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Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kat Graham And More: Which Celeb Inherited Lady Gaga’s Crazy Style Throne In 2012?

10 celebrities who inherited Lady Gaga's crazy fashion throne

For the past few Decembers we’ve looked forward to doing a round-up of singer/fashion lunatic Lady Gaga’s weirdest and wildest looks from that year. But as we started looking for 2012, we realized a scary fact: Mother Monster has kind of really toned it down lately. Eek! Sure there was some mighty sideboobs every now and then, But that was pretty much the best (or worst) of it. What were we to do!? Who is going to fill the void left by this  insane style void? Which celebrity is the rightful heir to Lady Gaga’s crazy fashion throne!? We’ve looked high and low for the rightful successor and came up with a pretty killer list of contenters, from singers like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna to the Vampire DiariesKat Graham.  Head down to the gallery below and see which celeb toppled Gags as the nuttiest fashionista (or fashionisto) of 2012. Enjoy!

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VH1 Hits Comic-Con: A GIF-Happy Recap Of Our 11 Favorite Moments

As our Comic-Con coverage wraps up and our intrepid reporters/fangirls Kate Spencer and Sabrina Rojas Weiss take a much-deserved nap, we’d like to take a minute to recap our very favorite interviews and press conferences via easily-consumable and definitely-hypotizing GIFs. From Aaron Paul‘s teeth, to Kristen Stewart digging a hole for herself, to our one and only Khaleesi, the star-filled convention was chock full of hilarious and heartthrobbing moments.

11. Rob Zombie & Kristen Stewart: BFFs (Well, Kind Of)

Leave it to Professional KStew Fangirl Kate to get Rob Zombie to chat about his pal Kristen Stewart.

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Lady Gaga Dumps Boyfriend Taylor Kinney As She Begins Her World Tour

Lady Gaga Splits With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

It looks like Lady Gaga is back on the road and back on the market! The 26 year-old megastar reportedly split with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney before kicking off her Born This Wall Ball world tour in Hong Kong. Ok, technically they’re just “on a break,” but anyone who’s ever been dumped knows what that really means. “She will be touring nonstop until next year and has found she can’t have relationship at the same time,” a source told US Weekly. “There’s just no room for anything else. Her work is all-consuming.” We guess long distance relationships aren’t really Momma Monster’s thing. Plus she’s also recording a new album in between her 110 concert dates, so we can’t say we blame her for needing some space.

Lady Gaga met Taylor last September on the set of her “You And I” video, which co-stared the sometimes-Vampire Diaries hunk. But friends say that the couple were never met to go the distance. “Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn’t completely get Gaga,” the source confirmed. But let’s be real, does anyone really get Gaga? It’s debatable. Perhaps Taylor was just Gaga’s rebound dude after her final split with longtime lover Luc Carl, the man she wrote ‘You And I’ about in the first place? “She loved that she got this guy who everyone thought was hot! But it was never going to last.”

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