Tila Announces Pregnancy On Twitter, Publicist Quits

While there’s been no confirmation outside of her Twitter, Tila Tequila appears to be claiming she’s pregnant. “I have a baby growing inside of me now, and that is my new happiness in life,” she tweeted last night. While previously planning to act as a surrogate mom for her brother, Tequila says the bun in the oven is her own. “Its no longer my brother’s baby as Surrogate mother. It is MY very own baby…I’m just happy cuz the baby’s father is a AMERICAN HERO! Served in the US ARMY 4 10 years & fought war in Afgan & got shot. Now hes out of Army after 10 years and is now a fireman and EMT! I will tell u all more when the time is right.”

The lack of an explanatory press release might have something to do with Tila’s publicist, Jessica Cohen, no longer being around to make one. “I am no longer representing Tila Tequila as her publicist,” she said in a statement. “Some matters need to remain private and away from media attention and due to recent events, I realized that we need to part ways while she deals with the loss of her fiancee.” Between the tearful over Casey Johnson‘s dogs, her online screeds about her late fiancee’s family and her plans to celebrate Casey’s life at an upcoming concert (if she can just find someone to book her), one can only imagine what finally made her rep bolt.

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Courtney Love Threatens To Sue Daughter’s Guardians

With only seven months to go until Frances Bean Cobain‘s 18th birthday, the matter of her custody will soon be moot. But from the way Courtney Love is tweeting, a legal battle between her and current guardians grandmother Wendy O’Connor and aunt Kim Cobain could continue well after the candles are blown out. “This s–t with the Bean needs to be exposed for what it is right f–king NOW enough,” she shared with her followers (typos hers). “They squeesed my bank accounts so that they were frozen because they know im going to sue the holy s–t out of them and now are…crocodiling my kid whose better than this seriously she was raised too well to be bought.” Was she, now?

Despite her obvious disappointment—and oh yeah, that restraining order—Love still has plenty of affection for “the Bean.” “im severely lonely without my best friend and no am not on drugs BTW.” All the more reason to give us that album and tour you’ve been promising for over three years, Courtney! Sounds like you’ve got plenty to sing about.

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Exclusive: Comedian Books Diddy On His Show Via Twitter


This is the true story of how one self-described “sh*tbag dork” used Twitter to connect with mega-star and all-around King of Cool, Diddy, and convinced him to appear as guest at his upcoming comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. Sounds impossible, right? But all it took for our longtime friend Chris Gethard (pictured above) was a Twitter account, a hashtag, a bunch of eager participants, and a dream. And of course – a celebrity who gets what the Web 2.0 world is all about: connection and communication, in 140 characters or less.

We chatted with Chris about how he hooked up with Diddy, what it was like talking to him on both Twitter and the phone (how 1995!) and what to expect when he hosts the hip-hop mogul at The Chris Gethard Show in February.

Read our interview with Chris under the jump.

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Casey Johnson Buried, Tila Tequila Not Invited

Casey Johnson & Tila Tequila

Late heiress Casey Johnson was laid to rest Sunday after a small family funeral in New Jersey, according to Radar. Unsurprisingly, Tila Tequila was not asked to attend. “Yes her funeral is today and I can’t even see my wife for the last time to say goodbye to her and see her,” Johnson’s fiancee of nearly a month told the tab. “It’s breaking my heart… I’m crying so bad, they are horrible, mean people. Sure, one day I can visit her grave but I will never ever get to see her face again to say goodbye and kiss her before they bury her. I can’t talk about this now, it’s making me cry.” Tequila’s feud with the family reached a crescendo last week when longtime Johnson pals Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips removed Johnson’s clothes—and two dogs—from the reality star’s LA home.

While still accusing the family of euthanizing the dogs to bury with Johnson (“Can someone do me a favor and ask them for a LIVE VIDEO to see if the dog is STILL ALIVE??,” she tweeted) and threatening to release unflattering correspondence, Tequila says she’s turning a positive corner. “My Wifey would NOT want to constantly see me sad. She wants to see me HAPPY!,” she tweeted. “So now I will do that!” Along with hinting about “good news” involving her record label, Tequila removed vicious screeds about model Jasmine Lennard (who once accused Johnson of using her vibrator) from her blog. Hopefully she’ll keep it together for her scheduled Larry King Live appearance this Tuesday—if the Johnson family doesn’t succeed in getting her off the show.

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Lindsay Deletes Love/Hate Tweets About Sam Ronson


Good news folks - Lindsay Lohan is still infatuated with Samantha Ronson. Well, that’s if you believe what she wrote – and then deleted – on Twitter early this morning. (Yep, we check out Twitter right after we turn off our alarm clock in the morning.) If you’re already a Lohan follower, you know that she and her sister were traveling back from  St. Barths via a car they rented in North Carolina after their flights got delayed/canceled. Now it seems that she her hasty road trip may have stemmed out of her desire to see Ronson, who Lindsay apparently “caught” in some sort of situation then left her nonplussed. (Here’s a video of Sam last night in which she accuses someone she refers to as “she” of sending the paps after her, and claims to not follow Lindsay on Twitter. On how we love this drama.)

