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These Sexy Fictional Presidents Definitely Get Our Vote

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There’s just something undeniably hot about a man (or woman) in charge. In charge of the Free World also known as the United States of America, that is. When actors like Blair UnderwoodTony Goldwyn, and Harrison Ford post up in the Oval Office, we’d happily cast as many votes as it takes to keep them there forever. Read more…

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Exclusive: Watch Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes From Veep


If there’s one thing we don’t like about HBO’s hit series Veep is that it’s currently off the air. After a hilarious and sharp-tongued ten episodes, the season three finale left fans clamoring for more as Vice President Selina Meyer—played by Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus—embarked on the next step in her presidential career. How she got there was an amazing journey involving Iowa campaign stops, visits to London, sex with a very steamy Christopher Meloni, penning (or not penning) a new book, and sparring with the other presidential candidates.

As a special bonus, VH1 has exclusive deleted scenes only available to fans who purchase the digital copy of the series when it becomes available on iTunes and Google Play on July 7. Read more…


Guess The Gaffe: Did These Awkward Quotes Come From Joe Biden Or Veep‘s Selina Meyer?

With Veep‘s third season beginning tonight on HBO, we couldn’t help but think about the similarities between fictional vice president, Selina Meyer, and our actual V.P., Joe Biden. They’re both former senators, they both took on vice presidential duties after vying for the highest office in the land, and they both have penchants for fumbling their public statements.

If you’re not convinced that politicians sometimes miss the mark when connecting with the public, watch the clip above to catch the cast of Veep recall their favorite real-life political flubs.

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Should Jennifer Lawrence Be The First Female President? The Veep Cast Gives Us Their Vote

After months of being forced to pay attention to actual politics, Veep finally returns on Sunday night. While the possibility of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) becoming the first female president of HBO’s fictionalized version of the United States is high, we have our own favorite candidate we’d love to put in the ring: Jennifer Lawrence. Do you think the VP’s collection of partly-able staffers would be able to teach her how to avoid falling while walking a red carpet? Maybe.

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Community’s Jim Rash Steps Into The Writers’ Room, Plays TV Blogger For Us

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Jim Rash with Mike Schur and Amy Poehler of ‘Parks and Rec’ on Sundance Channel’s ‘The Writers’ Room’

Jim Rash’s plate is already pretty full: When he’s not donning ridiculous costumes as Dean Pelton on Community, he’s an Oscar-winning screenwriter (The Descendants, The Way Way Back) and the host of The Sundance Channel’s new talk show The Writers’ Room, where he interviews the folks behind shows like Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones and more. Plus, he and writing partner Nat Faxon just got a pilot commitment from Fox for a new comedy next season. Still, we wanted to give him one more job and asked Rash to play blogger for a minute. Here, he told us about his favorite things on TV right now:

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Anna Chlumsky Happily Revisits Her Office Drone Days On Veep

Every Sunday night for the past four weeks, Anna Chlumsky and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have made us grateful that the office we have to head to on Monday morning is nowhere near as stressful as theirs on Veep. For that (and for all the laughs it provides) we thank them. Incidentally, Chlumsky feels our weekday pain. We’d forgotten all about this, but when she stopped by the office last week for Big Morning Buzz Live she reminded VH1 Celebrity of her two years in the publishing world.

“First, I was a fact checker for Zagat and then I was an editorial assistant for HarperCollins publishing house,” the My Girl star, 30, said of her jobs after graduating from the University of Chicago, and she actually enjoyed those gigs. “Especially publishing. … But it’s not what I was meant to do.”

We’re pretty glad Anna’s back on our screens as the vice president’s sharp-witted chief of staff, as is she. We wondered, did she pick up any working girl habits that she uses on the show?

“You can ask any set decorator on any set where I’ve had to be in an office, I always kind of claim it — I put Post-its everywhere, and I kind of make it look lived-in,” she said. “But it’s nice not to have to come back there the next day at 9 in the morning.”

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Style Seen: Veep‘s Anna Chlumsky Always Wants To Look Like Ginger Rogers

We hope, Internet, that you’re finally getting used to the fact that My Girl cutie Anna Chlumsky is all grown up and cracking us up as the ambitious chief of staff to Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). When she stopped by the VH1 office to appear on Big Morning Buzz Live yesterday, she looked like she was all business — but she was a whole lot of fun too. Though a stylist helped her choose her outfit for the occasion, she certainly has her own sense of style as well. Asked what, or who, influences her fashion, she told us, “My mom, I’m certain has influenced me. She kind of raised me to dress as much like Annie Hall as possible. And I always watch really old movies and musicals and stuff, so I think that always creeps into however I want to look. I always want to look a little like Ginger Rogers.” Yep, we can see that. Scroll down for deets on this outfit.

Anna Chlumsky
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Girls, What Do You Think About Girls, Veep Getting A Second Season?

Ladies (and gentlemen-ladies), how would you feel about a second season of Girls? Or Veep? As of today, HBO has decided to renew both freshman shows for a 10-episode second season, a pretty quick decision considering they’ve only been on the air for a matter of a few weeks. Girls has so far been attracting a respectable 3.8 million viewers a week, while Veep has been pulling down 3.7 million. So our question is: are you are psyched for another season of Lena Dunham and Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Are you quietly thinking that only one (the one you love) should have made it to their sophomore season? Have you been pretending to watch them so you have something to talk about at lunch, when in reality all you watch is TLC’s My Strange Addiction? Not that we’d blame you, ladies (and man-ladies).

Alternatively, maybe you’re still so exhausted from the non-stop build-up to Girls that you haven’t mustered up the energy to have an opinion about another season of it? If so, let the ladies of Rex (Rachael Mason, Kerry McGuire and Stephanie Bencin) and a million other lady comedians run through every possible opinion for you in their video “S— Girls Say About The Show Girls” video. You too, dude-ladies. You’re welcome.

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Anna Chlumsky Is Her Own Girl On Veep Red Carpet

Forgive us, but we can’t help but repeat what we all said when Anna Chlumsky appeared on the red carpet for The Iron Lady last year: She’s not My Girl anymore … she’s all woman. Seeing the 21-year-old on the red carpet for her own new project, HBO’s Veep, returned all those warm fuzzy feelings we have about her 1991 movie that Macaulay Culkin recently tried to eradicate. And now we can look forward to seeing her as Amy Brookheimer, an awesome and hilariously ambitious chief of staff to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ vice president. Also, we want that slinky, retro black gown.

Check out this trailer for her character and catch the premiere of Veep on Sunday, April 22, at 10 p.m.

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