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Nostalgia Check: Tyler Shields Reminds Us Abigail Breslin Is No Longer A Tiny Child. We’re Not Ready!

Tyler Shields Shoots Abigail Breslin

Olive, who let you grow up? We know we’ve been agog at the newly grown-up Abigail Breslin before, but can we say how struck we are by Tyler Shields‘ glam new portraits of the Little Miss Sunshine actress? Somehow Abigail Breslin has been in the lime light during the most awkward years of any human beings life (approximately age 11 to 13) and managed to look adorbs the entire time. Check out our A.B. gallery below if you don’t believe us. Abigail never looked like we did in middle school. Never.

Abigail Breslin Shot By Tyler Shields

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AHS‘ Evan Peters Is the Creep Of Your Dreams In This Tyler Shields Blow-Up Doll Video

If you aren’t watching American Horror Story: Asylum yet, you really need to get your DVR in gear. It’s got aliens, Jessica Lange in a nun’s habit, serial killers, Jessica Lange in lingerie, mutants and, most importantly, Evan Peters‘ butt. Uh, guh, we mean, Evan Peters! (Though you do totally see his butt.) If you are already a fan (and currently hyperventilating in anticipation of how sick the Halloween episode is undoubtedly going to be), you’ll be pleased to know your spooky boyfriend is keeping it unsettling in his new Tyler Shields video, clutching his lady friend Betsy…who happens to be a horrible, sad blow-up doll. Evan later compares his relationship to interracial marriage and licks gloopy peanut butter of Betsy’s glassy, staring face. Yup! It’s exactly as upsetting as you’d think it would be!

Peters’ actual flesh-and-blood girlfriend Emma Roberts also cameos for a little face-sucking, so clearly she appreciates Evan’s commitment to being perturbing. (We also like the nod to Silence of the Lambs with the song choice. Classic!) Man, has any guy been so cute and so skin-crawling at the same time? If only we too were filled with air and had a face like a sexed-up Mary Worth!

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Demi Lovato Is All Grown Up And Really Loves Lollipops

Well, if her past year of sexy performances and videos haven’t proved to you that Demi Lovato is no longer a sweet little Disney girl, her shoot with Tyler Shields might. It’s not on the level of Shields’ Lindsay Lohan vampire murder scene shoot, but it’s provocative nonetheless. She seduces a lollipop, smashes a mirror with a hammer, dons a ’50s pinup wig and, in a simple, bold shot, looks quite daringly at the camera with her hair slicked back, a dress falling off her shoulders, one eyebrow raised and bright-red lips parted in a way that is definitely not suited for the typical Sonny With a Chance viewer.

“Doing a crazy photoshoot with the infamous/brilliant @tylershields.. Beyond excited.. But um I hope I survive……. :P” Demi tweeted earlier this month, and later marveled at the glass in her hair.
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Tyler Shields Gets Some Meaty Shots Of Mischa Barton

Considering she had totally dropped off our radars, we were surprised to see Mischa Barton pop up on Tyler Shield‘s site. The photographer has taken some — ahem — interesting photos of the actress getting up close and personal with a slab of meat. He’s known for taking risque shots, but we thought he would chill after taking those controversial pictures of Heather Morris with a black eye, after getting some pretty vicious feedback.

The story is that Tyler decided to go ahead and photograph Mischa because of consistent pressure from her fans! He wrote, “So one day out of the blue I start getting emails with the subject ‘Mischa Barton’ Upon opening the emails I realize they are from her fan club in Brazil they were asking me to shoot her the emails didn’t stop for almost 2 weeks…” Tyler seems to believe in stream of consciousness writing, and to hell with full stops, but you get the idea. We’d love to know what you think of the photographs. Send us your comments!

[Photo via Tyler Shields]

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Heather Morris Gets A Black Eye For Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields has photographed Heather Morris with a big ol’ black eye in a series of shots. We’re not shocked by the violent imagery because everything we’ve seen so far of Tyler’s work has a dark, macabre twist to it. His reasoning for this shoot is, “Even Barbie bruises. We have been talking about shooting for a long time and we finally made it happen! Some magic, irons, and bruises later it was complete…”

Unfortunately, Glee fans aren’t too happy with the violent underpinnings. Comments range from, “So wait… we’re glamorizing bruises/abuse now?” to “Why do you keep producing photos glamorizing violence against women? There is absolutely nothing new or revelatory about pics like this…They no longer shock, and they never enlightened. They just perpetuate images of battered women.” To be fair, others do see the darkly comic slant behind the images that range from tying Heather up to her ironing a hapless “Ken’s” crotch! What’s your take on the shots?

[Photo via Tyler Shields]

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Oh No, Lindsay Lohan! What Did You Do?

It’s gruesome, but luckily, just a Tyler Shields photograph. Lindsay Lohan got her pose on with the photographer for an Art Info interview, where he talked about his relationship with Li.Lo. Of the faux-blood covered actress, he said, “She’s just so daring. She’s a character in herself and she is very good at it. I shoot her a different way than I think anybody else shoots her, and I think she knows that and I know that and I think we compliment each other very well. People have reserves, they have a little bit of fear and you have to work past that. Some people, they get it and they’re ready to go, and they know what they want to do…” How very Jennifer’s Body. And you can call us square, but this photo just freaks us out.

[Photo via Tyler Shields]

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Dianna Agron’s New Short ‘Do

Looks like Dianna Agron is taking a page from the Emma Watson playbook! The Glee hottie celebrated finishing up a second super successful season by trimming her blonde tresses into a shoulder length bob. “Season 2 wrap,” she tweeted, “A remedy to the seven year itch. Finally!” She then posted a video of the big event to her tumblr before sitting for a photo shoot with celeb photographer Tyler Shields. Are you diggin’ the new do, or do you long for the long locks? Let us know in the poll below!

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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Play Manson Victim Sharon Tate

Lindsay Lohan is continuing her quest to play a tragic Hollywood figure, since she lost the role of Linda Lovelace as a result of her legal troubles. It’s now being reported that Lohan was offered the role of Sharon Tate in an upcoming Charles Manson biopic called Eyes Of A Dreamer. Tate, who was married to Roman Polanski, was brutally murdered in 1969 by members of the Manson family, and this new film plans to show incredibly graphic portrayals of the Manson murders.

Photographer Tyler Shields, who you may remember from such work as Pervy Kristin Cavallari Photo Shoot and Naughty Glee Photo Shoot, is going to play Manson as well as direct the film. Shields says that he has discussed the film with Lohan and says “She asked me about [Eyes] … And I said, ‘Oh you should be Sharon Tate.’ And she was like, ‘That would be amazing.’” Her participation just depends on whether or not she’s incarcerated or not at the time of shooting. Lohan has a court date at the end of April which will determine whether or not she’ll go to jail over the theft of a necklace.

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