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Chris Brown Returns To Twitter With Sexy Bedroom-Themed Rihanna Instagram

Chris Brown returns to twitter with Rihanna instagram

Chris Brown returned from his Twitter exile over the weekend, breaking his week-long silence with -what else- a scandalous Instagram of himself with (ex?) girlfriend Rihanna. “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” he captioned the snap, which looks suspiciously like a post-sex cigarette session. But then again, our minds are in the gutter. At the moment Breezy isn’t giving us much else to go on besides the priceless pic. So far he hasn’t mentioned his online feud with Jenny Johnson, or posted any other information to his more than 11 million followers. In fact, his previous tweets have all been erased, which leads us to wonder if Brown’s PR peeps are finally tightening the reigns.

Although he’s keeping quiet, Jenny Johnson spoke out about the beef and subsequent death threats in an essay published in GQ last Friday. “This is not an apology,” she opens, setting the defiant tone from the start. “I just want to clear some things up.” She admits that she did not start the feud to attract attention to herself, and does not want to be seen as a victim in the wake of the threats. “I’m on the side of good, of equality and respect for my fellow woman,” her essay continued. “I was raised to not respect a person who doesn’t respect others. And one human being physically harming another human being is one of the most disrespectful acts there is.”

For her part, Rihanna is still very active on social media, and recently posted a picture of a new gold choker necklace featuring the caption “He told me “you better not give it away.” The new jewelry is widely thought to be a gift from Brown, but then again what isn’t thought to be a gift from Brown these days? Last week it was Rolexes and sneakers, today a necklace. When she starts posting ring pics, that’s when we’ll worry.

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Rihanna Basically Makes Her Relationship With Chris Brown Official With New Twitpic

Rihanna shares in imtimate moment with Chris Brown on Twitter

We know there aren’t any faces in this pic, but that is the unmistakable bum of Rihanna plus the bald head and tattooed arm of Chris Brown. We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that by sharing this photo with her followers, the “Unapologetic” singer is making her relationship with Breezy “Twitter Official.” Is there such a thing as Twitter Official? Probably not, but we’re coining it now for couples who are unsure about making the deep commitment of becoming Facebook Official. “i don’t wanna leave!!! killed it tonight baby!!!” she captioned the intimate snap, the latest in a long line of hints that point to Riri and Brown leaving their troubled past behind and rekindling their old romantic flame.

Just yesterday the pair showed off his ‘n’ hers Rolex watches on Instagram, but in a brand new interview with XXL Magazine, Chris denies a current relationship with his former lover.  “One thing people often want me to talk about is my public love life,” he said. “When it comes to my love life, the perception seems as though I am a player. But that’s not true … Love is something I am still learning. It’s just an obstacle that I haven’t yet mastered. I think that’s my biggest hurdle in life.”

He admits that another hurdle is definitely impulse control, as evidenced by…well, lots of public skirmishes that he’s been involved with over the years, most recently with comedian Jenny Johnson over Twitter. “I haven’t been as mature and thought out in the past, so, me growing now, it’s showing my progression,” he says in the interview, which took place before his outburst at Johnson and consequent Twitter exile. “I used to use my Twitter account to vent, but now I mostly use it for marketing and promotions. Even if the media asks me something, if it’s cool then it’s, ‘What’s up?’ But if it’s anything that’s too negative, I don’t care to respond.”

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Keyshia Cole Takes To Twitter (A Lot) To Defend Against Fake Fellatio Photo

Keyshia Cole took to Twitter after photos of a woman giving fellatio were said to be of her

Keyshia Cole is really mad, you guys, and she’s not going to hide it — even if it’s her own angry tweets that are actually making us write about this story about a photo said to be of her performing oral sex on a man. We won’t dare post that pic here, but let’s just say that based on the placement of the woman in question’s tattoo, we don’t think it’s her. Still, some of the people spreading the rumor go on to say the man in the pic is not her husband, Daniel Gibson. Which is why Keyshia has been tweeting nonstop since yesterday.

She started off treating it lightly:

But it seems that as the story spread, she didn’t feel like things were such fun anymore.

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Show Off His ‘n’ Hers Rolex Watches On Instagram

Rihanna and Chris Brown show off their new Rolexes

Rihanna is celebrating her first number one album in style, by picking herself up a brand new Rolex watch! The record breaking pop singer took to Instagram last night to show off her new piece, which appears to be significantly more expensive than the watch we bought out of some dude’s brief case on a street corner. “Don’t believe me just watch #newtoy #justcusimnumber1 #roleylife #dopedealer,” she captioned the photo, which could definitely be an entry for Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Here’s where it gets weird: Chris Brown also posted a picture last night showing off his own super pricey time-piece. Waiiiit a second. Did they get his ‘n’ hers Rolexes? He also posted a picture showing his entire stash of Rolexes soon after, so maybe he gave her one of his collection. We’re guessing in Superstar-Land that means they’re married, right? OK, probably not. But seriously, that bling is at least as expensive as an engagement ring. Who knows, maybe he was just trying to use the watch as a conversation starter (“Oh look, it appears we both have zillion dollar watches. We should discuss this further.”) Even though they may not be “officially” a duo at the moment, the controversial two-some have really kicked the rumor mill into high gear with their awfully couple-y behavior in the last few months.

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Are Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon Dunzo? Mysterious Tweets Say Yes

Bobbi Kristina Brown rumored to have split with boyfriend Nick Gordon

Fans of pseudo-incestual relationships will be devastated to learn today that Bobbi Kristina Brown and her boyfriend/adopted brother Nick Gordon are on the rocks! Neither camp has spoken out, but the daughter of  music legend Whitney Houston has posted some revealing tweets that suggest there is serious trouble in paradise. We know, we know – we thought they were going to last forever, too! At least they’ll see each other at Christmas. And, you know, all other family holidays.