In Ronson’s defense, she’s always seemed to be the only levelheaded person in Lohan’s otherwise dysfunctional life, so we’re inclined to to think the DJ probably didn’t do anything wrong. Regardless, someone needs to tell Lindsay that if she wants people to respect her privacy, she should do the same.  [Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter]


Katy Perry’s Manager Denies Engagement Rumors

Rumors that Katy Perry and Russell Brand got engaged last month have been gaining traction, helped in part by Perry’s giddy, denial-free vacation tweets from India. But with Us Magazine hopping on the “exclusive details” train (though they date the actual proposal after the Mirror‘s initial story), Gossip Cop had to go and get some confirmation/denial from their reps. So what’s the news?

While Perry’s manager tells the spoilsports that Us‘s story is “not accurate,” the truth-o-meter usually attached to their posts is noticeably absent, and GC promises to “monitor the story as it develops.” What story would there be if there was no truth to the talk? Is the manager out of the loop or is Us? As awkward as it must be for happy couples to deny they’re engaged, hopefully Katy will stop taking monkey photos long enough to let her followers know. Then again, we’d settle for another monkey photo.

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Friends Mourn Casey Johnson As Death Details Are Revealed

Casey Johnson

While the cause and time of Casey Johnson‘s death have yet to be officially revealed, TMZ says law officials believe the heiress had been dead for several days before her body was discovered Monday morning. Fiancee Tila Tequila reportedly last saw Johnson on New Year’s Eve. “This is a very heartbreaking time for me. I just want some privacy as I deal with the loss of my Fiance Casey Johnson,” tweeted Tila. “[My] heart is shredded.” TMZ also claims Johnson had a history of diabetic comas, and insulin needles were found in her home by police.

Celebrity friends have come forward to pay their respects, including Lindsay Lohan (“you are in our hearts CJ”), Samantha Ronson (“R.I.P. Casey Johnson—so sick of those three letters”) and lifetime friend Paris Hilton, whose parents were friends with Johnson’s. “I am devastated to hear this news,” she told Life & Style Magazine. “I’ve known Casey since I was a baby. She had a big heart and she was a good friend. I feel so sad, I don’t want to believe it. My condolences go out to her family and loved ones.”

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Coco Reveals The Size Of Her Assets


Ever wondered just how big Coco‘s butt is? Well, she’s put all speculation to rest by allowing her sister to take her measurements on camera. She posted the above photo on her Twitter page last night, as well as a link to the video of the scientific process, wherein she not-so-subtly plugs her “Delicious” denim line. Oh Coco, we love all 40 inches of you. [Photo: Twitpic]


Bow Wow Tweets About Drunk Driving


Oh, Twitter. We knew the day would come when you would be used for more than just updates about what we’re eating and trying to come up with the funniest hashtag category. But just as people have been drunk-dialing and drunk-texting for ages now, the drunk Tweet is proving to be the next big, bad thing and might even help get people into real trouble. Take Bow Wow, for instance. He wrote a series of Tweets late last Friday, which have all since been removed from his Twitter page, admitting he was drinking while driving his Lamborghini (or Lambo, if you’re in the know) in Miami and partying with that other stronghold of judgment and character, Chris Brown.

“Im bout to be f*cked up n drunk tweeting. Im saying sorry now for what i might tweet. But f*ck it ! Im young n rich im goin hard 2nite,” Bow Wow wrote, and then followed up by writing “Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tispy as f*ck.” (Tispy as f*ck! That’s going to be a new catchphrase around here, we think.) After a few minutes of tispy driving, he wrote “Im f*cked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot.” Though a valet tried to keep Bow Wow from driving, he was not apprehended or charged with driving under the influence.

Realizing that admitting his illegal and dangerous behavior was a pretty stupid thing to do, he apologized the next day, writing “Apologize for that tweet. it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad”. Well as long as he apologized for it, no harm done, right? [Photo: GettyImages]

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John Starts Blog, Then Ditches The Web


Web junkie and musical man-whore John Mayer recently joined the hip masses over on Tumblr (the microblogging site for you grandparents out there), but now it seems he’s ditching his digital pals in favor of a web detox. Ol’ hunky bones has declared that he’ll be spending the first week of the New Year doing a self-designed “One Week Digital Cleanse,” by following these guidelines:

  • Email only from laptop or desktop computers.
  • cell phones can only be used to make calls, and no text messages or e-mails are allowed – if you receive a text, you must reply in voice over the phone. E-mails must be returned from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • No use of Twitter or any other social networking site – this includes reading as well as posting.
  • No visiting of any entertainment or gossip sites. (No need to detail which ones – you know what they are.)

John’s no stranger to the world wide web wasteland. The guy’s a self-proclaimed Blackberry addict, and he’s got an official website, two blogs (the one on his site and his Tumblr), a MySpace page, a Facebook page, and is a well known celebrity Twitter-er, with over 2.8 million fans and 2,800 tweets. In fact, just the day before his cleanse, John tweeted 10 times. Our guess is that after a week without hashtags, he’ll be pounding out 140 characters every 140 seconds. [Photo: GettyImages]