Ultimate Gif Wall


An Ultimate GIF Wall To Celebrate The Shattering Of Headboards

By now, any self-respecting Twi-hard has already viewed the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer a dozen times, but since it’ll likely be months before we get any more footage, we needed something else to tide us over. Behold a gif wall adorned with tuxedo’d Edward, bridal Bella, wet and shirtless Jacob, waterfall sex and of course, headboard damage. Did we mention the ultimate “oh sh*t” moment of the series? We’ve grabbed that one too. Enjoy! Read more…


The Ultimate Robsten At The Movie Awards GIF Wall

For the third year in a row, the MTV Movie Awards essentially became the “Rob & Kris Variety Hour” (or two). Heck, Rob even had (ultimately botched) jokes prepared last night! TheFABlife’s favorite secret lovers acted wacky, flirty and looked so unworldly hot we could think of no better way to capture their joint antics than throwing them on loop. Enjoy Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s every sly smile, flopped punch line and awkward jig after the jump. Read more…