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Rihanna Goes Blonde And Buff For Armani Ads

Emporio Armani unveiled its new print ads today, staring a scantily clad Rihanna lounging in the back of a classic car. And they manage to turn “dammmnnnn” into a nineteen syllable word. Seriously, this looks like the start of the best car wash of our lives. The steamy black and white images were photographed by Steve Klein, famous for directing Lady Gaga’s equally sexy music video for “Alejandro”. The Barbadian beauty showed off a new blonde Tinkerbell ‘do for the shoot, which we’re feelin’ is most likely a wig. RiRi was announced as the face, or should we say “body” of Emporio Armani underwear back in July, following in the footsteps of Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham. Whatever she’s selling, we’ll take it. Two, in fact.

[Photo: Emporio Armani]

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Amy Winehouse: They Tried To Make Me Pull My Dress Up, I Said “No, No, No”

Amy Winehouse and her date Reg Traviss look nice from a distance, don’t they? The couple was out in London last night at a Shaka Zulu launch party (who hasn’t been to one of those, am I right?). But really, Amy is what Cher from Clueless refers to as a “Monet”, nice from a distance, but up close she’s just a big old mess. That’s because Amy was not only rocking the full-on nip-slip pretty much all night long, but she was also doing the oh-so-2006 move of exiting her ride while revealing what lies beneath. We’re thankful she wore underwear, but still, by this point there should be a school for celebrities where they learn how to demurely get out of a car. Check out all the pics in our gallery which is not terribly safe for work.

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I See London, I See France, I See Russell’s Underpants

As this Arthur remake continues to shoot in New York City, our interest continues to grow with every costume change. First of all, the role required Russell Brand to shave his signature chest hair and scruffy beard, then he had to dress as Batman for a scene in the film. Now he’s running through our fair city in nothing but his Underoos and grandpa socks – running out of a church, no less. (And you’ll notice that the makeup people hid his arm tattoo that matches fiancée Katy Perry‘s, guess Arthur doesn’t know Sanskrit.)

There’s only so much more he can reveal after this, huh?

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