Veronica Rossi

by (@shalapitcher)

Veronica Rossi’s Through The Ever Night Exclusive Trailer: What’s In Store For These Futuristic Heroes?

It would be super easy to dismiss any new dystopian young adult trilogies as copycats of the Hunger Games phenomenon — except the authors of these books keep coming up with scarier — and brilliantly original — ways of showing us how the future could go horribly, horribly wrong. Veronica Rossi did that with this year’s Under the Never Sky, which followed 17-year-old Aria exiled from a (literally) sheltered world where devices implanted in people’s eyes create a virtual reality to keep them content to remain indoors forever. Outside, dangerous lightning makes everyday life a gamble, but some Outsiders, like Peregrine, have acute senses to help them and their tribes survive. Of course, Perry and Aria meet up, and their chemistry rivals those deadly lightning bolts. Until, that is, their heroic antics force them to part ways.

In the trailer for book two, Through the Ever Night, we see that Perry and Aria will be reunited, thank goodness. But since this is the second book in a trilogy, we know things won’t be all happily ever after right away.
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