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Hugh Jackman’s Gangnam Style Makes Our Day!

Hugh Jackman, Psy, Pose Gangnam Style

We can’t help but trip over Psy‘s Gangnam Style dancing, even though we physically trip over our two left feet while trying to attempt it. Then we saw Britney Spears with Psy on The Ellen Degeneres Show and couldn’t stop squeeing because it was so hilarious, even though Ellen out-danced Brit-Brit. Then, something came up that blew the whole episode out of the water. Remember Hugh Jackman‘s first official image from The Wolverine? It’s pretty much imprinted in our brains and it would take something pretty spectacular to replace it. Psy himself, just tweeted that very spectacular thing that has edged itself in as the very awesome replacement. See it above? It’s just pure genius — Psy along with Hugh, both in character as Wolverine — with the claws, natch — posing Gangnam Style! Psy sounded pretty stoked about the photo op, writing, “Had a great time with RealHughJackman #GangnamStyleWolverine~!!! lol” We were wondering how the hell Psy managed to get the picture, and Hugh’s twitter explained the story. His latest tweet reads, “Slicing gangnam style!!!! Great to meet psy_oppa who visited set yesterday.” He attached the photograph below. Mystery solved! Looks like Psy really dressed up for the meet-and-great. We would too!

Hugh Jackman, Psy, Pose Gangnam Style

[Photos via Twitter]

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The First Official Image Of Hugh Jackman In The Wolverine Emerges

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Heather Clem Reportedly Made Other Celebrity Sex Tapes, Here’s 10 Twitpics Of Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Co-Star

Heather Clem rumored to have made other celebrity sex tapes

We’re starting to get the impression that Hulk Hogan’s sex tape partner Heather Clem had a pretty open marriage with her husband, DJ Bubba The Love Sponge. Like, really open. Open enough to drive a couple semi-trucks through. If you thought it was pretty weird to let your best friend sleep with your wife,  brace yourself because that was just the the tip of the sexual iceberg. According to RadarOnline, The Hulk was just one of many famous faces who made a sex tape with Mrs. The Love Sponge.

“Bubba regularly brought his wife’s sex tapes into work at the radio station and would show them to the staff,” says an insider at Bubba’s office. “When the Hulk tape was leaked none of his staff were surprised because they’d all seen it already! And that wasn’t the only tape they saw with Heather having sex with a celebrity.” The source went on to claim that she got into bed while the camera’s rolled with at least two other big names. “It was just sort of a regular thing when it came to Heather and Bubba. They were known for taping Heather’s sexscapades and it just so happened to involve famous people sometimes.”

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Amber Rose Continues To Have The Cutest Baby Bump On Her Birthday

Amber Rose celebrated her birthday

We interrupt our moderately informative blogging to bring you this update on Amber Rose and her 21-week-old baby bump: Yes, they both continue to be two of the cutest things on the planet. The model’s 29th birthday is coming up this weekend, but her friends and mother surprised her with a party on Sunday, and documented it all for our viewing pleasure.

“Awww @priscillaono surprised me with all my besties for a early BDay Party! Thx I love all u guys soooo much,” Wiz Khalifa’s fiancee tweeted. “My Bday isn’t until oct 21st but I won’t be back in la until after my BDay so my friends celebrated 2nite with me! How Cute :-)”

And now we want to accessorize our own baby bumps with Amber’s polka-dot retro dress, Converse sneaks and Rosie the Riveter kerchief. We’re not sure we could quite pull off giant hoop earrings the way Amber and her mom (!) do. Maternity lines must be pounding on Amber’s door to get her to model for them, right?

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[Photo: Instagram]

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Shakira’s Baby Bumpin’ Her Way Through Her Concerts!

