Urban Outfitters

by (@hallekiefer)

Miley Cyrus Puts Urban Outfitters On Blast Over Gay Marriage

We like buying overpriced sundresses as much as the next person, but we like it even more when Miley Cyrus supports gay marriage over a particular brand, especially considering that her wardrobe appears to be comprised entirely of their clothing. Apparently incensed by recent stories of Urban Outfitters donating money to anti-gay marriage candidates, Miley Cyrus’s Urban Outfitters tweet rage put the store on blast. “Not only do they steal from artists, but every time you give them money you help finance a campaign against gay equality. #SHADYASHELL,” Miley Cyrus’s Twitter proclaims. “IF WE ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE THEN NEXT THING U KNOW PEOPLE WILL BE MARRYING GOLD FISH’ – Rick Santorum UO contributed $13,000 to this mans [sic] campaign.” Maybe that’s why Miley has gradually be getting so many tattoos; eventually she’ll be able to go completely clothes-free, thus reducing her need to panic-buy an $80 fedora or $120 golden headband. Gloated Miley, “Love that everyone is hating on Urban Outfitters.” And we love Miley hating on everybody.

[Photo: Getty Images]