Uncle Frank Potenza

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Tearful Tribute To Uncle Frank Will Destroy You

Get ready for your mid-morning cry sesh, folks. Jimmy Kimmel made an emotional return to his late night show last night following the death of his beloved Uncle Frank Potenza on August 23rd. Frank had been a mainstay on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! since it’s debut back in 2003, often acting as the most hilarious part of the comedy sketches. And like a good nephew, Jimmy paid a touching a teary tribute to his uncle in the opening monologue. And it will have you crying harder than Beaches and My Girl combined.

“Listen, I’m gonna try to do this without crying, but I’m probably gonna fail,” he told the audience. “But just turn away or something, because it’s embarrassing. It really is.” He then launched into his favorite Frank anecdotes, including the former police man’s desire to live to 103 and become to oldest retired cop on record. “Not because he wanted to set a record or be in the paper,” Jimmy clarified, “he just wanted to stick them for another 25 years of pension checks.” A man after our own heart. “Uncle Frank loved being a part of this show…He loved you,” said the visibly emotional host. “And thanks to all of you who came to the show and watched, for indulging me and letting me put my crazy uncle on television.”

Jimmy then rolled a montage of Frank’s greatest TV moments, set to the tune “My Way” by that other Frank, Frank Sinatra. Excuse us for a moment, we seem to have something in our eye…*tear*

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Uncle Frank Passes Away

Such sad news to report. Lovely Uncle Frank Potenza from Jimmy Kimmel Live! died early yesterday morning. The silver haired guard was a staple on the show featuring in many comedic sketches. He was only 77 when he passed away and details around the cause of  death have not yet been released. ABC‘s statement reads, “It is with great sadness that the staff and crew of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ mourn the loss of ‘Uncle Frank’ Potenza. He was beloved by his co-workers and considered an uncle to all. His kindness and humor will be missed by everyone he touched.”

Before working on Jimmy Kimmel‘s — his nephew — show, Frank spent 2 decades as an NYC police officer.  Kimmel tweeted, “thank you for your kind words about a very kind man – my Uncle Frank – who passed away this morning.”

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