Pregnant Shakira Performs In Azerbaijan

When we posted Shakira‘s adorable (but hazy) baby bump picture, we thought we were going to have to wait a while till we got another glimpse. The singer herself posted the photograph up on her Facebook page a week ago, writing, “Now I don’t have a six pack, only one pack!!” What we didn’t realize was that we’d be treated to more clear shots of her rocking out while performing in Azerbaijan so soon after! Just look at her — she looks amazing! She shimmied her way through a number of her biggest hits like Waka Waka at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2012 Final between France and Korea DPR at the Tofig Bahramov Stadium in Baku on Saturday. She sent out this adorable tweet, right before the performance, that read, “In a few minutes it will be our baby’s first time on stage and precisely at a football event! Magic Shak.” Fans were treated to a number of tweets right after, including one that said, “I felt awesome on stage! We really enjoyed tonight! Shak” which had the sexiest baby bump picture ever. That felt so wrong typing that, but it’s true! Just look at the picture!

Shakira tweets a picture

[Photos: Splash News Online/ Twitter]

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Kim Kardashian Almost Busts Out Of Her Top Twice, Makes Cardinal Sin Of Repeating An Outfit

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Dinner In Miami, Kim Halloween Outfit

Oh, Kim Kardashian. How is it that your boyfriend, the self-proclaimed couture superstar, Kanye West, signed off on that outfit? We’re talking about the bondage-inspired bustier top on the right, worn on a night out Prime 112 Steakhouse in Miami Beach. Firstly, it defies the law of gravity, because how the hell is that thing keeping her contained? Secondly, we’re wondering how her wardrobe marshal, Kanye let her out of the house because that top has made its very flimsy appearance once before. Repeating an outfit. Gasp! Kim wore it to the DuJour Magazine launch party in New York a month ago. And if it’s, by some odd chance, not the same top, then Kim has way too much weird clothing in her closet. It looks similar, but you never know, right? But if Kanye has figured out that she repeated an outfit, Kim’s already figured out a way to mollify him. It’s her choice of Halloween outfit, and there’s no other way to describe that thing other than eye-popping. The photograph on the left, but you knew that already. Kim was kind (and exhibitionist) enough to share it with the whole world because there’s no such thing as “boundaries” to a Kardashian. Her enlightening tweet read, “Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping.” Ten bucks says she’s fall out of that top an hour into wearing it.

[Photos: Twitter/ Getty Images]

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The Situation Gets Shirtless For PETA

The Situation Poses For PETA

Does anyone else find it hilarious that PETA picked Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for a campaign that promotes spaying and neutering animals? It’s to increase awareness and to prevent animal over-population and homelessness, but basically, in our heads, it’s The Sitch and neutering in one sentence which cracks us up hard. But, we’re not trying to be mean — you laughed too, okay — because he’s done a really good thing here. And hey, you have to give props to the campaign for being catchy! It’s not half as racy as some of the PETA campaigns like the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” advertisements, also because we’re kind of used to him being shirtless,  but this one’s “Too much p—y can be a bad thing” is definitely one of the smarter slogans PETA has used! Mike gave the world a heads up about the campaign being out on his Twitter account, saying, “Here it is! It was a pleasure working with peta on this campaign. A great cause with an important message!” There’s even a PSA video to go with the campaign shot which you can see below. Color us impressed, Sitch!

[Photo via PETA]

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Amber Tamblyn, David Cross Had The Most Picturesque Wedding Ever To Be Photographed By Questlove

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross got married

If you are planning a wedding anytime soon, we highly suggest you befriend Questlove immediately. Not only can the guy play the drums for your processional and DJ the reception, he can also apparently photograph the event like a boss, as you can see from the photos he tweeted from last weekend’s wedding of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. Of course, the fact that the bride wore a stunning, canary-yellow dress; the whole thing went down in the mountains, with the leaves changing; and the guests included a few photogenic folks like America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal and Amy Poehler might have helped him quite a bit.

We absolutely love the Roots drummer for letting us feel like we were there — you can almost hear Yo La Tengo and Mission of Burma playing, live, at the reception. His Instagram essay begins with a pic of a sign that reads “2A Is a No Poop Zone,” explaining: “This weekend I went to the most awesome wedding ever. We had to camp in the woods. This sign greeted me.” We’re not going to ruin the beauty of this with any more words, except to say we’re super excited to see Amber back on the big screen in Django Unchained, and yeah, probably more excited to see David back on Arrested Development in January.

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[Photos: Questlove]

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Aaron Paul Hangs Out With Pierce Brosnan At A Radiohead Concert, But Almost Gets Kicked Out!