The social media rant started on Monday evening, when Bobbi kicked off a series of frustrated messages by writing “I’m leaving, this this good ole town and driving to the send of the world. Maybe it’s beautiful there (: Xxxo”  Things got more pointed (and less grammatically accurate) soon afterwards, as the tweet avalanche begins in full force. “Who do I trust in this world? Pfft well that’s easy beezie, #Myself, No1 will kno’s me like ME&They’d rather not take thtchance2knoME, &2me. That’s incredibly fine .. Because you’d be missing out on a #REALperson. Xxo #amryofme #onmyown #goingtomakeit #determined. ” We had some trouble translating all the text-speak, but it seems like she’s pissed.

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Demi Lovato Takes To Twitter To Show Off Her New Tattoo From Kat Von D

Demi Lovato shows off her new tattoo on Twitter

A tweet for the tweets! Demi Lovato took to twitter last night to shared some snaps of her new tattoo with her followers. “And another picture of my new birdies,” she captioned one of the several photos. The ink depicts 12 birds flying up her arm, trailing the word “Faith” written in elegant script. Deeper meaning or massive George Michael fan? You be the judge.

This isn’t first experience with tattoos. The 20-year-old singer already has the words “Stay” and “Strong” tattooed on her respective wrists, as well as “let go” and “let God” on her feet. But this time around is pretty special the tatt was given to her by former L.A. Ink star Kat Von D! “Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!!” she gushed. “I think it’s beautiful and I love it!!” What do you think of the new ink? Get a closer look in the gallery below and let us know!

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Lady Gaga’s Monster Thanksgiving Surprise: 35 Fans Show Up Uninvited For Dinner

Lady Gaga surprised by fans on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is way past over by now, but don’t feel guilty about still eating those leftovers. Lady Gaga was doing the same thing when she was discovered “35 monsters” in the garage of her Peru home. When the pop star woke up in the nude to make a midnight run to the kitchen, she noticed some unexpected house guest on her security camera while making a leftover plate. In true Gaga fashion she embraced the “bad kids” and tweeted “#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow.”

According to Sky New Lady Gaga didn’t notify any authorities and even allowed the fans to spend the holiday with her and her family. She even honored them with the endearing title “friends.” So next time someone tries to break into you’re home think to yourself: “What would Gaga do?” Maybe inviting them in for dinner will solve all conflicts – or then again, maybe not. We guess next year we’ll be camping out in Gaga’s garage too; who better to spend your Thanksgiving with than our beloved Mother Monster? At least her holiday was better than Halle Berry’s

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Chris Brown Responds To Writer Who Thinks He’s A ‘Worthless Piece Of S—‘ Then Deletes His Twitter Account

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Feud With Comedian Writer Jenny Johnson

The age old adage goes, “If you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen.” Apparently the heat was too much for Chris Brown considering he deleted his Twitter account last night after a nasty feud with writer Jenny Johnson. Just another day of celebrity breakdowns on Twitter, starring the normal people who provoke them.

Chris was minding his business and tweeted how old he looks for a young 23-year-old. Jenny, who has a history of agitating the star on Twitter and writing vitriolic posts on her contention for the pop star, used Chris’ tweet as the prime opportunity to tell him, “I know! Being a worthless piece of s— can really age a person.” Most likely Jenny didn’t expect to receive a response from Chris himself, but she did. Read more…

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Snooki Shows Off Her New “Poison Ivy” Red Hair On Twitter

Snooki shows off her new hair colo

Snooki switched it up yesterday, trading her trademark brunette tresses for an intense “Poison Ivy” red! The Jersey Shore star helpfully live-tweeted the hair-raising experience for her fans, complete with tons of photos. “Dying my hair! Guess what color I’m going!!!” she wrote before giving us photo updates. First she was bleached out by celeb stylist Bradley Moreland of New York’s Gemini 14 salon, and then the new crimson color was applied. For a few minutes there the dye turned her hair more of an orangey-hue, but eventually it dried into a fiery red. “&the final product is….Poison ivy.” She even got some pretty sweet hair extensions, too. Take a closer look in the gallery below!

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Lady Gaga Demonstrates Why She’s The Best Pop Star By Playing Barefoot With Brazilian Fans

Lady Gaga Plays With Kids In Brazil

If you don’t think these photos of Lady Gaga hugging and playing with a crowd of adoring baby fans proves she’s a pretty awesome lady…then we just do not know what to tell you. Open your eyes to reality, man! “[T]oday was the best day i’ve ever had, had so much fun,” Gaga tweeted about her trip to Cantagalo Hill in Rio de Janeiro. “I’ll never forget Rio, you lit my heart into flames,” she gushed. Meanwhile, if we were pop stars, we would never leave the comfort of our Hello Kitty portable champagne hot tub, let alone let our bare feet touch the ground. We’re betting you wouldn’t either, which supports our earlier claim that Lady Gaga is

Gaga also (according to her Twitter account) sent snacks down to her waiting fans. “my lil Rio Babies PIZZA is coming downstairs,” she tweeted. “I feel like i slept in bed w you last night. every time i woke up i could hear you screaming!” This woman is a delight. Maybe we’re easily taken in by these kinds of P.R. opportunities (and that gorgeous peach hair), but it’s not like celebrities at Lady Gaga’s level have to do anything if they don’t want to. Gaga could make all of her music and perform from a penthouse and people will still love her, but it’s nice to see them getting some Gaga love in return.

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