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Vanessa Bryant Claims She’s Living The Fab Life, We Beg To Differ

Through the years, we’ve followed the highs and (very) lows of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s relationship. But despite how we may view this twosome, the only opinions that matter are their own, right? In a recent interview with The Cut, Vanessa, who’s always been icily quiet, reveals that she’s living the life you’ve only dreamed of with her gold medal-winning husband. Well, Mrs. Bryant, we highly doubt your life is all you’re proclaiming it to be, but in fairness, we’re game for combing through the history of your relationship to put this debate to rest. (You’re welcome.)

Kobe drops $4 million on a beautiful ring for his beloved wife.

The NBA star purchased the bauble after being accused of sexually assaulting a hotel staffer in Colorado.
Winner: Low

Vanessa recently traveled to the London for the Summer Olympics, where she planned to wear “the flats with my red blazer, white T-shirt, and skinnies to support Team U.S.A..”
Kobe was seen getting cozy with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice during a women’s cycling event at the Games, fueling rumors the two were an item.
Winner: Low. Hearing about your husband and another woman while you and your children are in town to cheer him on is the lowest of the low.
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Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Join Our List Of 30 Off-Again-On-Again Celeb Couples

Just weeks after cashing in on a mega divorce settlement (though the divorce won’t be finalized for months), it looks like Vanessa Bryant might be feeling the love for husband Kobe once again. The basketball ex-wife was was spotted cheering on her old flame at a Valentine’s Day Lakers game, and TMZ snapped the two sharing a kiss. Is there a reconciliation in there air, or is she just really grateful for those three mansions she’s getting? $75 million worth of property might make you pretty affectionate!

But still, sparks may be flying between the two once more. Stranger things have happened! In fact, many couples in Hollywood have split up before finding themselves drawn together once again. Sometimes it leads to the altar, and sometimes … not so much (looking at you Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer). Check out the gallery below for our 30 favorite off-again-on-again celebrity couples!

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Kobe Bryant, Kenny G, Avril Lavigne And More Breakup News

It’s January, the weather’s finally getting cold, and, sadly, some hearts are even colder. There are days when it’s too depressing to deliver celebrity breakup and divorce news, so we’re ripping off the Band-aid and giving it to you all in one shot.

» First, you might consider this happy news, if you’re Team Vanessa. Kobe Bryant’s soon-to-be-ex is getting $75 million in the divorce settlement, half of the NBA star’s estimated assets, according to TMZ. That includes all three of their houses in the Newport Beach area.

» Kenny G’s wife of 20 years, Lyndie Benson-Gorelick, filed for separation from the smooth-jazz sax-player, E! Online reports. The couple has two sons, Max, 18, and Noah, 14.

» Eva Longoria’s previous attempts to remove her “Nine” tattoo tribute to ex husband Tony Parker have been unsuccessful, so she’s going to amazingly named tat-erasing expert Dr. Tatoff, per TMZ.

» And contrary to rumors of their split, Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner tweeted their love for each other: “It really upsets me to read all the FALSE!! stories. Avril has always been there for me and is the closest person to my heart. I love her,” Brody wrote on Tuesday, to which Avril replied, “luv u 2.” Still, those could also be interpreted as “just friends” declarations too.

Now, let’s get on with a happier Friday!

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Vanessa Bryant’s Stepdad Butts Into Kobe Divorce Drama

Parenthood is such a precious gift; it lets you pass on all those important life lessons to your children. Lessons like, how not to act when your stepdaughter is going through a messy public divorce. According to TMZ, Vanessa Bryant‘s ex-stepdad is now talking ish about her to the press, claiming she’s a gold digger…just like her mom. “Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing],” Stephen Laine said. “In California … it’s considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries … just like her mother is doing to me.” Hmmm, did Vanessa’s mom also teach her daughter how to leave an alleged serial cheater? If so, we’d say she’s basically earned an honorary Masters in Education.

Laine was married to Vanessa’s mother from 1990 to 2003 and helped raise Kobe Bryant‘s wife into adulthood, though of course 13 years of loving fatherhood is no guarantee he will not continue to act the fool in the media. “I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it,” Laine gripes. All we have to say is: we’re only five days into Kobe Bryant’s divorce and ex-stepparents are already getting involved? Mama said there’d be days like this. She didn’t mention they would be caused by infidelity and nutball ex-relatives, but we guess it was implied.

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Kobe Bryant’s Cheating Uncovered By Network Of Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives is already an amazing program, though maybe they could focus a little more on how pro-sports wives are apparently part of a covet network of spies charged with seeking out and destroying all signs of infidelity. At least, that’s what we’ve been thinking since Vanessa Bryant filed her divorce papers Friday against hubby and Lakers star Kobe Bryrant. While the couple were hoping to have “resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately,” according to TMZ, Vanessa allegedly discovered Kobe’s numerous extramarital adventures from her fellow basketball wives….who in turn learned about them from their NBA star spouses. See, if this was the plot of Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol, maybe we’d actually see it. Okay, okay, we’re going to see it anyway. You get our point.

Of course, we all kind of knew Kobe had some potentially devastating secrets locked away in some golden briefcase or supercomputer or his brain, seeing as how he publicly copped to cheating with at least one woman when slapped with rape allegations in 2003 by accuser Katelyn Faber. Though it’s not clear exactly what particular incident finally drove Vanessa to the courthouse, with ten years of marriage under their belt and no pre-nup, Kobe’s going to curse the day those amazing basketball wife spies infiltrated his life. And that, children, is how Kobe Bryant became a Bond villain.

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Vanessa Bryant Hates On Khloe Kardashian


We’ve got an un-televised Basketball Wives situation going on. Apparently, Kobe Bryant‘s wife Vanessa Bryant totally hates Khloe Kardashian, who just entered the L.A Lakers “family” after marrying Lamar Odom. According to In Touch, Vanessa can’t stand Khloe and her family because she thinks they’re a bunch of fame whores.

The source revealed that Vanessa “won’t sit anywhere near Khloe” at games and wants to exclude her from the other wives because she’s a “fake wife.” But Khloe’s not going to be shut out of the wives’ inner circle sitting down — apparently, they’ve already “gotten into fights.”

Do we need to remind Vanessa that the $4 million ring on her finger was given to her after she stood by Kobe during his rape trial and admission to adultery? Hi, Vanessa. You’re sitting in a glass house. Don’t throw stones.

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