Aaron Paul, Pierce Brosnan At Radiohead Concert

So, how awesome was Aaron Paul hamming it up at the Emmys this year? The Breaking Bad star just got even got cooler in our eyes due to certain updates on his Twitter account. Consider the awesomeness of the picture above. Hell yeah, it’s Aaron and Pierce Brosnan at a Radiohead concert in London! The two actors are currently filming A Long Way Down — an adaptation of the darkly comedic Nick Hornsby novel — together in England and must have become pretty chummy on set, as the photograph indicates. Aaron’s caption for the image reads, “Watching Radiohead in london with James Bond himself!! Love you Pierce. Yeah bitch!! Yeah Science!!”

But that’s when things get a little conky. His later tweets are pretty strange, because it seems like he got into trouble for … dancing. Yes, dancing. At a concert. What just happened there. His first tweet reads, “I’m proud I almost got kicked out of this stadium for dancing to Radiohead! What the hell else are u going to do at a concert?” It wasn’t like this was some run-of-the-mill concert arena, as well. They were watching the band at the O2 arena, which is massive, so we can’t understand why authorities would give him grief over busting a move? Unless he’s a really, really bad dancer, but that’s still doesn’t give anyone permission to throw a Mr. or Ms. Two Left Feet out, does it. His next tweet makes his feelings about the evening pretty clear. Read below and commiserate.

Aaron Paul Radiohead tweet

[Photos via Twitter]

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Katy Perry Shows Her Support For President Obama … On Her Nails!

Katy Perry Performs At Obama Fundraiser With Obama Nails

We’ve already talked about how certain celebrities, like Stacey Dash and Snoop Dogg may not be the best political endorsers. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stars who make good and sincere spokespersons for candidates. Katy Perry performed at a fundraiser for President Obama in L.A. on Sunday night, along with Earth, Wind and Fire. She was super excited about it, tweeting, “Today I am so honored to play for the President!” Sadly, Obama himself had to leave right before the big performance because he was “whisked downtown only moments before he took the stage.” But he did give the performers major props saying, “My understanding is it was an incredible show. They just perform flawlessly night after night. I can’t always say the same.” A node to the debate, perhaps? But this story isn’t so much about the performance, or what he thought of it — it’s about what Katy did *zing *yes, we’re book-nerds. We know how Katy is the Queen of manicures, which inspired us to even make a game about celebrity nail-art, earlier this month. She just keeps the crazy nails coming — the picture on the right is what she got done for her performance. The caption accompanying the tweet was, “Appropriate nails.” Very appropriate nails — she has red, white and blue and Obama’s face on them. The next tweet came post her performance where she showed further support with the picture on the left, with a message saying, “I sang for President BarackObama last night because I believe in Equal Rights #ForAll #Vote.” You heard the lady!

[Photos via Twitter]

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Talon Queen Katy Perry’s Top 20 Nail-Art Designs Beat Kelly Osbourne’s Black Diamond Manicure 

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Taylor Swift Is Both Naughty And Nice At The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Taylor Swift As BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards, London

No one can do nice as well as Taylor Swift can. Her wardrobe alone can be called America’s sweetheart! The country cutie mosied over to London from Paris, where she attended the Elie Saab SS 13 show, for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards held at the Wembley Arena. Taylor arrived looked as wholesome as apple pie in a white Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet dress with a cut-out back, matching Charlotte Olympia pumps with her go-to jewelry brand, House of Lavande, this time choosing a ring. Then she totally changed things up when she took to the stage to perform Red. Down came the bun, in favor of cascading curls. The outfit went in for a much naughtier overhaul, as well. Taylor did her version of sexy — which is, you know, safely sexy — wearing a pair of high-waisted metallic hot-pants with a black, semi-sheer top with a smattering of sparkling embellishment tucked in. Metallic brogues completed the transformation. As did an her makeup with the extended cat-eye and redder lipstick. She seemed rather happy post-performance tweeting, “That show was like “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!”BBCR1 Teen Awards. Wembley Arena. I’m in love with you, London.” We surprised that she’s excited? Not really — she’s very excitable in general. But it’s still cute!

[Photos: Getty Images]