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Rihanna Posts Handwritten Letter To Fans On Twitter: “We Are All Unapologetic”

Rihanna posts handwritten note to her fans on Twitter

Rihanna has revealed all on Twitter, and for once, we don’t mean that she got naked. The “Diamonds” singer took a page from the Beyonce playbook and posted a heartfelt handwritten letter to her 27 million social media followers last night. Can we get a handwriting expert in here to sweep for Chris Brown clues?

Cutting through her relationship drama, the message served as a thank you to all the people who helped make her latest album Unapologetic her very first number one. “We continue down this road together, strong, united, Uncensored and fearless,” the note begins. Thankfully her handwriting is way better than ours. “There’s no question that life will throw us curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lesson and keep it moving without regret!” Is it weird that we even find her handwriting attractive? What does that say about us? Is that a thing?

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Show Off His ‘n’ Hers Rolex Watches On Instagram

Rihanna and Chris Brown show off their new Rolexes

Rihanna is celebrating her first number one album in style, by picking herself up a brand new Rolex watch! The record breaking pop singer took to Instagram last night to show off her new piece, which appears to be significantly more expensive than the watch we bought out of some dude’s brief case on a street corner. “Don’t believe me just watch #newtoy #justcusimnumber1 #roleylife #dopedealer,” she captioned the photo, which could definitely be an entry for Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Here’s where it gets weird: Chris Brown also posted a picture last night showing off his own super pricey time-piece. Waiiiit a second. Did they get his ‘n’ hers Rolexes? He also posted a picture showing his entire stash of Rolexes soon after, so maybe he gave her one of his collection. We’re guessing in Superstar-Land that means they’re married, right? OK, probably not. But seriously, that bling is at least as expensive as an engagement ring. Who knows, maybe he was just trying to use the watch as a conversation starter (“Oh look, it appears we both have zillion dollar watches. We should discuss this further.”) Even though they may not be “officially” a duo at the moment, the controversial two-some have really kicked the rumor mill into high gear with their awfully couple-y behavior in the last few months.

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Rihanna Goes Bra-Less In Stockholm, Pants-Less In Paris

You’d think that Rihanna’s costume people would have an unlimted budget considering all of her success. But it looks like they’re cutting corners left and right. Rihanna took to the stage yesterday in Trianon, France lacking pants, that’s totally nothing new. Hell, it’s her trademark! But then when we saw photos of her performing in Stockholm sans bra, it made us a little sad. Maybe it’s a ploy to make people buy her album: Play on people’s sympathies so that she can afford to get a full stage outfit! But in the mean time, we’re not complaining. And neither is her costume designer, Mel Ottenberg. He opened up to E! News about Riri’s scandelous stage attire on her world-wide 777 Tour. “I love how people are telling me now that they are shocked she wasn’t wearing a bra. But like, who cares? Why does someone have to wear a bra?” A compelling point. “She does what she wants to do and she’s hot,” he concluded. Also a compelling point. Get a closer look in the gallery below!

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