Ursula Stephen

by (@shalapitcher)

Rihanna, You Can Spend All The Money You Want To On Your Hair

So, people are kind of freaking out over the report from the New York Post this morning that Rihanna spent $24,000 to fly her hairstylist from L.A. to London because her hair was messed up. OK, yes, that is a lot of money. And we’re sure they have hairstylists in London. BUT, when you consider the details, this really isn’t all that shocking. First, we’re talking about Rihanna, whose every haircut and outfit change becomes a headline, for better or worse. And the girl knows that appearing in a cap for two days in a row is not doing wonders for her image (nor is that all-denim outfit, my dear, fyi). Second, this isn’t just any old barber. This is Ursula Stephen, the woman who created “The Rihanna” cut back in 2008 and has been partially responsible for making RiRi as much a style icon as she is a pop star. According to the Post, the newly blond bombshell experienced a lapse in judgment (not her first in recent weeks, ahem) and subjected her locks to a swimming pool, a steam room and a sauna, resulting in a matted, tangled mess. She probably tried very hard to fix it herself — much the way we’ve botched many a bang trim on our own — before giving in and calling Ursula. And we doubt this is the first time Ms. Stephen has had to make an emergency house call, either. Just look at this video from Essence about how much stars depend on her expertise.

And anyway, do we really want to live in a world where we don’t have Rihanna’s myriad hairstyles to brighten our day? She’s doing a service for us all, frankly.

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