use your phone at 36,000 feet @tmz. It doesnt work up there! Just sayin.”

You’re saying that, because you’ve tried it, haven’t you.


Rachel Zoe Confirms On Twitter That She Is Pregnant

After months of “Is she or isn’t she carrying a child in that skeletal frame of hers?” stylist Rachel Zoe has confirmed that she is pregnant. Via Twitter, of course, as that is the only way anyone communicates anything anymore. She wrote earlier today “Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!…I feel great, Rodger and I are beyond excited and so thankful for all of your love and support. xoRZ & RB.” The photo above was taken earlier this week and it does appear that Zoe looks more healthy and glowy than her usual concave self, so that’s good to see.

This comes after a denial last month when asked point-blank if she was expecting, but it seems she was just being cautious. Or maybe she was just trying to prolong the tension since baby-making was such a big part of this season’s Rachel Zoe Project. Who knows? All we know is that Rachel can now eat for two which means she’ll finally start eating for one. Congratulations!

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Rihanna Makes A Meal Of Times Square, Has Justin Bieber For Dessert

Rihanna frenzy in Times Square reached crazy heights yesterday. The singer performed live at MTV’s “The Seven” to promote her new album Loud. Her outfit didn’t disappoint, with canary yellow piped hot pants and a kitschy printed jacket. But it was her hair that made all the difference. Still red, but ironed out into a long sleek ‘do. Take away the mad clothes and you have one seriously elegant Rihanna.

The singer belted out “What’s My Name” from the album while the crowd went bananas, and post the number exclaimed, “Thank you, New York! It’s amazing! It’s a lot of people. I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world. I want everybody to get Loud tomorrow.” Who’s really going to get loud tomorrow are the Biliebers. Their idol, Justin Bieber had dinner with Rihanna post the show and was out to impress. Rihanna tweeted, “Justin Bieber just flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant! Wow! He actually had a lil 6 pack! Sexy,lol!” The Biebs responded to her with a photo and a sweet little tweet of his own,”never that. Its always love .”

Oh to be in Rih’s boots for one day (or night). Check out photos of Rihanna’s gig and her dinner with Justin in the gallery below. [Photos:Twitpic/]

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Ne-Yo’s A Dad!

Congratulations New-Dad Ne-Yo! The singer just had a baby girl, Madilyn Grace, with his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw on Friday. He could barely control his excitement over Twitter, writing, “Much luv to my twit fam and everybody showin’ luv to my new addition!! She’s healthy and happy. Feels like I’m in luv for the first time.” Little Madilyn Grace made quite an entrance too, turning up six weeks before she was expected. Monyetta went into labor while Ne-Yo was at a charity event for his foundation, and he had to book it to the hospital. Baby, Mom and Dad are all fine

The following day, Ne-Yo also tweeted, “Welcoming that lil’ girl to the world last night defined for me what “willing to kill and die for” truly means. My world, my life,all hers.” Awwww. From Sexy Love straight to Baby Love.